13+ Top Laminate Countertop Without Backsplash to Update Your Kitchen

13  Top Laminate Countertop Without Backsplash

In the old days, people usually install laminate countertops with the backsplash.

It’s because walls can be uneven, and it’s quite difficult to perfectly line up the laminate countertop to the wall. You need to grout, but grout can crack. Hence, water damage can occur.

On the other hand, having a laminate countertop with a built-in/rolled backsplash is outdated. Using the same material from the countertop’s surface to the bottom of the cabinets delivers a less nice look nowadays.

The question is, is it possible to have a laminate countertop without a backsplash?

According to one of the best designers, one of the tricks they used when the client wanted to skip the built-in backsplash was to set the first row of tiles meeting the countertop in a tile edge trim.

The tiny gap between the top of the counter and the edge trim later should be caulked with a silicone caulking, a thin bead one.

This way, it will be easier for you if you want to change your laminate countertops one day. You don’t need to rip out your backsplash too.

Basically, with other carpentry tricks, having laminate countertops without backsplash should not be a problem. You can decide what backsplash should be paired with your countertops and cabinets.

Here are some top laminate countertops without backsplash that you can choose to incorporate in your kitchen remodeling project:

1. Caesarstone Raven Laminate Countertop Without Backsplash

caesarstone raven laminate countertop without backsplash
caesarstone raven laminate countertop without backsplash. image © kitchensofdiablo.com

This traditional kitchen features a white-colored countertop without a matching backsplash.

This laminate mimics caesarstone flawlessly in Raven color, which is super black, the kind of color you need if you want to add a sophisticated look to your kitchen.

We can see how this countertop stops at the backsplash. Instead of having a similarly black backsplash, the designer installed an antique gray subway tile backsplash.

Look how the black laminate countertop and the gray backsplash complement each other.

Combined with the Dura Supreme Classic White Cabinets, this kitchen features three basic neutral colors, which offer a simple and minimalist look. Incorporating a neutral color palette will never fail to make the area look elevated and trendy.

That’s what you get if you have different materials, colors, and textures for the backsplash and the laminate countertops. You can juxtapose two different textures and colors like this to add more characters to the kitchen.

The laminate countertop looks sleek and polished, while the backsplash appears more glossy, and the white cabinets are matte.

2. Wilsonart Laminate Countertop in Spring Carnival Color with Green Acrylic Backsplash

wilsonart laminate countertop in spring carnival color with green acrylic backsplash
wilsonart laminate countertop in spring carnival color with green acrylic backsplash. image © wilsonart.com

Even though both the backsplash and the laminate countertops are from Wilsonart, they both have different colors and textures and are made of different materials.

For both the perimeter and the island, the countertops are Wilsonart Laminate in Spring Carnival 1876K color and Mirage Finish.

This is one of the products from the recent lines of Wilsonart that is completed with AEON technology, an innovation that lets you have antimicrobial laminate countertops.

These ones are also completed in crescent edge, a type of edge that delivers an elegant look, an appearance that doesn’t make it look like typical countertops.

See how this counter looks a lot like a granite countertop. Its light color matches the floor flawlessly, delivering a clean and bright look to the kitchen.

On the other hand, the backsplash is made of a different material. According to the manufacturer, this is an acrylic backsplash from Wilsonart Backsplash that comes in a grayish-green shade.

See how the backsplash contrasts the countertops. The white laminate countertop gives a traditional vibe, while the glossy backsplash is an accent that exudes a more modern look, the beautiful contrast you’ll get if you purchase laminate countertops without a built-in backsplash.

3. Laminate Countertop in Typhoon Ice for the Perimeter and Old Mill Oak for the Island without Backsplash

laminate countertop in typhoon ice for the perimeter and old mill oak for the island without backsplash
laminate countertop in typhoon ice for the perimeter and old mill oak for the island without backsplash. image © .wilsonart.com

Similar to the previous picture, these countertops are also from Wilsonart. It seems that the designer intended to mix several looks to this kitchen. See the different characters of the island, the perimeter countertop, and the backsplash.

The surface on the perimeter is the Wilsonart Laminate countertop in Typhoon Ice 4952K-22. Its beige color with veins looks in contrast to the bright white subway tile backsplash and the cabinets.

They are clearly not attached to each other. It seems that the countertops are meant to be an accent for the bright white color around.

The island also features a Wilsonart Laminate countertop in an Old Mill Oak 7973K-12 color. That countertop mimics butcher-block wood grain perfectly.

Both of the Wilsonsart Laminate countertops are completed with a crescent edge, same with the previous picture.

This decorative edge gives a rounded look but in a more stylish way. It is a kind of edge that mimics the appearance of a bullnose edge yet with a slightly less dramatic curve. This way, people won’t notice right away that your countertops are laminate.

4. Laminate Formica Countertop in e Series Solid Surfacing in e Natural for the Perimeter and Travertine Gold Laminate for the Island Without Backsplash

laminate formica countertop in e series solid surfacing in e natural for the perimeter and travertine gold laminate for the island without backsplash
laminate formica countertop in e series solid surfacing in e natural for the perimeter and travertine gold laminate for the island without backsplash. image © formica.com

Now, let’s move to another big name in laminate countertop: Formica.

Most people use Formica and laminate interchangeably, which indicates how Formica has long been associated with laminate countertops.

This kitchen also features a different type of laminate countertops for both the island and the perimeter. The backsplash is also totally different.

See how the laminate countertop in the perimeter contrasts with the tiny square-shaped tile backsplash in gray color.

The countertops are e Series Solid Surfacing in e Natural Formica FSS. It stops right at the line where the backsplash starts, clearly not connected.

Meanwhile, the island is completed with a travertine gold laminate countertop from Formica. It shows that this laminate counter perfectly mimics travertine.

The designer intended to differentiate the perimeter cabinets and the island counters. Yet, instead of contrasting them, they complemented them both.

The edge used for the laminate countertops is the Marbella edge from VT industries.

This kind of edge delivers a dramatic statement, giving a modern and refined look. It is perfect to use in laminate countertops that mimic high-end materials, like marble, granite, or travertine.

5. Laminate Countertop from IKEA that Mimics Wood Without Connecting to The Backsplash

laminate countertop from ikea that mimics wood without connecting to the backsplash
laminate countertop from ikea that mimics wood without connecting to the backsplash. image © loftus-design.com

This kitchen is a perfect inspiration for a coastal style with white cabinets, a laminate countertop without rolled backsplash, and a white subway tile backsplash. The soft and calming color palette in this area represents beach style flawlessly.

The designer also added wood elements to complete the whole look. You can see how perfect this medium tone wood floor is.

Most people think that the countertop is also made of wood to match the floor, even though they are in a different shade.

In fact, the counter here is laminate. It is a Pragel laminate countertop from IKEA. The designer stated that this was one of the better products of laminate countertop in the market.

Instead of blending with the backsplash, this counter stands alone. The backsplash is white subway tile that was installed low on the wall. The wall was painted in Valspar (Eddie Bauer Collection) – Rope #EB48-3.

The overall look of this kitchen offers a warm and calming look. The color on the wall represents the ocean very much, and the white cabinets match the backsplash to enhance the coastal style.

6. Antique Mascarello Laminate Countertop with Postformed Bullnose Edge and Tiled Backsplash

antique mascarello laminate countertop with postformed bullnose edge and tiled backsplash
antique mascarello laminate countertop with postformed bullnose edge and tiled backsplash. image © formica.com

Another one from Formica. This time, the designer matched the countertop on the perimeter and on the island.

They both are Formica laminate countertops in 3466 Antique Mascarello 180fx. It is a dark-colored laminate countertop that is not attached to the backsplash. The backsplash is a multicolored tile whose pattern truly contrasts the countertops.

Both countertops are completed with a postformed bullnose edge that looks a lot like a crescent edge from Wilsonart. This edge delivers an elegant look to this U-shaped kitchen.

The great thing about the laminate countertops is they imitate marble flawlessly, giving a luxurious look to the entire area.

Moreover, they are combined with wooden cabinets and an island. The simple wood cabinetry looks elevated with this kind of countertop.

So, if you want to have an affordable alternative for a marble countertop to deliver a luxe look to your kitchen, you can always opt for this laminate top with the same edging.

7. White Laminate Countertop with Custom Glass Tile Hand-Assembled Backsplash

white laminate countertop with custom glass tile hand-assembled backsplash
white laminate countertop with custom glass tile hand-assembled backsplash. image © robert legere design

A simple white laminate countertop is better if it is not attached to the backsplash. It’s because a white laminate countertop can be an ideal backdrop for any kind of backsplash you choose.

It would be a waste if you had a built-in backsplash, because it would be similar to the countertops, and there would be no accent color and pattern.

See how this simple white laminate countertop makes the multicolored glass tile backsplash look pop. It’s obvious that the backsplash here is meant to draw much attention. That’s why it should be juxtaposed with a simpler and not-so-attractive backdrop.

The backsplash is a custom-made one. Basically, it is a hand-assembled glass tile that was made by the company in New York.

Like the countertop, the cabinets are also made of High-Pressure Laminate or HPL, the kind of high-end laminate with strong durability.

Even though they are not made of actual wood, they look sturdy and complement the laminate countertop perfectly. If you’re curious, the cabinetry are from Irpinia in Toronto, Ca.

8. Aluminum Edged Pionite WY031 Formal Mahogany Laminate Countertop Without a Similar Backsplash

aluminum edged pionite wy031 formal mahogany laminate countertop without a similar backsplash
aluminum edged pionite wy031 formal mahogany laminate countertop without a similar backsplash. image © hammerandhand.com

What a lovely retro kitchen. This is the kind of kitchen that will remind you of the good old days when you hung out in your grandma’s house.

This one features vinyl composition tiles floor in Maraschino and Buttercream Yellow color, white cabinetry, white backsplash, and white appliances.

The countertop seems perfectly matched to the floor. It is a Pionite laminate countertop WY031 in Formal Mahogany color.

This kind of countertop imitates wood and makes your kitchen looks warm, just like what wood does. It also has a smooth aluminum edge that subtly contrasts the counter and, at the same time, elevates its look too.

Instead of being attached to the backsplash, the white subway tile backsplash stands alone here, clearly different from the laminate countertop.

The white backsplash, similar to the white cabinetry, is meant to be a canvas that looks incredibly awesome when paired with red and yellow colors.

9. Integrated Butcher Block and Laminate Countertops in Different Levels Without Backsplash

integrated butcher block and laminate countertops in different levels without backsplash
integrated butcher block and laminate countertops in different levels without backsplash. image © rbschwarzinc.com

This traditional kitchen has a strong point. This area shows the corner part of the kitchen.

Instead of creating an even surface of the countertops, the designer decided it would be better if they made an integrated countertop in multilevel.

The designer combined laminate and butcher block countertops and made them complement each other. Custom cabinetry is installed around it.

The different countertops here show how well-incorporated this kitchen is. Even though these countertops are basically made of different materials, one is from real wood, and another one is a wood lookalike, it turns out that they look no different.

What distinguishes them is the different levels of the surface. The laminate countertop is elevated.

Here, the backsplash is white subway tiles, which dramatically contrast the laminate countertop. It shows that a laminate countertop that doesn’t have a built-in backsplash is way more beautiful than the one that has.

It means that you can experiment with the look and create a timeless combination like this.

10. Dolce Vita Formica Laminate Countertops with Etching Finish Without Backsplash

dolce vita formica laminate countertops with etching finish without backsplash
dolce vita formica laminate countertops with etching finish without backsplash. image © formica.com

The designer coordinated the countertops on the perimeter and the island perfectly to create cohesion.

This is an excellent idea if you have a small enclosed kitchen because you surely don’t want to overwhelm your limited kitchen with too many patterns, colors, and textures.

The laminate countertops are from Formica. They are Dolce Vita 3420-46 laminate countertops in Etchings finish and Bullnose IdealEdge, the special finish, and edge exclusively made by Formica.

See how perfectly the laminate countertops mimic granite. They even come with a similar pattern, and grains like granite usually has!

The gray-colored countertops look in contrast to the white tiled backsplash. It seems that a white backsplash is a popular choice nowadays because nothing can beat the polished and sleek look it offers.

The difference between the laminate countertops and the white backsplash is so prominent here. It makes you second guess your choice if you intend to install laminate countertops with a built-in backsplash. Because a built-in backsplash can’t create a dramatic contrast like this.

And if you think it’s impossible to have an undermount sink in a laminate countertop, think again. See how this island was perfectly made with a laminate countertop and an undermount sink.

11. Soapstone Sequoia Laminate Countertops with Decorative Edges Without Connecting to The Backsplash

soapstone sequoia laminate countertops with decorative edges without connecting to the backsplash
soapstone sequoia laminate countertops with decorative edges without connecting to the backsplash. image © formica.com

This classic kitchen has a conventional color scheme, but somehow it doesn’t look boring. Maybe because of the rich textures, patterns, and designs incorporated here.

The only thing that brings out a modern vibe in this kitchen is the backsplash in lime green color.

The backsplash is not connected to the laminate countertop, creating a different character. The countertop itself is 3459 Soapstone Sequoia patter that comes in a honed finish.

At first, people would think that this is a soapstone countertop because they both really look alike. The pale beige color of the countertop complements the brown cabinetry, which is completed with metal hardware.

The cabinets are put against a white wall. Together, they deliver a classic appearance.

The countertop is also equipped with New IdealEdge, a decorative edge exclusive by Formica that creates a fresh look to laminate countertops, and even to islands and work tables.

This curved and rounded edge makes the countertop look more solid but stylish at the same time.

See how the veiny counter and the square-shaped tile backsplash contradict each other. That’s the benefit you get if you have a different laminate countertop and backsplash.

12. Calacatta Marble Laminate Countertop with Aegean Edge and Gray Subway Tile Backsplash

calacatta marble laminate countertop with aegean edge and gray subway tile backsplash
calacatta marble laminate countertop with aegean edge and gray subway tile backsplash. image © ace cabinet center

Despite the fact that this traditional kitchen has a neutral color scheme, a combination of white and gray, it looks anything but plain.

It’s because the designer managed to coordinate every element here perfectly, doing some mix and matches to deliver a sleek and polished look with clean lines.

The countertop and the backsplash are totally different. It seems that the designer wanted to create a subtle contrast.

Even though they both complement each other when it comes to shades, the pattern is very much different. This delivers an ultimate look of laminate countertops without a backsplash.

The backsplash is subway tile in gray color. Gray and white complete each other. They both create a stylish and minimalist style.

It is a Formica FX Calacatta Marble laminate countertop with Aegean Edge. From its name, we can conclude that this laminate counter is supposed to imitate Calacatta marble, the top countertop material that is often used in luxurious kitchens.

The edge is the typical design of Formica. It has a bit of round-over at the top and bottom, which gives a solid look. This kind of edge is meant to match the toe-kick molding at the bottom of the cabinets.

13. Espirito Santo Laminate Countertop that Looks Like Granite Without Backsplash

espirito santo laminate countertop that looks like granite without backsplash
espirito santo laminate countertop that looks like granite without backsplash. image © formica.com

Many people think that this I-shaped kitchen is completed with granite countertops, while actually, it is a laminate one.

This one, again, is from Formica Group. It is Espirito Santo 180fx which comes in a light brown shade with the pattern that granite usually has.

Unfortunately, this pattern was discontinued. If you’re interested, you can go for Formica’s Antique Mascarello 180fx, which has a similar pattern.

The backsplash is clear, which means that there is no sign that the laminate countertop is expanded to that area. Instead of being made of the same material, this backsplash is finished in white that blends seamlessly to the wall around.

This way, the backsplash, and the walls have become a perfect background for the dark brown cabinetry and light brown laminate countertop.

The countertop has a Marbella edge, the softly angled edge that adds more point in the kitchen. It is also finished in Radiance, a finish that delivers a subtle glossy look to the surface.

It will look even better when it is highlighted by the soft glow from the artificial lights. The lights will be reflected on the surface and enhance the luxurious look.

14. Travertine Silver Perimeter and Breccia Paradiso Island Laminate Countertops Without Connecting to The Backsplash

travertine silver perimeter and breccia paradiso island laminate countertops without connecting to the backsplash
travertine silver perimeter and breccia paradiso island laminate countertops without connecting to the backsplash. image © formica.com

There are two different countertops in this kitchen. It is recommended if you have an open floor plan or a bigger kitchen, so the differences in textures, colors, and patterns don’t make the kitchen look crammed.

The countertops on the perimeter are laminate Formica Travertine Silver 180fx, which from its name, we can see that this counter is supposed to mimic travertine. The countertops on the island, on the other hand, are laminate Formica 3457 Breccia Paradiso.

Both of them have Bullnose IdealEdge, one of the popular edges for Formica laminate countertops.

It’s obvious that the countertop on the island is used as a focal point because it is richer and more attractive than the one on the perimeter. It has many colors making up its unique pattern, ad it can take on different looks in different lights.

The countertop on the perimeter is meant to be simple because it is used as a backdrop for the backsplash. The backsplash is different from the laminate countertops, because they don’t come from the same manufacturer.

The laminate countertops are without backsplash.

The backsplash is simply white, but you see the geometrical pattern tiled backsplash in the back of the stove with a nice border. It looks pop against the black appliance and at the same time complements the travertine laminate countertop.

15. Lava Flow Formica Laminate Countertop in Black Color Without Backsplash

lava flow formica laminate countertop in black color without backsplash
lava flow formica laminate countertop in black color without backsplash. image © formica.com

What’s more classic than a black and white color scheme in a traditional kitchen?

One of the best ways to incorporate black and white is through the backsplash and the countertops. It is even possible if the countertop is laminate, which is believed should come with a built-in backsplash.

See this laminate countertop. It is totally not attached to the backsplash because the backsplash is made of different materials and in a different color.

The countertop is Formica Laminate Lava Flow that comes with subtle veining and lyrical movement. This laminate countertop represents the trend of soft stones.

This one has an etchings finish and an Ogee edge. It is a sculpted edge that is meant to give any laminate countertop an elegant finish. Ogee edge is one of the IdealEdge lines, an innovation of Formica that mimics the look of carved quartz or granite.

The backsplash, on the contrary, seems to be made of treated brick in white color. It has the rough texture of brick that looks in contrast to the polished laminate countertop.

The pattern is also totally different from the subtle veining of the countertop, adding more character to the kitchen.

The off-white cabinets also contrast the countertop, but not as dramatic as the backsplash, because the brick backsplash is in crisp and bright white, one shade lighter than the cabinets.

16. Best Types of Laminate Countertops Without Backsplash

Obviously, laminate countertops have long been considered a bargain choice, an inexpensive option when it comes to countertop material, especially if you purchase it without a backsplash.

The good thing is it can mimic any high-end material, from granite, soapstone, to marble.

Among many types of laminate countertop without backsplash, here are the best types:

  1. Pionite: Pionite laminate countertop without backsplash offers the common solid colors and wood grains. However, there’s also a product that mimics certain natural stones, complete with some patterns that look abstract. You can choose from many finishes, from textured matte finishes to shiny and sleek.
  2. Wilsonart: When choosing a laminate countertop without backsplash, people usually rely on Wilsonrart, one of the big names in laminate countertops. It has an HD (high definition) product line that delivers a laminate countertop with better visual depth without a backsplash. With AEON technology, these products are also equipped with antimicrobial protection. There are 36 options with different stone and wood lookalike patterns.
  3. Formica 180fx: You’ve seen many of the Formica products in the pictures above. It is the most dependable name in a laminate countertop without a backsplash. Right now, it has 32 different patterns available on the market with its 180fx series. The products have large-scale images of real, wood-grain, and natural stone pattern appearances. Formica also has IdealEdge options: square, clipped, or curved, eliminating the seam usually found in laminate countertops. Without a backsplash, formica laminate countertops can be paired with almost anything.