14 Practical Small L-shaped Kitchen with Island for More Countertop Space

14 Practical Small L Shaped Kitchen With Island

L-shaped kitchens are one of the most popular layouts out there.

L-shape is considerably efficient because it can facilitate “the great triangle” in the kitchen: preparation, cooking, and cleanup. This layout can be used in any style, from traditional to contemporary.

If you have a small kitchen, an L-shaped design can be your best bet.

Contrary to popular belief, L-shaped kitchens are not only for an open floor space with large areas, but they can also be efficient for smaller areas.

A small L-shaped kitchen has the characteristics to make the space look bigger. It only needs two adjacent walls; hence, L-shaped is suitable for small to medium kitchens.

The L-shape layout can also increase productivity. It lessens the hassle, makes your area freer. The more you can move, the more productive you become.

So, what if you add an island in the middle of a small L-shaped kitchen?

Doesn’t it make the kitchen too crowded?

Well, since an L-shaped design can remove traffic in the kitchen, you can empty the central area. That space can be used for an island. This way, you can have more than one space and workstation.

As you divide the meal prep spaces and workstations, it creates an illusion of a bigger room. Thus, adding an island in a small L-shaped kitchen is basically recommended.

So, how to design and put an island in a small L-shaped kitchen? Here are fourteen pictures that can inspire you:

1. Small Mountain Style L-shaped Kitchen with a Gray-blue Island

small mountain style l-shaped kitchen with a gray-blue island
small mountain style l-shaped kitchen with a gray-blue island. image © petoskeykitchens.com

This is an excellent example of a small mountain style in an L-shaped layout.

To create a bigger look, the designer painted the cabinets in white color. However, the dark wood floor was installed to contrast the white cabinetry to achieve the mountain style look.

There is also a black walnut countertop that was made by Michigan Maple Block Company that accentuates the cabinets from StarMark Cabinetry.

The island is located in the middle of the kitchen. It has a lovely curved edge design to soften the whole angular look.

It seems that this kitchen is totally unrelated to the cabinetry around. It was painted in gray-blue color with a Peppercorn finish.

The countertop is also different from the tops of the cabinets. The island top is Kashmir White granite.

The blue-gray color of the island accentuates the all-neutral color around. It brings a pop of color in the middle of the dark wood element and white color.

2. Small L-shaped Kitchen Layout in a Traditional Style with a White Island

small l-shaped kitchen layout in a traditional style with a white island
small l-shaped kitchen layout in a traditional style with a white island. image © suzie parkinson sueza design

This is another small L-shaped kitchen in white color.

In fact, this kitchen is even whiter than the previous one, making it a perfect example of a traditional kitchen. It is combined with stainless steel appliances.

White and stainless-steel elements in the kitchen will never fail to deliver a stylish look with a clean vibe.

According to the designer, the island’s dimension here is 40” x 22” as for the distance from the cabinets, so the homeowners can easily move around here. The island itself is small in a square shaped.

Both island and cabinetry seem to be painted with White Fur WF610 by Behr. The countertops for both are honed Carrara Marble.

The designer added a dark-colored stool on the island to contrast the all-white design. It seems that the dark stool matches the dining table and the chair next to it.

The dining table here indicates that the island is not used as an eat-in spot despite the stool. It provides an extra meal prep space.

3. Small L-shaped Eat-in Kitchen with a Medium Tone Wood Island

small l-shaped eat-in kitchen with a medium tone wood island
small l-shaped eat-in kitchen with a medium tone wood island. image © castlekitchensandinteriors.com

Unlike the previous pictures, this kitchen shows that you don’t always have to use white in a small kitchen. The designer used medium-tone wood cabinets and an island with a dark patterned wood floor in this small L-shaped eat-in kitchen.

However, still, neutral color is a must. The wall was painted in a beige color that looks warm when combined with the soft glow of the modern lights in the ceiling.

The island here is smaller than usual islands, yet it gives sufficient space for meal preparation.

It has a rectangular shape with an overhanging top, made of a similar material to the cabinets around. This medium tone wood island features the overhang, which is 12” on the back and side.

When it comes to the countertops, both the island and the cabinets have laminate countertops that match the wood material.

There are three stools on the island, so it seems that this island can be used as an extra cooking space and an eat-in space. Adding stools like this is an efficient way to optimize the island.

4. Curved Island with a Dark Countertop in a Small Country L-shaped Kitchen

curved island with a dark countertop in a small country l-shaped kitchen
curved island with a dark countertop in a small country l-shaped kitchen. image © johncolearchitect.com

The white cabinetry blends seamlessly with the wall that was painted in Simply White – Benjamin Moore.

Even the appliances were carefully selected in white color; the country vibe can be seen in its lumber ceiling and patterned wood floor. Those country elements look pretty when paired with white color.

In order to create a contrast, so the kitchen doesn’t appear too pale, the countertops are in dark color. Those are “Jet Mist” granite that creates a balanced neutral color with the cabinets and island.

The island here is unique. It is 4’ wide and 5-6” long, while one of the edges has a curved line.

This small L-shaped kitchen is seemingly an open floor plan. The curved line of the island creates a bold boundary between the kitchen and another area.

There are three wooden stools placed on the curved side of the island. This multi-function island seems to be a spot for eating, meal prep zone, and wine storage.

What an efficient way to save more space in a small kitchen.

5. Classic Small Kitchen in an L-shaped with a Drawer Desk as an Island

classic small kitchen in an l-shaped with a drawer desk as an island
classic small kitchen in an l-shaped with a drawer desk as an island. image © talisseconstruction.com

This classic small kitchen is anything but white.

The dark wood cabinets, the stainless steel appliances, the travertine light backsplash, the patterned rug, the wood floor, and the wood desk island deliver a classic elegant look that is perfect if you are not into white.

Even though this kitchen is more of a dark instead of light, it doesn’t make the area look crammed. The key is in the layout and the arrangement of things.

The L-shape layout leaves an empty space in the middle of the room, which can be used to place an island. Plus, this kitchen is free from clutter.

Everything is stored in the right place, locked away inside the closed cabinets. This is what makes the kitchen look spacious.

In the middle of the room, instead of a real island, the designer used a drawer desk. This desk is made of light tone wood.

Since this is a small desk, it is impossible to use it as a meal prep zone and an eat-in area. Instead, this “island” is meant to be extra storage. The drawers can be a place to store smaller items, while below is used to keep books.

6. Small Transitional L-shaped Kitchen with a Square Shaped Island

small transitional l-shaped kitchen with a square shaped island
small transitional l-shaped kitchen with a square shaped island. image © hamilton-techservices.com

Even though this kitchen features a white color, like any usual small kitchen, the designer here decided it would be better if this small kitchen had a white color combined with any darker color. And since black is way too usually, the designer used dark blue instead to contrast the white color.

The white and dark blue combination delivers a nice transitional look, perfect for an L-shaped kitchen like this.

The base cabinets and the island here were painted in Sherwin Williams – Storm Cloud SW6249, while the uppers were painted in Sherwin Williams – Icycle.

The cabinets are paired with a soapstone countertop, while the island is combined with a wood top. The wood here is added to bring a pop of element in this white polished and dark blue kitchen.

The island’s dimension is 32 x 20 in a perfect square shape.

This is a versatile island that is completed with an attached folded chair and a stack of stools. Even though this island is small, it can be used as a dining table for three people.

The metal hook on one side of the island also makes it good storage.

7. White and Gray Small Kitchen in an L-shaped with a Marble Top Island

white and gray small kitchen in an l-shaped with a marble top island
white and gray small kitchen in an l-shaped with a marble top island. image © reico.com

This one is also a white kitchen that is combined with a light tone wood floor, dark gray island, and stainless steel appliances.

This is a transitional style white and gray small kitchen in an L-shape layout with Green Forest Cabinetry in the Sierra door style with two finishes.

The kitchen cabinet in the perimeter has a white finish that looks in contrast with a Summit Grey finished island.

White and gray small kitchen in an l-shaped with a marble top island.

The countertops for cabinets are marble in Fantasy Brown color, while for the island is more of white color. It is because the island was painted in a dark gray color; it would look nice if it is paired with a light color, like white. The dark-colored island acts as a pop of color in this light kitchen.

The island is completed with two armless wooden chairs, which reveals that this area is an eat-in kitchen.

There is a modern hanging pendant over the island that is useful to highlight the area.

8. Dark Wood Island with a Granite Top in a Small yet Elegant L-shaped Kitchen

dark wood island with a granite top in a small yet elegant l-shaped kitchen
dark wood island with a granite top in a small yet elegant l-shaped kitchen. image © eastsideconstruction.com

The kitchen here is a bit different than the other kitchens you’ve seen above.

The previous small kitchens feature white color for almost the entire element, like the cabinets, backsplash, island, and appliances. However, the designer here thought it would be nice if the white color was only on the walls.

The white walls serve as a perfect background, a canvas that can be filled with any color.

In this case, the designer filled the entire kitchen with a combination of light and dark tone wood. The upper and base cabinets, along with the island, were made of a dark tone wood with granite countertops in gray color.

The stainless steel appliances complement the wood element nicely.

The overhanging top here shows that the island can be used as a dining space. The most dine-in island is completed with an overhanging top to provide legroom for comfortable seating.

9. Shabby Chic Beach Style Small Kitchen in an L-shaped with a Wood Top Island

shabby chic beach style small kitchen in an l-shaped with a wood top island
shabby chic beach style small kitchen in an l-shaped with a wood top island. image © big chill

White color is often associated with a classic or traditional look. However, the kitchen here has a lovely shabby chic beach style.

Even though it is small, yet its L-shape layout and its bright white palette color make the entire room look more spacious than it actually is.

From the island in the middle of the room, we can conclude that this is an eat-in kitchen.

The island is meant to give a splash of fun element in this sterile white kitchen. It was painted in gray and completed with a wood top. There are three wooden stools around the island that match the top of the island.

In order to enhance the beach style, the crisp white cabinets, appliances, sink, and backsplash are paired with aqua blue accents. That aqua blue color delivers a refreshing pop in the white color.

10. Small Contemporary L-shaped Kitchen an Overhanging Top Island

small contemporary l-shaped kitchen an overhanging top island
small contemporary l-shaped kitchen an overhanging top island. image © benvenutiandstein.com

This small contemporary kitchen has a bit of a zen vibe in it.

The combination of white and light tone wood gives a warm and calming sensation. It seems like the designer has combined modernity and nature perfectly.

Its L-shape layout leaves many spaces open; that is why even though this is considerably a small space, the designer managed to put a rectangular shape island with an overhanging top.

Overhang top islands are basically common. However, this one is quite unique.

Instead of the overhanging top at every end, this one only features one overhanging side. It shows that this island, despite its rectangular shape, is only meant for two dining-in people.

The white countertops are used for both the island and the cabinets. Even the stools placed next to the island are also brightly white, creating a crisp look against the wooden island.

This is an excellent design that you can go for if you always like a simple and minimalist design. A combination of white and light tone wood is the safest choice. You can never go wrong with that.

11. Black and White Island in a Small L-shaped Kitchen

black and white island in a small l-shaped kitchen
black and white island in a small l-shaped kitchen. image © drurydesigns.com

Black and white is another classic combination that you can choose if you have no idea what to pair.

In this small L-shaped kitchen, it seems that the black color is not meant to be paired with the white. Instead, it is used to accentuate the all-white kitchen, so it doesn’t look too sterile and intimidating.

The white cabinets are combined with a dark countertop; the color is Emperadoro. The island, on the other hand, was painted in dark color.

So, the countertop is white to create a contrast. The island top is in Frosty Carrina color. Both countertops of the cabinets and the island are man-made quartz from Caesarstone.

The island here is obviously used as an extra meal prep zone. It is because there is no overhanging end, which means that there is no leg room for stools or chairs here. Thus, there is no added stool on the island.

Yet, this versatile island can also be used as storage. You can see the open rack on its side that is useful to place some decorative items or some stuff.

12. White Mid-century Small Kitchen in an L-shaped with a Long and Narrow Island

white mid-century small kitchen in an l-shaped with a long and narrow island
white mid-century small kitchen in an l-shaped with a long and narrow island. image © jordandesignbuildgroup.com

This is another small white kitchen in an L-shaped layout, but this one has a mid-century design.

The white cabinets yet don’t look too crisp, because they are combined with black knobs and pulls, which give a touch of mid-century look in this kitchen.

The island is long and narrow. However, that doesn’t mean that it can accommodate many people to eat in the kitchen. It is obvious that this is not an eat-in kitchen.

There is only one stool added to one side of the island, which means that the overhanging end can be used as a dining spot. Yet, the rest of the island has functioned as a meal prep zone.

The island is made of medium-tone wood, which perfectly matches the wooden floor. The wood element here was added to enhance the mid-century look. Plus, it is the safest element to combine with white color.

13. Arts and Crafts Small L-shaped Kitchen with a Custom-designed Island

arts and crafts small l-shaped kitchen with a custom-designed island
arts and crafts small l-shaped kitchen with a custom-designed island. image © rightarmconstruction.com

Another white-wood combination. Yet, this kitchen features an arts and crafts design. The wood tone here is a bit darker than in the previous picture.

In this kitchen, white was only painted to the upper cabinets, while the base cabinets were made of polished wood, similar to the island. Both the island and the base cabinets also have white countertops, which seem to be made of quartz.

The island is quite unique, because it is a custom-designed island with curved ends.

Even though there are overhanging ends on both sides of this island, it is not completed with stools or chairs. It indicates that this island is simply used as a surface to prepare meals instead of for dining space. This creates a more clutter-free kitchen, which is perfect for smaller spaces like this.

14. Multi-level Island in the Middle of a Small L-shaped Wooden Kitchen

multi-level island in the middle of a small l-shaped wooden kitchen
multi-level island in the middle of a small l-shaped wooden kitchen. image © lowe’s – moreno valley, ca

It seems that this small L-shaped kitchen is dominated by the cherry wood element.

Both the upper and base cabinets, the island, and the freestanding cupboard are made of cherry wood in a dark tone. The wall, however, was painted in soft blue color.

Dark tone wood and soft blue don’t seem to blend well, yet, the neutral colors like gray countertops and white accents bridge the wood tone and blue color perfectly.

The island has multi-levels. The lower level is used to prepare a meal, while the elevated part is meant to be a dining space. There are two stools placed next to it.

The island is also attached to a single cabinet which is also made of wood with a solid surface top in gray color. This single cabinet provides an extra surface that can be functioned to place some items.

Having a multi-level island like this is considered efficient because the island is versatile. This way, you don’t have to add a dining table or place some extra meal prep zone. The island can give you all the space you need in a kitchen.


From the pictures above, we can see that there are many types, designs, and finishes of the island that you can choose to fit your small L-shaped kitchen.

One thing is for sure, the size and dimension of the island should not bother the foot traffic area. It means that, you should give a room between the island and the cabinets in the perimeter to walk freely around the kitchen.

When you have to choose the color, even though the cabinets in the pictures above look good in any color, it is recommended to always stick to a neutral color, especially white.

White never fails to give an illusion of a bigger room; that is why it is better to use white in a small kitchen.

Good luck with your project!