14+ Elegant Gold Accent Walls to Add Glitz to Your Room

14  Elegant Gold Accent Walls

Adding metallic in your room, especially gold, will instantly add drama, elegance, and glitz to the entire area.

Unfortunately, gold tones are often misinterpreted as too gaudy and too flashy. So, when they are incorporated into a room, people only use them for drawer pulls or any small decorative item.

On the other hand, gold can offer a sense of comfort. It can also add personality and depth to the space while at the same time keeping it neutral.

That’s why it would be stunning if you added a gold accent wall in your room, be it a master bedroom, living room, or even powder room.

The gold accent wall doesn’t have to be shiny and over the top. Instead, gold hues can vary from bright yellows, mineral ochres, rich camels, and gilded sparkle.

In fact, many of the orange or copper shade has a more golden than yellow hue. The great thing is that rooms with gold accent walls tend to boast a sense of luxury and soft light.

The gold accent wall beautifully represents the hint of soft afternoon sunsets. It means that gold paint on the wall can make you feel wrapped in a comfortable coat.

What’s cozier and more luxurious than that?

So, if you’re interested in creating a gold accent wall, here are some ideas you can recreate:

1. Gold Leaves Wallpaper as an Accent Wall in a Living Room

gold leaves wallpaper as an accent wall in a living room
gold leaves wallpaper as an accent wall in a living room. image © taraseawright.com

Even though this room looks simple at the first time, if you take a look at it closer, you’ll see that this eclectic living room is actually rich.

It has a lot of prints mixed together, delivering different characters and feel to the room. It’s all about mixing the scale and coordinating colors.

The largest surface with a pattern in this room is the accent wall, the one at the back of the seating. It has a beige color as a background and a gold leaves pattern.

It’s basically a wallpaper combining beige and gold-tone together. It’s obvious that beige and gold are a match made in heaven. They will instantly make your room look luxurious and sophisticated.

So, if you want to incorporate a lot of patterns like this in an eclectic room, make sure you also include gold tones; the larger the surface it covers, the better.

It’s because the gold-tone will counteract the crowding and overwhelming sensation you’ll get for incorporating too many patterns.

In other words, you’ll never get tacky and cheap as long as you have a gold-tone in your room, serving as an accent wall.

2. Vintage Gold Painted Metal Branch with Lamps in an Accent Wall

vintage gold painted metal branch with lamps in an accent wall
vintage gold painted metal branch with lamps in an accent wall. image © for people design

Actually, this wall color is not painted in gold. It looks very similar to Benjamin Moore – Tropical Sand – 2101-70, which is a beige color. However, the homeowners added some gold decorative items against it to create an accent wall.

The most striking and noticeable decoration is the gold branch attached to the wall. It’s not a real branch, FYI. It’s probably metalwork and painted in gold.

It’s a vintage piece that can be found in any vintage decor. You can even find one like this on eBay or 1stDibs.

The lamps are also finished in gold-tone, and they are placed right in front of the wall, bracketing the golden branch to create an accent. It’s just simple yet still looks gorgeous.

This picture tells us that in order to create a gold wall accent, you don’t have to necessarily paint your accent wall in a gold shade or cover it with a gold-toned wallpaper.

To make things simple, just paint your wall in a soft white color or a similar neutral shade, then put some decorative items in the gold finish on or in front of the wall.

It will add a metallic touch to the room, but not in a modern way, more classic and classier.

3. Gold Sunburst Mirror as an Accent on a Beige Wall

gold sunburst mirror as an accent on a beige wall
gold sunburst mirror as an accent on a beige wall. image © tobifairley.com

Similar to the previous picture, the idea of this accent wall is practically the same.

Yet, the designer painted this wall in a sandy tone: Sherwin Williams – Believable Buff – SW6120. This tone has a touch of golden hue, making it a perfect match for any gold finished item you’ll want to add later.

Actually, this accent wall is full of decorations. See the identically framed artworks on both sides and jade green lamps upon the cabinets bracketing the couch.

However, those are only meant to be complementary. The focal point is, of course, the sunburst mirror.

This mirror has a lovely gold finish, practically complementing the sandy-toned wall around. According to the designer, this mirror can be purchased at Bungalow 5.

What makes this living room look lovely is that the designer managed to combine a gold accent wall with a green shade. The green shade is spread throughout the room, while the gold tone is only focused on one point.

It creates a visual balance, guiding your eyes to the elegant center point, while at the same time letting them wander around the room with a fresher and livelier tone.

4. Combination of Gray and Gold Paint on an Accent Wall

combination of gray and gold paint on an accent wall
combination of gray and gold paint on an accent wall. image © sarahgreenman.com

What do you think about this accent wall? Is it a good one? Hint: it isn’t wallpaper.

Yes, you heard it right. The homeowners painted this accent wall first in a dark shade, which was Sherwin Williams – Analytical Gray, similar to the rest of the wall in this room.

Afterward, they used metallic paint to stencil the filigree medallions. The stencil was from Michael’s the Craft Store.

What a genius way to create a gold accent wall. It turns out that gray is also a nice pair for gold. The metallic gold medallions look stunning against the dark gray wall.

The accent wall here looks darker than the rest of the wall even though basically they are the same shade, simply because the homeowners used several layers to paint the accent wall.

The designer also found and hung this lovely gold-accented chandelier purchased at Market Hall in Dallas to complete the whole look.

The gold finish in the chandelier looks stunning against the accent wall, creating a royal ambiance and luxurious look.

It seems that the designer wanted to achieve cohesion since there are several gold-toned decorative items throughout the room.

5. Gold Frame Around the Corner Fireplace as an Accent Wall

gold frame around the corner fireplace as an accent wall
gold frame around the corner fireplace as an accent wall. image © kanncept.com

The designer picked the corner side as an accent wall because there’s the place where the fireplace was built. So, it would be easier to create an accent around an existing fireplace.

There is no detailed information about the material used in this accent wall, but it seems that it is metal finished in a sparkly gold tone, making it look as if it were made of gold.

The metal structure frames what seems to be a stone wall with grains in beige and soft brown color, some colors that complement gold perfectly.

To enhance the glossiness of the gold-accented frame, the designer also mounted two sconces, one on each side. The soft yellow glow from the sconces has reflected the surface of the metal, creating a polished and sleek look.

The homeowners also carefully picked the curtains in a gold tone to create a uniform look. See how the curtains in the next wall complement the gold accent wall.

Moreover, the windows are also completed with a treatment in a beige color. It is obvious that every element in this room looks well coordinated.

If you want to recreate this look, keep everything simple by using one color only with several complementing shades.

In this room, the main color is brown, but the designer managed to use several shades of brown, including gold, to fill the room.

6. Geometrical Pattern Gold Wallpaper Accent Wall

geometrical pattern gold wallpaper accent wall
geometrical pattern gold wallpaper accent wall. image © highfashionhome.com

If you want to make a statement in a transitional room, you should consider using patterned wallpaper in a metallic finish like this.

Patterns, especially geometrical patterns, will never fail to draw attention. Moreover, you also combine it with a gold-tone. Gold is a dramatic shade. It will instantly make your room look elevated and grand.

Yes, it takes a lot of effort to hand paint the wall in a gold geometrical pattern to make an accent. So, the simple way is to use wallpaper.

This wallpaper on the accent wall is Designers Guild from Nabucco Collection. It’s known as Porden in gold, code: P537/01. Since this is a transitional room, the designer wasn’t afraid of making it too modern with this wallpaper.

To avoid getting too flashy, the designer also carefully picked the furniture pieces, making sure most of them were in a neutral shade. That’s the traditional part of this transitional bedroom.

The beige headboard and lamps correspond with the gold accent wall, but on the other hand, the bright green velvety chair looks in contrast to it. It’s another modern vibe the designer managed to pull off in this room.

Generally, the gold-tone adds a chic look, making the entire area look glamorous.

7. Black Painted Wall with Gold Decorations as an Accent

black painted wall with gold decorations as an accent
black painted wall with gold decorations as an accent. image © jonacollins.com

The designer has succeeded in channeling a more modern approach to decorating this room with diverse furnishings in cool tones.

Even though this entry has only a few furnishings, it’s far from being minimalist because it has lots of drama!

We can learn a lot from this entry. It tells us that every interior, be it large or small, should be all about details. The details that will make your house a home and say a lot about you as the homeowner.

The designer used unique materials and finishes in this entry and managed to blend them together to create an accent on the wall and, at the same time, display the owner’s personal art collections. It truly delivers the right look and feels to the interior.

See how the black painted wall is combined with the gold decorations. Both black and gold are dramatic tones. Combining them, you’ll take sophistication to a whole new level.

Moreover, the designer also played with the black paint. If you take a look at the black wall a bit closer, you’ll see different tones of black there.

Well, according to the designer, the black was actually the same shade. What makes them different is the finish. The designer stripped half of the wall in matte while the other in a glossy finish. What a genius way to make a statement!

The golden side table you see here is from Barbara Barry Collection, a not-so-cheap piece but totally worth it. It is also completed with a beautiful gold mirror, which is a custom piece that was made to complement the space.

Even though this accent wall is not in gold-tone, it is completed with gold furnishings right in front of it. This can be your creative way to interpret the gold accent wall in your own way.

8. Gold Metallic Accent Wall Made of Wall Stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils

gold metallic accent wall made of wall stencil by cutting edge stencils
gold metallic accent wall made of wall stencil by cutting edge stencils. image © cuttingedgestencils.com

This gorgeous bedroom features a DIY stenciled gold accent wall.

It features the Birch Forest Allover Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. The birch trees pattern will make you feel as if you were deep in the forest, connecting you with nature.

This is a great way to make you instantly feel relaxed, a piece you need if you’re having trouble sleeping at night. Adding a natural element to your bedroom will be much of a help.

So, what makes the wall stencil better than the wallpaper?

Unlike traditional wallpaper with set colorways and designs, wall stencils let your use any color scheme you like, and you can even add your personal finishing touches.

There are many designs and colors out there to pick from, and the options are practically endless.

Being able to relax aside, it’s also important to incorporate some rich tones in your bedroom. It will be nice if you can combine natural elements with rich tones like this accent wall.

A natural element doesn’t necessarily mean natural material like wood or stone. Just look how perfect this wall accent is. It has a birch forest pattern on the wall that serves as a natural element, while the gold-tone delivers a rich look.

Combine it with another bold color to pull off some modern vibe. Everything looks classic and traditional in this transitional bedroom, except for the bright green accent that totally contrasts the gold tone on the accent wall.

Gold and green hardly complement each other, but the oddity makes it unique.

9. Glass Mosaic in Black with Gold Accent on a Wall of a Powder Room

glass mosaic in black with gold accent on a wall of a powder room
glass mosaic in black with gold accent on a wall of a powder room. image © sl design

If you want something even more dramatic, you can install your gold accent wall with black background on a large surface wall.

See how pronounced this powder room is with a combination of black and gold on its accent wall.

If you’re wondering, this is totally not wallpaper or a stencil. This glass mosaic comes in numbered panels, so they were installed like tiles.

These glass mosaic panels are made in Italy by Sicis, surely an expensive thing but definitely worth it. To top it off, the designer also combined it with a metallic gold countertop and gold decoration against the accent wall.

Be careful if you want to recreate this look. This one is a bit tricky.

Creating a gold accent wall this way will surely make your room look dark and smaller. That’s why it’s only suitable for a large and spacious powder room. Plus, don’t forget to add a lot of lighting to illuminate the whole area unless you want it to be cave-like.

See how the designer installed several LED lights on the wall and placed two mirrors above the countertops to reflect the light and make the room look bigger.

10. Gold Seashell Wall Covering from Maya Romanoff as an Accent

gold seashell wall covering from maya romanoff as an accent
gold seashell wall covering from maya romanoff as an accent. image © david phillips

Instead of black, this powder room has a light neutral shade paired with a gold accent wall. It makes the whole area look brighter, airier, and more elegant at the same time.

Indeed, white and beige are the safe option if you don’t know what shade to combine with gold.

The gold accent wall is covered by Maya Romanoff’s Mother of Pearl. The wall coverings are made of tiles of genuine seashell in Coral Conch.

Imagine how stylish and elegant it would be to have seashells finished in gold as an accent wall in your powder room!

The great thing is that this powder room is far from being coastal or beach styled.

It is a simple traditional room with a beige marble floor and white marble countertops, the usual element to complete a classic design. However, the designer managed to make this whole area look extra, especially with the accent wall.

As if using seashells in gold wasn’t enough, the designer also hung a decorative vintage gold framed mirror along with a gold-framed artwork on the wall. They are completed with sconces to highlight the sparkle of gold.

The faucet, supper legs, vanity sink drain, and under-mounted vanity sink were also gold plated to match the gold accent wall. All of them are from Sherle Wagner.

11. Gold Striped in a Blue Accent Wall to Create an Eclectic Look

gold striped in a blue accent wall to create an eclectic look
gold striped in a blue accent wall to create an eclectic look. image © pinkdoordesigns.com

The combination of mint and gold in this dining room managed to create an eclectic look.

Unlike the previous gold accent walls, this one is more prominent. It’s not only painted in a fresh and elegant tone but also recessed from the rest of the wall. The recessed wall is made of an accent with mint and gold paint.

It surely takes much effort to create this gold accent wall because the homeowner painted it herself.

According to her, she came up with this treatment after she’d seen a china pattern that later inspired her to create this gold striped pattern. She also stated that it only took her a weekend to finish this project.

Well, it means that it wasn’t as challenging as you thought.

This dining room basically features a European rustic decor. The eclectic part comes from the mix of traditional touches in the clean, modern lines, creating an eye-pleasing balance.

The minty background actually consists of two different paints. The darker shade is Sherwin Williams – Tidewater 6447, while the lighter one is Sherwin Williams – Glimmer SW 6476. Both of them are combined together as a contrasting backdrop for the gold-tone.

12. 3D Gold Wallpaper Around the Fireplace as an Accent Wall

3d gold wallpaper around the fireplace as an accent wall
3d gold wallpaper around the fireplace as an accent wall. image © lightingdesigninternational.com

It’s actually easy to add more dimension to the room. All you have to do is find a 3D wallpaper that will look stand out.

There is no detailed information about the wallpaper used in this gold accent wall, but there are many good ones on the market these days.

Or, for a better option, you can also opt for a wall panel. Wall panel is thicker and more sophisticated than wallpaper, but it is also more costly. But the point is, regardless of choice to accent your wall, the basic rule is you have to be able to decorate it.

If the 3D wallpaper or the wall panel has already been rich with a prominent pattern, there is no need to add extra decorative items to complement it. It is enough to add downlights to showcase it and create a spotlight.

The gold accent wall is also completed with a fireplace with metallic surroundings in this contemporary living room.

Another thing is that the designer also paired the gold accent wall with other brownish elements throughout the room.

See how the soft brown sofa and ottoman, the dark brown side table, and checkered and striped round side tables complete the gold accent wall in a luxurious and glamorous way.

13. Gold Accent Wall Paired with Elk Winter Forest Pendant Against It

gold accent wall paired with elk winter forest pendant against it
gold accent wall paired with elk winter forest pendant against it. image © mylightingsource.com

This gold accent wall is also basically simple. It seems that this wall has been painted in a gold tone, and the designer managed to add more texture to the wall to make it look rough and more natural.

It appears as if the accent wall was made of real gold because the texture is just right.

There is no additional decorative item to put on the wall. Yet, the bareness of the wall makes it look more attractive. The designer wanted to let the textured gold wall shine and get the most spotlight, so it remains bare and plain.

However, there’s indeed a complementary element to match this gold accent wall, it’s the dazzling pendant. It’s an Elk Winter Forest pendant that looks stunning against the gold wall. The lovely pendant paired with a gold wall totally brings out a modern look.

The great thing is that the pendant has a silver finish, which definitely contrasts the gold. Silver and gold are both metallic, but they are totally different. So when they are juxtaposed, they should be bridged by a neutral color.

The designer knew that. That’s the reason why the bright white sectional was put right in front of the gold accent wall. It’s meant to close the gap between silver and gold finish, so they look less clashed.

14. Gold Accent Wall in a Traditional Room with Vintage Pieces to Decorate It

gold accent wall in a traditional room with vintage pieces to decorate it
gold accent wall in a traditional room with vintage pieces to decorate it. image © gilloco.com

This is another gold-painted accent wall in a traditional room. The classic style in this living room features a warm vintage charm.

The gold tone in this room has a prominent yellow touch, which makes it look livelier than the other gold-accented rooms before.

Yellow is one of the warm tones that will surely liven up the space. So, if you want to add a pop of color to a traditional room but don’t want it to appear too flashy, this yellow gold-tone is the right choice.

This gold accent wall is beautifully framed by the white baseboard and top wall around. White is a neutral shade that can complement any tone. Plus, white is also useful to tone down to flashiness of this wall.

Always remember to incorporate white if you think bright hues aren’t for you, but you still want to make the room look glamorous.

In order to enhance the vintage look, the vintage decorative mirror was hung on the wall. It’s actually one of the vintage pieces spread across the room, the complementary items in a classic space.

The decorative mirror has a copper frame that looks pleasant against the gold accent wall. Copper and gold are both metallic tones that you’ll need to add a luxurious touch to a room.

15. Gold Panel Accent Wall with White Marble Base

gold panel accent wall with white marble base
gold panel accent wall with white marble base. image © arcademiagroup.com

It appears that this accent wall is completed with a gold-finished panel that brings out the drama in the room.

Similar to wallpaper, wall panels are a simple way to add accent to a room. The shapes and designs are various. If you want to stay humble and lowkey, pick a design that doesn’t have too many details.

The panels stacked vertically up to the ceiling, creating a backdrop for the TV and the wooden cabinet in front of it.

The homeowner didn’t feel the need to add any decorative item to the wall because even without such extra decorations, this gold accent wall has already looked stand out and prominent, the center point of the room.

To complete the look, a white marble base was added below the gold panels. The white marble has dark veins that make it look rich.

When it comes to the texture, marble and gold panels do complement each other because they are both sleek and sheen. But, in terms of shade and tone, they look odd against each other because the metallic gold will outshine the white marble.

But after all, they are both luxurious materials. Combining them together will level up your luxury game. Don’t forget to complete them both with a downlight to emphasize the drama.

16. Top Shades of Gold are Frequently Used by Designers

It’s true that there are many ways to incorporate a gold accent wall.

The options don’t stop at painting the wall in the gold shade. You can use wallpaper, wall covering, or even some gold decorative items against the neutral-colored wall to create an accent.

However, we can’t deny that painting the meant-to-be accent wall in gold is the simplest way.

If you want it to be simple, here are some popular paints of gold that are often used by designers (note: you might not find all of these shades in the pictures above, but you can be sure these are the best):

  1. Sherwin Williams – Empire Gold. This color livens up a room and still goes well with other gold elements, like the light fixture, the knobs, or other decorations. It is perfect to create a rich, golden background for an inviting space.
  2. Farrow and Ball – India Yellow. This is considered an English color palette for it has gold and ochre hues. This is a beautiful color, elegant and sophisticated. Opt for this paint if you want to incorporate a serious, deep golden ochre color for your accent wall. Its moody yellow gold can also be a neutral backdrop to layer other colors.
  3. Benjamin Moore – Lenox Tan. If you want to add warm gold to your accent wall, you can choose this. Every color you pair with it will look luscious. Combine this Lenox Tan with a tobacco-toned sofa, aubergine pillows, or ivory chairs for an accent wall in a living room. Gold, white, and tobacco do complement each other.
  4. Benjamin Moore – Buttercup Yellow. It is a lively ochre tone that will remind you of being inside a maple tree at the peak of its autumn color on a sunny day. Imagine how comfortable it would be to have this on your accent wall.
  5. Sherwin Williams – Mannered Gold. This is a perfect tone if you want to add a metallic touch to your room. This shade offers a smooth and brushed look to create an aesthetic look. It goes beyond a simple yellow paint. This metallic finish creates a shimmer to turn a standard wall into a true gold accent wall.
  6. Benjamin Moore – Summerdale Gold. It is one of the classic color charts released by Benjamin Moore. This will fit nicely into a farmhouse style and pleasantly contrast the lime-white plastered walls.
  7. JH Wall Paints – #9002. From this painting, we can see that gold is not only a rich color, but it also has an organic and natural undertone, like the color that can be found in nature and autumn leaves. In simple words, this paint is a gorgeous gold lime. The fresh and textured lime paint lets the gold color be displayed across the wall with tonal variations and luminescence. It adds dimension and depth to any room.