11 Underrated Kitchen Window Shutters for Your Best Window Treatment

11 Underrated Kitchen Window Shutters

Sure, there are several types of kitchen window treatments out there. But which one looks nice, is easy to clean, and won’t absorb odor?

That’s the one and only shutters.

If you think kitchen window shutters are out of style, think again. The charm of kitchen window shutters is versatile and timeless.

Yet, the main reason people use kitchen window shutters is for a functional reasons. These shutters are easy to control.

Commonly, kitchen windows are equipped with plantation shutters, a type of window treatment whose slats can be closed and angled to maintain the privacy or be opened to let the natural light in.

It might be an unwise option to leave your kitchen windows undressed because your cooking zone could overheat during the hot summer days. And you might feel exposed when the night’s dark creeps in.

Leaving your kitchen windows bare will make the space look plain and unfinished.

The top benefit of installing kitchen window shutters is the fact that plantation shutters (or most types of shutters used for indoor) don’t absorb cooking smells. This could be a different case for blinds or curtains.

Plus, shutters provide you with home security, too. You just have to choose a design that covers your entire window to give your home an additional layer of protection.

If you want, you can add a lock to your shutters, so your kitchen windows can stay open but remain covered.

Don’t know how to design your kitchen window with shutters? Here we’re going to give you the most underrated kitchen window shutters to cover your area:

1. Hunter Douglas Shutters for Both Kitchen Door and Windows

hunter douglas shutters for both kitchen door and windows
hunter douglas shutters for both kitchen door and windows. image © landlwindowfashions.com

These kitchen windows are completed with Hunter Douglas NewStyle Hybrid Shutters that also cover the sliding glass door. These shutters have a bi-fold track and front tilt, so they can be easily operated.

Suppose you live in an extremely hot area. In that case, it’s recommended to have this kind of shutters because they are equipped with UV-resistant material that protects the shutters from peeling, chipping, fading, cracking, and warping when exposed to intense moisture and sunlight.

To top it off, these shutters are also water resistant. The unique material that protects it from damage due to direct sunlight also works well in humid or damp areas.

The unique material is resistant to mildew and moisture, so the homeowners don’t have to worry when they install these shutters in kitchen windows over the sink. The splash of water won’t damage them.

The finish is matte. It’s a special treatment that delivers the look of high-quality painted shutters.

See how the homeowners preferred to leave them in a neutral color. White shutters are versatile, especially when paired with white window and door trim.

Along with the white cabinetry, the designer of this kitchen managed to create a perfect beach-style area.

When it comes to durability, these shutters are built to last because they have resin blocks and aluminum bracing for extra strength.

Plus, these shutters are motorized. It means that the owners can manually move the louvers by hand or operate them hands-freely. Either way, they won’t damage the motor because the movement is smooth.

2. Sunburst Shutters for Double Kitchen Windows Over the Sink

sunburst shutters for double kitchen windows over the sink
sunburst shutters for double kitchen windows over the sink. image © sunburstshuttersboston.com

For typical kitchen windows in a mid-size installed over a sink, it’s recommended to use a classic plantation shutter.

The shutters in this kitchen are from Sunburst Shutters, from the Studio Shutters series. They are ideal for double kitchen windows.

These shutters are built with durability and stability characteristics.

They come with solid parts as well as a fine paint finish that makes them the most streamlined and eye-catching shutters for people who want to cover their kitchen windows without breaking the bank.

Plantation shutters from Sunburst come with solid construction and resilience. This is one of the most recommended manufacturers if you want to purchase high-quality plantation shutters.

Like any top-quality products, these shutters are also resistant to splitting, warping, and chipping. Additionally, they are totally resistant to moisture, making them ideal for over-the-sink kitchen windows.

As a cherry on top, these shutters also work great as an insulator. This way, you can make your house green by saving more energy and cutting the electricity bill.

The louvers are adjustable, so you can control the amount of air and light you need to fill your kitchen.

Similar to the previous kitchen, these shutters are finished in white to match the window trim and the cabinetry. The bright color palette in this kitchen brings out a fresh modern look.

3. Cafe-style Shutters for Double-hung Kitchen Windows

cafe-style shutters for double-hung kitchen windows
cafe-style shutters for double-hung kitchen windows. image © carlaaston.com

This kitchen window is actually not that large. It’s a simple double-hung window installed over the sink. However, the homeowners thought it would be best to have cafe-style shutters instead of full-height ones.

As you see in this picture, cafe-style shutters only cover part of the window, usually the bottom part.

Cafe-style shutters are commonly mounted on the interior, not the exterior. They got the name because of the shutters that you can usually find in many French cafes.

They are able to give privacy while at the same time letting the natural light in.

The cafe owners would usually put the shutters on the bottom part of the windows and let the upper parts open.

Cafe-style shutters are ideal in an exposed room, like a kitchen. The top advantages of these shutters are their ability to let you adjust the amount of light and air your want in your kitchen and their protection from nosy neighbors.

However, there’s the drawback, too. Due to the fact that they are mounted on the interior, it makes them a poor option for shutters if you want an interior or climate control.

According to the designer, these shutters were done through Accent Shutters in Tomball.

It’s understandable why the owners wanted to use cafe-style shutters. It’s because this kitchen is quite small, and it seems that it’s tucked away in a corner.

Without a proper amount of light, this area would become a dull and dark spot in spite of the white window trim and cabinetry.

4. Blue-colored Plantation Kitchen Window Shutters

blue-colored plantation kitchen window shutters
blue-colored plantation kitchen window shutters. image © draperdbs.com

Basically, the shutters in this kitchen are the common plantation shutters.

If you want to incorporate the southern charm into your cooking zone, look no more than plantation shutters when it comes to the window treatment.

With the wide louvers and angled slats, plantation shutters will give beauty to your interior design.

The wide louvers also allow natural light to move through them. They commonly come with adjustable features that allow you to move the slats up and down to control the light and air and maintain privacy.

You’ve got it all wrong if you think that plantation shutters for kitchen windows should be finished in white.

In fact, with the right treatment, you can paint your kitchen window shutters. In this project, you see that the designer was able to paint them to add a splash of color to the neutral-colored kitchen.

These shutters are painted in blue, which looks a lot like Sherwin Williams – Flyaway Blue. Look how refreshing the blue against the white walls is. They even contrast the dark-colored dining table in front of them.

Painting your plantation kitchen window shutters in a bright shade like this will also transform your traditional kitchen into a transitional one. It’s because plantation shutters usually resemble traditional style.

The design is classic and vintage. But, you’ll turn them into a modern piece once you coat a layer of bright shade paint on them.

The bright shade will never fail to modernize anything. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the area is designed traditionally. Once you add a pop of color, you have successfully added a modern vibe that changes the whole tone of the room.

5. Single Panel Shutters for Small Kitchen Windows

single panel shutters for small kitchen windows
single panel shutters for small kitchen windows. image © jodellclarkedesigns.com

In a limited wall space like this, it’s most reasonable to install a single casement window.

There are three single windows over the sink. It’s crystal clear that the homeowners wanted to keep the traditional design in their kitchen because every element looks classic and vintage, including the simple windows and the plantation shutters.

The shutters come in a single panel, which is the most common type of interior window shutters.

These shutters don’t have any fold, so they’re also known as a no-fold shutters. This is a good option for smaller windows because they don’t need longer reach.

Since this is a large kitchen, it doesn’t matter to have plantation shutters over the window because when they are closed, the entire area still gets the illumination from the recessed ceiling lights.

It appears that the main reason the homeowners installed plantation shutters is to keep the privacy, aside from the fact that these shutters complement the kitchen style, too.

For an aesthetic reason, the homeowners picked these shutters finished in white to complement the surrounding. Now you see that white shutters can work well with weathered finished wood cabinetry, not just with the similarly white cabinets.

White window trim and shutters also look lovely against the light gray wall.

To get a better idea, you can also put some decorative items on top of your kitchen windows, right above the construction of the shutters. It greatly makes the white shutters and trims look more attractive.

6. Half-covered Tall Kitchen Windows with Shutters

half-covered tall kitchen windows with shutters
half-covered tall kitchen windows with shutters. image © grandtbuilders.com

This is another cafe-style shutter in a kitchen.

Quite different from the previous one because this kitchen window is taller, which is a better option for cafe-style shutters.

With taller windows, the light can come into the room in a larger amount even though the bottom part of the window is covered with shutters.

This kitchen window is also not installed over the sink. It is tucked in the corner of the kitchen. It delivers a unique layout, a better option for those who want something different.

The cafe-style shutters are installed over the window to maintain privacy. The upper part of the windows remains open not only to let the natural light penetrate the room but also as a space for the homeowners to take a peek outside and see what’s happening.

These shutters are finished in white, like any typical interior window shutters. They blend seamlessly with the white trim around the window and surrounding white walls.

Placing a bright and bold blue storage cabinet next to the white window and its shutters like this is a great way to incorporate a contrast.

The white window and the shutters will serve as a contrasting element, while the white walls work as a backdrop. Another good idea is to add a splash of color to your kitchen.

7. Double Panel Kitchen Window Shutters

double panel kitchen window shutters
double panel kitchen window shutters. image © davefox.com

Unlike single panel shutters, double panel kitchen window shutters are ideal for wider windows. The number of folds can be seen to one side.

These shutters have one set of hinges, so they are known as bi-fold or double panel shutters. If the owners want to open them, they just have to fold them right in the center of the hinges. Or, they can also be opened like a window.

Having double panel shutters is like having another layer of window. It’s as if your kitchen windows have two layers that can be operated independently.

While for some, it might be inefficient and quite a hassle, others think that using these shutters will add an extra solid layer of protection.

There are two kitchen windows, one over the sink and another next to the upper cabinets. Even though both have different heights and dimensions, they are completed with the same double panel shutters. An excellent way to achieve cohesion.

This is a traditional kitchen. That’s the reason you won’t find any splash of color in this extra white kitchen.

The brightness and starkness of white might be an eyesore for some, but it turns out that installing white shutters on white windows with white trim will make your kitchen look spotless.

Moreover, the white window set is paired with white walls, white backsplash, and white cabinetry.

The neutral color palette in this kitchen works well for a small and enclosed area because white tends to open up and brighten up the room.

8. Tier-on-Tier Kitchen Window Shutters

tier-on-tier kitchen window shutters
tier-on-tier kitchen window shutters. image © elmsid.com

In terms of designs, there are several types of kitchen window shutters. And the ones you see in this kitchen are tier-on-tier shutters.

Unlike the cafe-style shutters, tier on tier covers the entire window. That’s why they’re also known as full-height shutters. However, unlike the usual plantation shutters, the top and bottom of these shutters can be opened independently.

It means that you can choose which part of the windows will let the natural light in, top or bottom. These are more like cafe-style shutters, but the upper part of the windows is covered too.

For this reason, tier-on-tier kitchen window shutters deliver a more versatile shutter combination. They offer you total control to open and close any part of the windows you like.

There are a lot of windows in this kitchen. All of them are identical and installed in a straight line on the wall above the sink.

Adding tier-on-tier shutters on these windows is indeed costly, but they will help you maintain your privacy.

The shutters are finished in white, similar to the window trim.

Yet, instead of being surrounded by white walls, the designer painted the walls around in a bright red shade. It makes the window trim and shutters look to pop against the bright red.

The combination of red and white is classic and contrasting, offering a more lively look with a cheerful ambiance.

9. Traditional Kitchen Window Shutters with a Double Panel

traditional kitchen window shutters with a double panel
traditional kitchen window shutters with a double panel. image © interiorsbycornerstone.com

This Mediterranean kitchen has humble and simple traditional window shutters, which are actually plantation shutters.

There’s a reason why plantation shutters are also known as traditional shutters because these are the most common types with fewer details, and more often than not, plantation shutters are used for a functional purpose only.

There are several types of windows in this kitchen. The larger ones are meant for the dining room, which was set next to the kitchen for this is an open floor plan. The kitchen windows are smaller and simpler.

Like any usual kitchen, the windows here are also installed over the sink. Yet, these are a bit different because the sink is located in the corner. It means that the windows should also run adjacent to one another in the corner.

To create this look, you can actually choose one of two options: single or double-panel plantation shutters.

According to a pro, it was recommended to use double panel shutters for a window with 31” of width. These shutters would create a lovely traditional look for your cornered windows.

However, you can rely on cafe-style shutters for a simpler option.

For cornered windows like this, sometimes folding is not an option because it will take too much space.

On the other hand, Cafe-style shutters don’t need to be operated. But we can’t deny that plantation shutters are more suitable for a traditional setting, including the Mediterranean interior design.

Both the kitchen and dining room windows have similarly white shutters that complete the white cabinetry, white backsplash, and white countertop. They’re all supposed to be a canvas for the bright and glossy yellow walls.

10. Side Tilt Louvers Kitchen Window Shutters

side tilt louvers kitchen window shutters
side tilt louvers kitchen window shutters. image © coloradoshutters.com

These kitchen windows are completed with similar shutters, even though the windows are different, the taller and the smaller ones. The smaller windows are over the sink, while the taller ones are at the far end of the kitchen.

The shutters basically fall into the common category; plantation shutters. But these ones are slightly different.

The louvers are wider than the usual kitchen window plantation shutters. They can be side tilted, totally not like the typical shutters.

Actually, there are several advantages of having shutters like this.

The wide louvers will offer you a larger area to take a peep outside. Wide louvers also mean a larger amount of natural light to come into the kitchen and, of course, a lot of fresh air, too, if you open the window.

If you think that wider louvers will cause you an issue related to privacy, you have to take a look closer at these custom plantation shutters.

Why should privacy become an issue if you can simply just close the shutters to get full coverage?

That’s why the homeowners installed many lights in this kitchen, so the area won’t be too dark when the shutters are fully closed. It won’t hurt to add recessed lights around the window, too.

11. Brown-painted Kitchen Window Shutters to Complement the Backsplash

brown-painted kitchen window shutters to complement the backsplash
brown-painted kitchen window shutters to complement the backsplash. image © floorsandwindowsnj.com

Having a single window over your kitchen sink like this is indeed a simple and lowkey act. Obviously, this can’t beat the majestic and imposing windows that line through the wall above the backsplash.

If you have a similar design, don’t be discouraged. You can make it twice as attractive as the other large windows with stylish shutters.

Just adopt this idea. The homeowners basically installed traditional plantation shutters. Yet, they painted them.

Yes, you can paint your shutters. However, there are some things to consider prior to painting.

First, find out the material of your shutters. Vinyl can be painted right away. But wood needs extra treatment.

Wood shutters need to be coated with primer first. Prime the surface will prevent the chemicals inside the wood from bleeding out after being painted.

You should also find out whether the product of the manufacturer you choose is paintable. It’s because there are some manufacturers that provide pre-painted shutters, which will take extra effort to repaint them.

These shutters are painted in a brown, neutral color but have many shades. This chocolate brown complement the grayish brown subway tile backsplash nicely.

Brown kitchen window shutters can perfectly fit into a farmhouse, rustic, or country design. It’s because those styles are usually associated with the wood element.

And if you lack wood in your kitchen, why don’t you imitate it by painting the vinyl shutters in a brown shade?

It means that you can save more money and work creatively, because wood is more costly than vinyl, and you have to pick the alternative but able to get the nuance of wood.

Steal the look by combining the brown shutters with bright white cabinetry on both sides to make it look pop.

Things to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Window Shutters

You have seen some best types of kitchen window shutters. Here’s one useful tip:

If you install your kitchen windows right over the sink, like any other typical design, it’s important to opt for shutters which were made of 100% waterproof material. Keep in mind that shutters aren’t just simply made of wood.

For a waterproof option, choose the ones that are made of vinyl. Vinyl shutters also don’t shrink or warp, so you can bet your bottom dollar they will last for years.

Regardless of the material, there are several design types of kitchen window shutters.

You can pick wooden or vinyl shutters to complete your traditional or modern kitchen, but make sure to fit them with your scheme.

If you have tall windows and you want to get plenty of sunlight, cafe-style shutters are a good option for you. These shutters only cover the lower part of your window, mainly for privacy, and let the upper section of the window open.

If privacy is your main concern, it’s recommended to have total window coverage.

You can have full-height shutters or louvered shutters that give you light control and total privacy. Additionally, these shutters are also stylish. They work better in large windows than the smaller counterparts.

To get a little bit extra, you can also have mixed shutters, where the upper parts are louvered while the bottom parts are solid.

You won’t find this kind of shutters on the list above because they are not the common type for indoor options, but why don’t you just give it a go? These shutters can fit any style, from traditional to modern.

If you want to get more flexibility, always rely on tier-on-tier shutters. These shutters feature an independent opening at the top and bottom of the window panels.

Even though tier-on-tier shutters will look imposing in tall windows, you can also install them in mid-sized windows because, despite the size, it’s the ability to control which part of the windows can be opened that makes these shutters a good option.

If you want to have some fun with your kitchen window shutters, it’s easy to paint them to add a splash of color to your kitchen. It’s true that most shutters, especially indoor shutters, come in white.

You can’t deny that white kitchen window shutters will give a classic look. You can opt for them if you prefer to paint your cabinet in a bright color.

On the other hand, if you’re going to let your cabinetry stay neutral, add a pop of color through your window shutters.