15 Playful Pink and Green Bedrooms to Create a Soft and Sweet Look

15 Playful Pink And Green Bedrooms

Pink and green may not be a match made in heaven, but that fact shouldn’t limit you from creating a playful bedroom with such a color combo.

Similar to green, pink has many shades, from light to deep. If you want to combine them, you have to be able to mix and match the shades. For instance, deep green should be paired with soft pink and vice versa.

When it comes to the colors individually, green is actually an “adult” color, unlike pink. It’s not something you usually use in a kids’ bedroom.

Green is freshening, and it is usually associated with health and life.

To put it simply, if you want to add a natural touch to your room despite its interior design style, you can always lean on the green, any shade of it.

Pink, on the other hand, is more playful. It is the color that you often find in a girl’s bedroom because pink is usually associated with sweetness, femininity, and being lady-like.

The deeper and more vibrant the pink is, the more playful it gets.

When bright pink is paired with pale green, it boosts the room’s cheerful ambiance. On the other hand, bright green to pale pink will give a splash of color.

What about combining bold and vibrant pink and green together?

Chances are, you’ll turn your bedroom into something fun and eclectic. You can even create a color block using pink and green juxtaposed.

There are many ways to incorporate pink and green in a bedroom, from the walls to the accessories; here are the most playful bedrooms with the pink and green color schemes you’ll surely love:

1. Pale Mint Green Wall with Pink Duvet and Carpet in a Traditional Bedroom

pale mint green wall with pink duvet and carpet in a traditional bedroom
pale mint green wall with pink duvet and carpet in a traditional bedroom. image © dunleavyconstruction.com

In spite of the fact that there are non-neutral colors incorporated in this bedroom, the design resembles a traditional design a lot.

From the furniture pieces to the layout, they deliver a classic vibe; it’s as if you walked through time and ended up somewhere in a few last decades in this room.

In terms of color palette, it seems that the designer wanted to avoid being too plain and too bland, so they used pink and green together.

The entire walls were painted in a pale mint green shade that never fails to evoke a calming and rejuvenating sensation.

The green walls are combined with pink carpet, pink sheets, pink duvet, and pink pillows. It seems that pink managed to dominate the whole room.

The designer also played with texture and pattern, and they complement each other. See how the textured carpet looks in contrast to the sleek sheet.

The striped pattern duvet and pillows also contrast the floral lamp caps, adding more characters to the room.

Tip: to use large and green in a large amount like this, you need one neutral shade to bridge the gap.

In this case, the designer used white. The white door, molding, baseboard, storage box, and drapes are enough to provide a neutral transition between green and pink.

2. A Combination of Light Green and Bright Pink Shade in a Bedroom

a combination of light green and bright pink shade in a bedroom
a combination of light green and bright pink shade in a bedroom. image © pbdesignbuild.com

It’s OK if you crave something bolder and more vibrant. There’s always a way to make a bedroom look more cheerful.

In this project, the designer painted the walls light green and carefully picked the bed comforter in a tufted bright pink color.

As though they were not enough, colorful artworks were also added against the green walls, and the bright-colored string lamps accentuated the white window trim.

Actually, the light green wouldn’t have been this vibrant if it hadn’t been paired with the shocking pink. The bright pink comforter is useful to light up the light shade and make it more vibrant as it actually is.

The bright decorations and accessories were strategically spread across the room to promote a playful and cheerful sensation.

Beige and white colors were added to provide a smooth transition between light green and bright pink. The beige carpet and the white trim and ceiling work their way to create a balance in this bedroom.

3. Chartreuse Green Paired with a Pale Pink Sheet in an Eclectic Bedroom

chartreuse green paired with a pale pink sheet in an eclectic bedroom
chartreuse green paired with a pale pink sheet in an eclectic bedroom. image © houseofrefineddesign.com

Chartreuse green is actually a shade of green with a tint of yellow. It makes the green look brighter and bolder.

For some, it might be a bit intimidating to incorporate this shade in their bedroom because it’s too bright. Yet, if you’re always up for any challenge and feel like designing an eclectic bedroom, you should give this shade a go.

The bedding is custom-made in iridescent pink taffeta. It gives this whole bedroom a soft, sweet, and feminine touch.

Against the norm, the designer decided to use black and white (dominated by black) instead of plain white as a bridging color.

The presence of black between chartreuse green and pink may be a bit odd, but it adds a dramatic touch to the room.

There’s also a splash of white color added. The white crushed velvet headboard matches the pompoms on the trim of the black velvet drapes and the white tassels that tie the drapes.

The black drapes hung from the crown soleil were meant to enhance a royal and elegant look.

Just like in any eclectic room, the use of shades here might seem a bit out of place. But it turns out that if you were able to incorporate them properly, they would deliver a one-of-a-kind look.

4. Tea Green Wall to Contrast the Patterned Pink Duvet and Pillows in The Bedroom

tea green wall to contrast the patterned pink duvet and pillows in the bedroom
tea green wall to contrast the patterned pink duvet and pillows in the bedroom. image © agwilliamspainting.com

Using patterns and bold colors in a traditional setting is usually prohibited, for it would create an out-of-place sense.

It’s quite rare for those who love traditional designs to use a splash of bright shades in their neutral color scheme. Yet, the designer in this project managed to break the rules.

Even though the setting, the furniture pieces, and the detailed elements represent the classic and retro look, this room’s pink and green color combo can brighten up the whole area.

We can’t deny that the traditional setting is a bit plain and even depressing for some. That’s why adding a splash of colors won’t hurt, because it won’t make the traditional design more modern anyway.

The walls are painted in a tea green, a kind of soft shade that complements the white ceiling and the beige carpet.

The bright pink duvet is meant to counter the dullness of the tea green walls, especially since it came in a polka dots pattern. The pink floral pillows are used to complement and contrast the pink polka dots at the same time.

Instead of black and white, the neutral shade chosen by the designer to bridge pink and green was brown. There are several shades of brown, from beige and light tan to dark tan.

The light tan tufted headboard looks excellent against the soft green walls, especially since it is framed with a dark tan frame.

5. Traditional Bedroom with Muted Green Wall and Pillows Accentuated with s Soft Pink Sheet

traditional bedroom with muted green wall and pillows accentuated with s soft pink sheet
traditional bedroom with muted green wall and pillows accentuated with s soft pink sheet. image © cardeabuildingco.com

If you want to stay true to your traditional preference, you can stay away from bold shades but still use non-neutral colors.

As in this case, the designer painted the walls in a muted green color, a shade that’s soft enough to make the whole area look fresh and bright at the same time.

Combined with white trim and ceiling, this muted green shade makes the bedroom look more open and spacious.

To avoid being too vibrant, the homeowners preferred to use as little pink as possible, so the designer only incorporated it in a small amount.

The pale pink duvet contrasts with the bed’s bright pink sheet. There’s also a soft patterned pink throw pillow on the sofa as a splash of color.

The designer also played with the pattern to liven up the muted green shade that dominated the room. You can also see many patterns, in green and pink, across this room.

To duplicate this look, make sure you choose the traditional patterns, like floral, stripes, or geometrical, so they fit the classic setting.

6. Incorporating a Lot of Patterns in a Pink and Green Bedroom

incorporating a lot of patterns in a pink and green bedroom
incorporating a lot of patterns in a pink and green bedroom. image © kellynelsondesigns.com

Don’t hesitate to use a lot of patterns in a pink and green bedroom because most people think the pink and green combo has already been bold enough, so there is no need to add patterns anymore.

Regardless of the shade, be it light or dark, if it’s in a solid color, it can be a canvas for anything you’d like to add.

This bedroom has walls painted in a very soft and light green combined with white trim. The soft green is supposed to represent the ocean because this is a beach-style bedroom.

The pink shade comes from the patterned headboard and the solid-colored blanket. The duvet and the sheet are white, similar to the nightstand on both sides of the bed, because they’re meant to be a backdrop.

The patterns can be seen through the headboard, the rug, the pillows, and the window treatments. The designer seems to avoid being consistent by using different patterns for every detailed element.

If you want to use plenty of patterns like this, it’s important to choose a very soft and light green shade for the wall and keep the rest of the room in a neutral shade.

Combining patterns with bold colors as the background would only make your bedroom look too overwhelming.

7. Traditional Bedroom with Matching Fabric and Wallpaper in a Pink and Green Color Scheme

traditional bedroom with matching fabric and wallpaper in a pink and green color scheme
traditional bedroom with matching fabric and wallpaper in a pink and green color scheme. image © laura ashley inc.

Contrary to the previous project, this bedroom has a consistent pattern across the room.

To be honest, this is the easiest way to incorporate pink and green in your bedroom. All you have to do is just custom design the fabrics and the wallpaper, so they come in a similar pattern.

This bedroom has a matching duvet, pillows, drapes, and wallpaper.

As an accent, there’s a pink solid colored pillow in the center of the bed that matches the window treatment, and the green couch that matches the blankets on the bed and the cap of the lamp.

White was chosen as the main neutral color to provide a smooth transition between pink and green and a canvas for the pattern throughout the room.

Choosing a similar pattern for the entire bedroom will achieve a consistency that’s often used in a traditional setting.

The point is, if you want to stick to the classic design but desire to add patterns, always opt for cohesive patterns for the details.

8. Olive Green Bed Put Against a Pink Painted Wall

olive green bed put against a pink painted wall
olive green bed put against a pink painted wall. image © interiors by cary vogel

Sometimes, all you need is a light and soft shade in the bedroom to lull you to sleep. We can’t deny the fact that soft shades like this are always calming and relaxing.

The details of this bedroom deliver some whimsical touches as well as brilliant colors, which are a nod to a mid-century aesthetic design.

If you think that the walls are covered in pink wallpaper, look closer. The walls were basically painted in a custom cross-hatch design. Look how it boosts the elegance in the room.

Instead of being paired with white, the designer painted the trim, the door, and the bed in a soft olive green shade.

Actually, olive green is often used in a more Mediterranean background. But if you want to incorporate olive green in a contemporary setting, always choose a light and soft shade like this.

Some patterns are also added, which can be seen through the pillows. Black and white were chosen to be a background for the green and pink shade.

The black cabinet looks in contrast to the super white sheet and comforter on the bed, while the off-white carpet somehow complements the soft pink shade on the walls.

9. Deep Emerald Green Bedroom with a Splash of Pink Accessories

deep emerald green bedroom with a splash of pink accessories
deep emerald green bedroom with a splash of pink accessories. image © brantmcfarlaindesign.com

You have seen many shades of soft green before. Now, it’s time to move on to the deeper, darker, and richer shade of green.

This contemporary bedroom has deep emerald-colored walls that boost instant elegance and royal appearance.

It’s actually easy if you want to add more drama to your room without using black. You just have to paint a large amount of surface in a deep, dark shade like this.

Green is preferable because it has a natural touch that brings out a forestry sensation.

The designer cleverly placed two night lamps in front of the dark emerald wall to highlight it. The glow of the lights will dramatically showcase the deep shade, making it look mysterious.

The pink is only used as a splash of color instead of the main shade to juxtapose green.

The designer only used pink pillows and placed an abstract artwork with a splash of pink that matches the pillows. The rest of the room is kept simple and neutral in white color. This is a fresh idea that you can easily duplicate, though.

It shows that you don’t have to use both colors generously to have a green and pink bedroom.

You can only pick one for the entire walls, and another is only used as an accent. This way, you have created a basic yet unique color scheme.

10. Kids’ Bedroom with Green Drapery and Furniture Juxtaposed with a Pink Bed

kids’ bedroom with green drapery and furniture juxtaposed with a pink bed
kids’ bedroom with green drapery and furniture juxtaposed with a pink bed. image © swatigoorha.com

It’s always fun to design a kid’s bedroom because you can often experiment with bold colors and patterns without worrying about the effect.

Bold colors and patterns are always able to invoke an exuberant and fun-loving sensation.

Unlike the typical green and pink bedrooms where one of the colors is used on the wall, this bedroom has bright white walls. This is an excellent idea to make a canvas.

With such bright white walls, you can incorporate a lot of green and pink details, complete with fun patterns.

See the green polka dots drapes, the pink striped rug, the pink floral duvet and pillows, and the sunburst couch.

Even though they come in different patterns, somehow they complement each other because they have similar basic colors, green and pink.

The bed, the lamp, and the chair are all painted in a bright pink color, while the cabinet and the desk are painted in green color.

This bedroom’s combination of solid color and pattern is balanced, so the room looks fun instead of tacky.

11. Green Striped Walls with Bold Pink Window Treatment

green striped walls with bold pink window treatment
green striped walls with bold pink window treatment. image © petrelladesigns.com

When it comes to patterns, if you want to achieve a perfectly symmetrical look, it’s better to use a geometrical and simple pattern.

In this bedroom, the designer painted the wall in a green-white striped pattern to make the room look higher than it actually is.

The green paint is Benjamin Moore 543 – Woodland Hills Green, a freshening green that looks nice with a pink shade.

The window treatments are pink and white and were custom-made with Durlee Fabric. It corresponds well with the light pink comforter from Pottery Barn Kids.

In this bedroom, green and pink are always set side by side, so people can see them contrasting each other.

Look how the geometrical window treatments set against the striped green walls, the light pink comforter against the green sheet, the pink patterned pillows against the solid green pillows, and patterned pink throw pillows against the solid green cushion.

Every contrasting element is meant to balance each other and create visual interest. White and beige are added to neutralize pink and green, making them more blendable.

12. Coral Pink Accent Walls Paired with Green Comforter and Pillows for a Bright Bedroom

coral pink accent walls paired with green comforter and pillows for a bright bedroom
coral pink accent walls paired with green comforter and pillows for a bright bedroom. image © robesondesign.com

The pink in this bedroom is only used for an accent, so it is not painted across the room. But it turns out that this is a better idea than having to apply the pink to the entire walls.

The pink walls are actually painted in Benjamin Moore – Cactus Flower 1335. One of them makes a perfect focal point with a decorative sunburst mirror and is bracketed by two windows to accentuate it.

The headboard, bed, and sheet are white to provide a canvas for the burst of pattern around. The patterned pillows look pretty against the green comforter and bigger pillows.

Even though they have a different shade of green, the comforter and the pillows somewhat go well with the floral drapery.

The other side of the pink coral wall is accentuated with built-in white shelves and some green boxes that are obviously meant to become a decoration more than for a functional purpose.

The green ottoman works as a splash of green in the middle of a diamond-shaped beige carpet.

Some elements in this room represent a traditional style, like drapery, bed, and nightstand, while the others, like the clear swing, are more modern.

All of those elements are paired with a pop of color to enhance the stylish and modern design. So, every single thing in this bedroom perfectly delivers an ideal transitional design.

13. Creating a Color Block in a Bedroom by Painting the Walls Pink and Green Side by Side

creating a color block in a bedroom by painting the walls pink and green side by side
creating a color block in a bedroom by painting the walls pink and green side by side

Instead of bridging it, you can make pink and green clashes in a color block style.

These days, it’s not important anymore to mix and match. Sometimes, the more un-mix and match the colors, the better it is. That’s what people call color block.

Without a neutral color to bridge it, green and pink look odd against each other, but that’s part of the charm.

The designer managed to incorporate color blocks in this traditional bedroom. Part of the wall is painted pink, while another part is painted green. These walls meet at the corner, and the color changes abruptly.

The white is added only on the trim and the furniture pieces, not around the walls, to tone down the brightness of pink and green.

It seems that the designer never meant to tone down the boldness of the color combo. On the contrary, they wanted to highlight it.

To repeat the color block pattern, the fabric was carefully picked and set in green and pink; you can see a similar pattern on the bed, the window treatment, and the couch.

It won’t hurt to add some patterns, too, especially on a large surface. A few large prints will liven up the solid-colored bedroom, making it look more cheerful. You can add it to the rug or on the bed sheets.

14. Pink Artwork Hung in a Bedroom with a Green and Purple Patterned Wallpaper

pink artwork hung in a bedroom with a green and purple patterned wallpaper
pink artwork hung in a bedroom with a green and purple patterned wallpaper. image © jayjeffers.com

If you’re a big fan of patterns, you can always incorporate as many as you like in your bedroom and turn it into an eclectic space.

You don’t have to worry about the complementing element in an eclectic design. You can create a color or pattern block design, even in the most vibrant and boldest shade.

This bedroom has it all. The designer covered the wall in a full patterned green wallpaper with a purple accent that makes the whole area look bright.

To top it off, they also hung a Lincoln print in a bright pink shade against the green-purple wallpaper to create an accent.

The bedsheet is in a pink-purple shade with a floral pattern to dramatically contrast the green wallpaper around. The big pillow is in a floral pattern with a pink and gold tone.

It’s plain to see that the designer refused to use a neutral shade to counteract the color pattern in this bedroom. Instead, they use another bold shade to complete them, like purple to complete green and gold shade to complete pink.

What a brave choice!

15. Pink Green Headboard Against the Lime Green Wall to Create an Accent

pink green headboard against the lime green wall to create an accent
pink green headboard against the lime green wall to create an accent. image © susansutherlindesigns.com

The lime green in the walls of this bedroom has a bit of yellow tone, adding a juicy look to the entire area.

This shade will always remind you of a bright sunny day, especially if you add a floral pattern to it.

The designer knew that, so they incorporated a floral pattern in the drapes, the pillows, and the blanket. The easiest way to create a consistent look like this is by custom-designing anything with fabric.

To avoid making it too overwhelming, the designer only applies the same fabric in a small amount, not dominating the whole bedroom.

The floral patterned pillows and blankets are paired with a white duvet but complemented by the ruffled green sheet.

To create a contrast to the lime green wall, the headboard was carefully picked in a bright pink shade. This is a simple and easy way to create an accent wall.

Contrary to popular belief, if you want to make an accent wall, you don’t need to fill the entire space with decorations or patterns. Two lovely contrasting colors will also do.

To keep everything remains soft and neutral, the designer picked white as a base color to neutralize everything. The off-white carpet blends with the white furniture and duvet.

They provide an excellent backdrop for the floral pattern and the pink+green solid color.

What a feminine and balanced combo.