15 Fascinating Teal and Gray Bedroom Ideas for a Timeless Makeover

15 Fascinating Teal And Gray Bedroom Ideas For A Timeless Makeover

When you feel tired after doing many activities all day, you need time to rest, and the bedroom is the best choice to leisure our exhausted body.

It would be best if you had a very comfortable bedroom so you can rest happily and peacefully. Not only because of the stuff you choose, but also the designs and paintings inside your bedroom could determine your most refined state and time in the bedroom.

Speaking about the bedroom paintings, you should give a try to teal and gray hues to be there for your wall. Those colors are magically great to combine, especially for a bedroom.

Gray might look a bit dull and boring, but this hue is versatile and very suitable to go with any other shades. Gray is a contemporary yet classic and edgy color. Because gray is a neutral color, it comes naturally calming with its soft tones. Gray would evoke the mood of serenity once you jump into the bed and throw your view surrounding your bedroom.

It would help if you also looked at teal hue, which has its role inside your bedroom. With this blue and green spectrum of shades, teal could be a perfect hue to choose from because it results in calming and appealing effects.

If you look deeper into teal hue, it could reminisce you with a tropical vibe along with the presence of the ocean. After the sensation of calm that you absorb, you also feel so fresh and hydrated as living near the beach.

Now, it is time for you to see that the combination of teal and gray as your painting ideas is giving you satisfaction. These colors will create a good design look and vibes. Knowing that gray is versatile to any other colors, teal would fit gray beautifully and modify your bedroom to be more comfortable.

Here are 15 inspiring ideas regarding teal and gray bedroom paintings you indeed have to spare an eye to see:

1. Scandinavian Bedroom with Teal Wall and Fossil Gray Bed Cotton

a Scandinavian bedroom designed with teal wall and fossil gray bed cotton
a Scandinavian bedroom designed with teal wall and fossil gray bed cotton. image © shanademcallisterfisher.com

Let us start with the Scandinavian type of bedroom. Scandinavian style is famous for its simplicity when it comes to design. It also happens to this bedroom.

The wall is coming with a teal hue with a calm tone, while the bed is full of many variants of gray shades. To be specific, the wall is using Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue No. 85. This calm tone of the bedroom suits you when you want to take a full of rest, and you can only turn on the dim light, so it would help you feel comfy and relax.

Now, look at the bed and find the two kinds of bed covers. First, you will see a fossil cotton bed cover, and after that, you will see the one made of linen, and it has a gray hue.

If you are interested in having the linen, you can find it at Secret Linen Store. It is very appealing to find many shades of gray in the bed, as you can see that it has charcoal, gray, fossil, and cloud shades. This kind of appearance for a bed would create a more tranquil and relaxed atmosphere whenever you feel tired and need your bed the most.

2. Sizeable Modern Master Bedroom with Ash-gray Wall and Fossil and Cobalt Bed

a large modern master bedroom with the ash-gray wall, the combination of fossil and cobalt bed with the teal carpeted on the floor
a large modern master bedroom with the ash-gray wall, the combination of fossil and cobalt bed with the teal carpeted on the floor. image © rococodesign.com

You will find more gray hues in this type of bedroom. The wall and the bedroom are matched with the different variants of gray. This bedroom does not look dull or boring as people usually think about a “gray” hue for a bedroom because this bedroom can combine the best gray variants into one.

This picture shows that cobalt can suit fossil hue even just being put above the bed. Cobalt helps the bedroom looks attractive yet still have a calming tone which makes you still comfortable.

Cobalt hue is not only for the bed but also for the carpet. Cobalt’s shade is charming to see that the floor around the bedroom looks luminous while the bed is very calm.

This idea makes your bed looks highlighted and call you immediately that, “Come here, baby. Ready to accompany you rest”. The picture also puts some things to pack the bedroom to be more precise. There is a silver shelf beside your bed with some accessories, including a blue flower that matches the cobalt hues.

3. Mid-Sized Transitional Master Bedroom with Gray Wall and Teal and Fog Bed

a mid-sized transitional master bedroom painted in the gray wall and ash-gray floor, teal and fog bed, and charcoal fireplace
a mid-sized transitional master bedroom painted in the gray wall and ash-gray floor, teal and fog bed, and charcoal fireplace. image © dettagliodesign.com

This bedroom type presents you almost about gray variants hues, starting from the wall, the ceiling, the floor, the curtain, even the bed. But, you can directly see the combination of teal and gray in a bed. That looks great to consolidate charcoal with teal on the bed, including the pillows, which have different colors but still on the same tone.

It happens as well to the carpet, which has broken-white and black hues to balance the gray on the floor. The picture points out the calming tone of the bedroom with these gray-dominance hues.

The fireplace in this bedroom is also using a charcoal hue which suits the atmosphere. Besides it, you can see a spot for you to study or spend time sitting with gray slots and putting some accessories on there. This bedroom has a significant side door that is also functioned as a big window, with a charcoal curtain that supports the domination of gray variants here.

If you like to see natural views and feel the atmosphere directly, this type of bedroom would be a choice considering that side door position.

The size of this bedroom is quite extensive, with a fireplace that is sometimes being used, it would be good if you open the door once it is morning and let the air circulation function properly.

4. Beach Style Master Bedroom with Cerulean Wall and Charcoal and Fossil Bed

beach-style master bedroom with the cerulean wall, ash-gray carpeted, and charcoal and fossil bed
beach-style master bedroom with the cerulean wall, ash-gray carpeted, and charcoal and fossil bed. image © kristinacrestindesign.com

A cerulean wall of this bedroom is matched perfectly with charcoal from the bed and sofa. The cerulean wall painting is using Benjamin Moore 1650 Stillwater.

It would be a bit dark if that is only charcoal and teal, but this type of bedroom shows that there are also fossil beds and ash-gray carpet that balance the bedroom’s tone. It is deceptive to see a fossil, charcoal, and teal hues in one bed; it looks relaxing yet still perk up. The bedroom is carpeted with ash-gray that gets along with the bed and has a different vibe from the wall.

If you still think that this idea gives you a little dark view, this bedroom has many windows and one side door.

The side door can function as a window, too, since it is transparent. You can count on sunlight to brighten up your bedroom in the morning and afternoon by sliding the curtain and let it penetrate your room. Not to mention, this design idea benefits you to have two windows between your bed, so that you will get it when the sunlight penetrated.

5. Large Transitional Master Bedroom with Gray-dominated Paintings and Teal Comfortable Sofa

large transitional master bedroom with gray-dominated paintings and teal comfortable sofa
large transitional master bedroom with gray-dominated paintings and teal comfortable sofa. image © hwhomes.com

As the title informed you that this is a large transitional master bedroom, it can be seen that the bedroom is large and fit for many people to be in.

You might think that the bedroom’s vibes are just like a hotel’s, but you can make it to be your ideal bedroom. This is a gray-dominant room with two teal sofas that makes this room looks elegant.

There is also a bench after the bed where gives you space for your guest besides the couch.

What makes it more attractive is that the shelf beside the bed has the same tone as the bedroom, but the lamp is nailed with a glossy teal body that matches the sofa.

This bedroom provides many tall windows that make it shinier in the morning and afternoon, supporting the room’s calm tone. The curtain, floor, and ceiling are also gray, as if you find yourself very peaceful accompanied by the calm gray.

This is an excellent idea to bring your fellas to your bedroom in the morning or afternoon because it would be so bright and liven your mood and friends up, at least even just for having an intimate talk inside the room.

6. Contemporary Bedroom with Charcoal Bed and Teal Headboard

a contemporary bedroom with charcoal bed and teal headboard
a contemporary bedroom with charcoal bed and teal headboard. image © dkorinteriors.com

The bedroom is not as large as the previous one, but you can find a contemporary style that is simple yet comfortable.

This type of bedroom has a gray and teal highlighted wall which is opposite if you look at the tone, calm and firm at the same time. The potent vibes also come from the floor, which has charcoal and gets balanced with ash carpet under the bed.

The bed is also using charcoal and compares it with a white and metallic gray, highlighting the gray dominance. The role of that teal highlighted wall is to liven up the bedroom’s vibes, and it is supported by the large window over there.

The bedroom’s tone is not dark because of the headboard’s help, yet the large window is still needed because there is also a charcoal floor and a pretty big size teal headboard inside the room. Anyway, you can find the headboard in dkor window and walls.com and put it in your bedroom to liven up this minimalist room. So, the window can have an excellent function to add more shine and a bright tone.

7. Beach Style Guest Bedroom with Cerulean Teal and Gray Wall

a beach-style guest bedroom with the cerulean teal and gray wall
a beach-style guest bedroom with the cerulean teal and gray wall. image © littlepalmdesigngroup.com

Although the type of the bedroom is also beach style, the same as the previous one, this type seems more accurate with the combination of cerulean and gray hues for the wall.

Not only the wall but the bed also contains a variety of those hues. There are cloud, teal, flint, and charcoal hues on the bed, resulting in calmness once you see it. The carpet has a cloud hue and has a different tone from the bed, so that the mattress is the one that is highlighted well.

The picture shows that this idea comes up with a unique design that the shape is not a square or rectangle, but there is a curve in one of the sides with a big transparent door. This helps you to see directly who or what is on the outside without jumping out from the bed.

Beside the sliding door, there is a cloud shelf and a glossy teal lamp that rightly matches the paintings. The window beside the bed has a navy bench that you can use when you want to sense the ocean’s beauty, as in the picture shown, or the scenery you would have with this ideal type of bedroom.

8. Mid-sized Contemporary Bedroom with Cloud Gray Wall and Teal Pillow

a mid-sized contemporary bedroom with cloud gray wall and teal pillow
a mid-sized contemporary bedroom with cloud gray wall and teal pillow. image © edgewaterdes.com

This design idea looks simple just by looking at the bed and many stuff from the picture. This bedroom has a cloud gray wall, and the floor is supporting it with a white hue, just like the bed.

The wall painting is using Sherwin Williams – Passive SW 7064. The bed is not only white; there are cloud, teal pillow, and charcoal hues that make the bedroom vivid. It has a great combination that it is not about all warm tone because of the wall and floor, but the bed adds it to be more diverse. This is also proponent to see the navy carpet under the bed, supporting the liven-up hues the bedroom has.

If you look closer to the right, a teal curtain balances the wall with its firm tone. You can also put a mini shelf or the other property besides the bed and make the bedroom look packed but not over. One eye-catching thing is that a wall display frame with a teal flower and charcoal frame covers it. It might have a different vibe if another replaces the picture.

The tone of this display frame suits the atmosphere of the bedroom and makes it more delighted.

9. Tropical Style Bedroom with Gray Wall and Gray-Teal Bed

a tropical style bedroom with the gray wall and gray-teal bed cover
a tropical style bedroom with the gray wall and gray-teal bed cover. image © willmaninteriors.com

By seeing the picture, you can already find the sensation of a tropical atmosphere in this bedroom. The access to directly go outside by that big door makes it very chill and homey.

The vibes inside the bedroom are very serene when you see a gray wall and carpeted floor for this room. It gets more interesting than the bed is combining the teal and gray hues into the bed cover and pillows. The line shape of teal with an ash-gray-dominant on the bed looks catchy and matched with the teal sofa and fossil bench after the bed.

This bedroom uses many brown hues to mix the gray and teal, which turns excellent at explaining the tropical style. This bedroom’s gray and teal shades still get highlighted, so the bedroom’s calmness is still there, even it is a typical style one. The bedroom does not allow you to not enjoy the scenery right from your bed and let the sunlight go in beside your bed with two windows inside.

10. Gray Carpet Transitional Bedroom with Teal Sofa

a large transitional master bedroom with gray carpet and teal sofa
a large transitional master bedroom with gray carpet and teal sofa. image © kristopher lewis photography

As you can see from the picture, this type of bedroom is large enough with a large bed. The bedroom is dominated by gray hues that you can easily find in its wall, ceiling, floor, and carpet tile.

Look at the bed closer; then, you will see so many hues with the combination between teal and gray. There are fossils, clouds, gray, charcoal, and also teal.

The sofa in front of the bed gives the perk-up vibes for the bedroom that its color matches the bed, which has teal hues on it.

The design of this bedroom looks a bit different as you see the shape of the ceiling. It has a tilted shape ceiling and makes the ceiling’s bedroom taller than the design with an a-line shape. Because this is a large bedroom and has a very calm tone because of the gray dominance, it does not matter for you to put some stuff inside if it is necessary.

Usually, a large bed is accompanied by a bench that is placed after the bed. Please put it with a teal hue and balance the composite of teal and gray in this bedroom.

11. Transitional Bedroom with Cloud Gray Wall and Teal Ceiling

a transitional bedroom with a cloud gray wall and teal ceiling
a transitional bedroom with a cloud gray wall and teal ceiling. image © cmullinsinteriors.com

This type of bedroom looks simple with an excellent combination of gray and teal hues.

The ceiling uses teal, along with one of the bed covers, while the wall is using the cloud gray. The bed also has a different shade of gray, which is a fossil, and gets it more tinted with the teal bed cover. The carpet also supports it with gray and white pattern hues to fit into the bed and wall.

When you do not have something to do and just lay in bed, try to find the ceiling, which naturally brings you tropical vibes because you are looking at an ocean.

Even if it is a simple transitional bedroom, you can still manage some stuff to be put in every bedroom spot, just like the picture shown. It is good to see that the property is matching the tone of the bedroom.

The bed and the carpet have a bit dreary tone, so it is an excellent choice to pick the big shelf with that hue tone. Another one shown is the wall has a warm tone, so that the mini stand also has the same tone as the wall.

12. Small Trendy Master Bedroom with Gray Wall and Floor Combined with Teal Bed Cover

a small trendy master bedroom with gray wall and floor combined with teal bed cover
a small trendy master bedroom with gray wall and floor combined with teal bed cover. image © vianneyhomedecor.com

Another simple design idea of the bedroom with a smaller bedroom compared to the previous one. The bed has a bright teal hue and army and navy, too, a good combination of teal shades coming from blue and green.

When the bed is full of the solid tone of hues, the wall and the floor of this bedroom are balancing it well, gray for the wall and ash-gray for the floor. The muscular tone is also coming from the curtain with charcoal and makes the bedroom liven up even though it is only a small one.

One thing unique from this design idea is having a plant beside the bedroom, which is superb to give you a natural atmosphere from nature itself. The windows beside the bed help you get good air circulation, considering that this is a small, trendy bedroom.

This bedroom might look contrast because it has a bright teal hue of the bed cover while the rest of the shades tend to be soft, but it still looks promising that the bed does not only have one hue as the creation tone of this bedroom.

13. Teal Dominated Contemporary Bedroom with Charcoal Gray Bed

teal dominated contemporary bedroom with charcoal gray bed
teal dominated contemporary bedroom with charcoal gray bed. image © modclair.com

If you love any spectrum or shade of blue hue, it would be your best choice to design the bedroom. The cerulean wall tells you that this bedroom is a teal-dominant room, supported by the blue and white carpet, blue bench, and even the lamps.

The gray shades are not fading yet harmonizing it, as you can see in the picture that the floor is charcoal. The bed consists of charcoal, fossil, and teal hues so that the combination is still here. Also, the gray curtain calms the tone of the wall that looks so solid.

You can put a lot of stuff inside this bedroom and still suit the tone of the atmosphere. For example, there is much white stuff you can find in the picture. It fits the carpet and also the bed cover, which more likely has the same tone. The wall and the floor have a pretty dark hue style, but this bedroom gives an idea to put a kind of big window to make the atmosphere balanced between dark and bright.

14. Mid-sized Trendy Master Bedroom with Teal Walls and Full Ash Gray Carpet Tile

mid-sized trendy master bedroom with teal walls and full ash gray carpet tile
mid-sized trendy master bedroom with teal walls and full ash gray carpet tile. image © uniqueinteriors.com

The teal wall has a calm tone but not for the bed; it has strong teal and cerulean ones. The cerulean sofa beside the bed also adds domination with its strong vibes. This is very good to see that the floor is carpeted with ash, so do the shelf and table there. There is a cloud bench in front of the bed, indicating that the mattress is a mid or large size, and the court balances the bed.

Having so many hues between teal and gray for this design idea of the bedroom shows from the picture. There are wall display frames that have a random pattern but still go with the bedroom’s tone, so do the wall hanging displays above the table.

The composite of teal and gray hues in this bedroom is very clear by seeing the wall and the carpeted floor, yet it gets more firm when the bed is using teal hue, and the bedroom’s vibe feels refreshing.

15. Gray Dominated Mid-sized Transitional Bedroom with Teal Bed

gray dominated mid-sized transitional bedroom with teal bed
gray dominated mid-sized transitional bedroom with teal bed. image © cherieleeinteriors.co.uk

After seeing two teal-wall examples of bedrooms, this one brings you more calm and tranquil. The cloud gray wall and gray carpeted with wood floor succeed, making the bedroom atmosphere classical. The cloud gray wall is using Farrow and Ball, Skimming Stone.

However, the bed has a teal and fossil hue that brightens the tone and makes it more modern. As this is a transitional bedroom with a mid-large size of the bed, it is normal to have a bench after the bed, and it gets better to know that the hue suits the bed, which is teal.

Please combine the stuff with the same tone as the bedroom with its classic modern type of bedroom. The bed has a catchy combination that has teal and gray shades hues make it calm yet bold at the same time. The picture gives an example to bring dark brown for some stuff: shelf and hanging lamp. There is a frame above the shelf and has the same tone with the bed and wall, soft and soothing.


After seeing all the design ideas of having your ideal type of bedroom, have you decided which one is your most favorite idea? Did you get inspired by seeing all the recommendations? If it is not easy to choose now, let this article remind and haunt you for necessarily having the bedroom type! Of course, with the combination of teal and gray shades of hue.

As you can prove that those hues have a unique combination, this is the time for you to have the vibes as the recommendations tell you to. The teal gives you strong yet relaxing vibes, while the gray gives you calm and serene vibes. Never forget that sunlight also has a role in livening up your bedroom because the hue is not changing, but the timing of lighting is. So, say no more dull and boring to the gray paintings for the bedroom because you will have the teal that mingles with the gray.

You also cannot forget that it is not only for the hues but also for the interior designs. This article offers you many bedroom designs you can get inspired and implement to be your future ideal bedroom. Either it’s a small, mid-sized, or large one that you feel you are at the most relaxed state for using the room anytime you want.

Choose the best design idea, choose the best stuff, and choose the composition of teal and gray hues to make a great combination and effects for your dream bedroom!