17 Wonderful Navy and White Bedrooms to Get a Soft yet Bold Color Combination

17 Wonderful Navy And White Bedrooms

Navy is a bold color.

We can’t deny that adding navy blue to your bedroom will give an elegant, mysterious, and luxurious look. However, be careful.

When you use too much navy, your bedroom will be too dark and gloomy, more like a cave. You will easily slip into depressing mode if you are not careful with navy.

That is why, combining navy with white is the best advice you can follow. Bright and crisp white can balance the dark tone of navy blue.

Combining black and white is good, but pairing navy and white is on another level.

White will open up your bedroom, make it look more spacious and brighter, while navy will give a touch of bold color, a splash of mysterious vibe, that can fit any room design, from traditional to beach style.

Moreover, white can soften the boldness of navy, creating harmony in a contrasting tone.

If you want to use this wonderful pair, let’s take a look at these 17 pictures of navy and white bedrooms below:

1. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy and Capitol White Combination in a Transitional Bedroom

benjamin moore hale navy and capitol white combination in a transitional bedroom
benjamin moore hale navy and capitol white combination in a transitional bedroom. image © hudsonhomeinteriordesign.com

This transitional bedroom has a navy wall as a focal point. It has a boldness that sparks through the entire room.

This wall is painted in Benjamin Moore – Hale Navy, giving this bedroom more depth. The dark-colored bed is placed against this bold wall, and so are the two bedside tables which two shaded lamps are put on. The white shaded lamps look in contrast against the navy wall.

It is not only that. The white wall on the left side also creates a contrast. It is painted in Benjamin Moore – Capitol White.

This bright color makes the bedroom looks softer. It matches the crisp bedding and pillow, while the throw pillows are in navy blue, which matches the navy wall.

Overall, every single element in this bedroom has been perfectly balanced.

On the other hand, the metallic ceiling accentuates the navy and white combination.

2. Navy Walls in a Creamy White Traditional Bedroom

navy walls in a creamy white traditional bedroom
navy walls in a creamy white traditional bedroom. image © beeskneesinteriordesign.com

This traditional bedroom is quite different from the previous one. It has navy walls on every side, making the room look elegant in its own way.

However, to avoid being too dark, the designer paired it with bright white trim, white ceiling, and creamy white carpeted floor.

Basically, this room is dominated by creamy white color. It gives a sweet look to this room, with a slight feminine touch.

The bedding is a subtle combination of creamy white and navy color. It represents the basic color combination of this room, but in a subtler way.

The white bed against the navy walls gives a contrasting look, similar to the white shaded lamps on both sides of the bed.

To create more characters for this bedroom, the designer didn’t add any accent color. Instead, she mixed patterns.

3. A Contrasting Look of White Windows on a Navy Wall in a Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

a contrasting look of white windows on a navy wall in a modern farmhouse bedroom
a contrasting look of white windows on a navy wall in a modern farmhouse bedroom. image © jeffersonstreetdesigns.com

Farmhouse room usually uses white color. However, this bedroom features a modern farmhouse style. Instead of using an all-white design, the designer added a bold navy wall as a center point.

The wooden headboard was set against this navy wall to combine two different textures.

There are two white windows on the navy wall on both sides of the headboard to create a contrasting look. Right over the white windows, there are two white bedside tables and two white shaded lamps on them.

The white color enhances the farmhouse style, yet the navy blue accent gives it a pop of modern style.

Overall, the color combination of this room delivers a polished and sleek look, especially with minimal decoration like this. The bedding is crisp white.

The blue patterned pillow was placed in the middle of the white duvet to add a fun element.

4. Matching the Bedsheet with the Navy Walls in a White Panel Bedroom

matching the bedsheet with the navy walls in a white panel bedroom
matching the bedsheet with the navy walls in a white panel bedroom. image © freestyleinteriors.com

If you want to be more creative, you can start with your bedding. Match it with the walls around to create a harmonious look.

The designer managed to match the navy bedsheet with the navy walls around. However, the white panel or wainscoting was installed in the walls to balance the look, so the walls are divided into two contrasting colors.

The white textured ceiling matches the white panels in the wall.

A huge square-shaped window in white trim opens to the view outside, which makes the room look even brighter.

To add some accents, the designer used a medium-tone wood floor and furniture, as well as a light grey carpet to accentuate this beach-style bedroom. There are some paddles on the wall as a decoration to enhance the beach style.

5. Navy Wallpaper in a White Beach Style Bedroom

navy wallpaper in a white beach style bedroom
navy wallpaper in a white beach style bedroom. image © cmnaturaldesigns.com

Four-post beds are often related to traditional, classic, or Victorian design. However, the designer managed to make this black colored four-post bed look modern in a beach-style bedroom.

To highlight the beach style look, the designer used the most common combination that resembles seas and beaches: blue and white. Instead of soft blue color, it is navy blue that is used in this bedroom.

The walls were covered in navy wallpapers that added a mysterious look to this room. It looks in contrast to the white duvet, white furniture, white french doors, and white curtains.

Gold was chosen as an accent color to be paired with a navy and white combination. Metallic color like this never fails to deliver an elegant look.

6. White Luxurious Bedroom with a Navy Accent

white luxurious bedroom with a navy accent
white luxurious bedroom with a navy accent. image © homeanddesign.net

The navy color in this bedroom is only used as an accent.

The all-white design is added with a navy accent to create a luxurious look.

The artworks above the headboard, the throw pillows, the patterned duvet, the bench, and the striped curtains are in dark navy blue.

As a dominant color, white will make the room looks stylish and minimalist. That is one of the key elements to deliver an elegant look. The navy blue accent is helpful to make this bedroom look more pop.

7. Mid-sized Bedroom with Navy Painted Wainscoting in the Middle of White Walls

mid-sized bedroom with navy painted wainscoting in the middle of white walls
mid-sized bedroom with navy painted wainscoting in the middle of white walls. image © carl mattison design

Don’t want to add too much navy in your bedroom? You can try this look.

This bedroom feature a navy painted wainscoting, which is enough to give a luxurious spark to the entire room. The beige headboard and white shaded lamps create a bold variance.

The white walls around this mid-sized bedroom make the whole area bigger than it actually is. The white color also delivers a polished and sleek look.

The patterned wood floor and weathered bedside table accentuate the navy and white pairing, which makes this room transitional.

The white and soft blue rug on the floor also enhances the transitional look.

8. Navy Bed with a White Sheet Placed Against the White Wall

navy bed with a white sheet placed against the white wall
navy bed with a white sheet placed against the white wall. image © barbarapagehome.com

Having a navy bed with a white sheet or duvet is another genius way to apply a navy and white combination in your bedroom.

This way, you don’t have to paint the large parts of your room in navy, as for some, it might be too challenging and time-consuming. All you have to do is purchase a navy bed or custom-design it and put it against the white wall to create contrast.

You can also add some accents like this, a white line to frame the headboard, then pair the bed with a polished white duvet or sheet and pillows. To add a little fun element, put a patterned blue large pillow in the middle of your bed.

The patterned pillow will complement the navy bed nicely. It would also be nice if you added more patterns.

Look at the night lamp upon the bedside table. It is a white shade lamp with a zig-zag pattern in navy and white color. Another pattern is in the rug, which is also in navy and white.

Using many patterns in a solid-colored room like this will add more characters to the room.

9. Elegant Bedroom with Navy Walls that Match the Rug and White French Doors

elegant bedroom with navy walls that match the rug and white french doors
elegant bedroom with navy walls that match the rug and white french doors. image © pfour.com

As stated before, gold is a very complementary color when it comes to navy and white color combinations. It might look unmatched at first, but after all of them have been combined together in a room, the gold accent will enhance the elegance in the room.

This contemporary bedroom features bold-looking navy walls that are similar to the navy fur rug.

Combining navy walls and navy rug, especially with dark tone wood floor and dark-toned furniture, will only make your bedroom look dark and gloomy.

Yet, to balance it and create a brighter look, the designer used a french door along with a tall window on each side of the door.

The doors and windows let the natural light penetrate the room. Moreover, the doors and the windows are painted white. This way, the room gets brighter during the day.

The gold accent comes from the unique four-post bed and the desk. The gold-plated furniture complement the navy color because both are bold and elegant.

10. Navy Bed with Tall Headboard in a Polished White Bedroom

navy bed with tall headboard in a polished white bedroom
navy bed with tall headboard in a polished white bedroom. image © katemarkerinteriors.com

This beach-style bedroom is simpler and more minimalist, yet looks cozier and more comfortable. It seems that the homeowner doesn’t want to apply too much navy color in this bedroom.

Whatever the reason is, the easiest way to apply navy in an all-white bedroom is using navy furniture. This majestic navy bed features a tall headboard that looks stunning against the polished white wall.

The white duvet is paired with a patterned pillow in soft blue color to balance the bold navy bed.

There are two patterned armchairs in blue that complement the navy furniture too, along with a decorative item on the table.

The navy blue elements in this white bedroom may not be enough for some, but each of them has been placed against the white backdrop. Thus, even though they are not many, they still look stunning and perfect.

11. Combination of Navy and White Color with a Silver Accent in a Contemporary Bedroom

combination of navy and white color with a silver accent in a contemporary bedroom
combination of navy and white color with a silver accent in a contemporary bedroom. image © bordeninteriors.com

This bedroom is quite the opposite of the previous one. Instead of the navy bed, the designer decided it would be easier to use a navy bedsheet. This patterned bedsheet is in navy and white.

The navy color matches the pillows, while the white is similar to the bed. The white bed is placed against the navy wall, which is the focal point of this room.

In the previous pictures, we’ve seen how the navy and white combination is accentuated with a gold accent.

Now, this picture shows that navy and white can also have silver as an accent color. It is true that a metallic accent can complement this color combination perfectly, even though silver does it more subtly than gold.

The silver curtains soften the bold navy yet balance the bright white nicely. Adding a silver accent is also a great way if you want to add a touch of modern style to your bedroom.

12. Traditional Asian Style Bedroom with Navy and White Combination

traditional asian style bedroom with navy and white combination
traditional asian style bedroom with navy and white combination. image © jeromehdavisinteriors.com

This traditional bedroom has a vibe of Asian style in it. The carved furniture also delivers a classic look.

We can see here that the navy element is used in many patterns. The only solid navy color in this bedroom only comes from the bed and the wall panels, while the rest of it is from the patterns scattered around the room.

The elegant valances are in navy and white pattern so is the seating pad in the wall nook. The white color in this bedroom acts as a backdrop to contrast the navy perfectly.

The wood element in the floor and furniture accentuate the navy and white combination. Wood is a timeless material. If you have a traditional or classic navy and white room, wood is a perfect element to accentuate it.

13. Small White Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom with Navy Wall

small white cathedral ceiling bedroom with navy wall
small white cathedral ceiling bedroom with navy wall. image © andrerothblattarchitecture.com

This small bedroom looks lovely with its cathedral ceiling in white color.

To create a drastic contrast, the designer painted the slanted wall in navy. The navy color here looks soft instead of bold. Maybe it is because the wall is combined with a huge square-shaped white window.

Like any traditional bedroom, wood is a must-have element here. It is used to accessorize the room, making it look classic.

The navy patterned rug is put against the polished medium tone wood floor to juxtapose two different tones, patterns, and textures.

It seems that the bedsheet has a subtle navy and white color combination too. And it delivers a warm look to the dark tone wood bed.

14. Navy Walls in a White Arts and Crafts Bedroom with Wood Floor as an Accent

navy walls in a white arts and crafts bedroom with wood floor as an accent
navy walls in a white arts and crafts bedroom with wood floor as an accent. image © sususu

This large arts and crafts bedroom looks comfortable like a nest, thanks to the navy walls around the bed.

Surrounding the bed with dark walls like this turns out to be an excellent way to create a comfortable spot to sleep, because blue is known as a soothing and relaxing color that can help us sleep easily.

To avoid it being too dark, the bed area is also combined with white color. There are triple white windows right over the headboard.

The bed itself is in a perfect white color, and so is the duvet, the sheet, and the pillows. The hanging bedside tables on both sides of the bed are also in white, are obviously at odds with the navy wall.

The navy rug is placed in the seating area over the mirrored closet in front of the navy chair.

The wood floor here is meant to accentuate the navy and white combination as well as highlight the arts and crafts style.

15. Navy and White Striped Duvet that Matches the Round Pendant in a Transitional Bedroom

navy and white striped duvet that matches the round pendant in a transitional bedroom
navy and white striped duvet that matches the round pendant in a transitional bedroom. image © refinedllc.com

Striped navy and white duvet like this can be easily found at West Elm or Pottery Barn.

This is another unique way to use navy and white color combinations. The most unique part is, the overhead round pendant is also in a similar pattern to the duvet. Both the duvet and the pendant create a harmonious look to this transitional bedroom.

Apart from that, navy blue is also painted on the walls. It seems that the paint used here is Benjamin Moore – Hale Navy or Brush Blue.

The white ceiling and carpeted floor serve as an excellent combination of the navy walls.

To add a fun element to this room, the bright green beanbag is added on the floor.

16. Navy and White Bedding in a Soft Grey Bedroom

navy and white bedding in a soft grey bedroom
navy and white bedding in a soft grey bedroom. image © cynthialynn.com

A soft and subtle way to apply navy and white color combination.

The duvet and the pillows are in a simple stripes pattern in navy and white color. It is not much, but this is undoubtedly the simplest yet most eye-catching way to use a color combo.

Instead of white, the walls around were painted in soft gray. The light in this picture makes it as if the walls were in soft blue, while in fact, it was grayer.

There are two artworks over the headboard that were painted in a great combination of blue shades. The artworks complement the duvet and the walls around nicely.

This transitional room proves that it is not only metallic color that looks nice paired with navy and white. Soft gray, and actually and soft colors, can also be great when combined with this color combination.

17. Navy Pillows and Seat in a Bright White Bedroom

navy pillows and seat in a bright white bedroom
navy pillows and seat in a bright white bedroom. image © patrickahearn.com

The designer gathered navy color right in the middle area of the bedroom.

The bed itself is placed in the center. This way, the navy color is used to accessorize the bed. The white bed and white duvet look pop with solid navy pillows and patterned navy pillows.

There is a white framed bench with a navy cushion in the bed’s footing. And don’t forget the rug. It is also patterned in navy and white.

The rest of the bedroom is in bright white, except the medium tone wood floor. The walls, the wainscoting, the furniture, and the windows all look sterile, polished, sleek, and bright. It is meant to highlight the beach style, while the navy accent is used to resemble the sea, which is also a key element in any beach style.

Gathering the accent color in the center of the room like this will give a neat vibe to your bedroom. It makes everything look put together.

This is a style you should go for if you want everything to look organized in your room.


So, what is your opinion about the navy and white bedroom?

Does the color combination really fit your personality and personal taste?

If so, adding a navy element to your white bedroom is a piece of cake.

From the pictures above, we can see that navy blue is used for the bed, the wainscoting, the bench, the duvet, and even the throw pillows. Navy cannot only be used for walls only; it can also be used in any accessories.

Be creative! Do some experiments to create a perfectly-balanced navy and white bedroom.

Good luck with your project!