12 Accentuating Exterior Trim Colors for Beige Houses to Create a Well-coordinated Look

12 Accentuating Exterior Trim Colors For Beige Houses

Choosing an accentuating exterior trim for a beige house seems easy, but actually, it’s quite a challenging task.

It’s because, unlike white as a neutral color, beige should be treated carefully.

It may be just another variation of white, but most beige houses are not simply just off-white. They’re more like a light tan.

Beige siding or exterior wall offers you a low-key and humble appearance when it comes to the exterior. It’s the kind of shade that won’t demand much attention but still has its own elegance.

The trim color should be carefully picked. There are only two options, a color that contrasts or complements the beige house.

Creating a contrast color between the beige siding and the trim will create a balanced look. This is a perfect choice if you want to incorporate such a classic combo, like black and white.

But since beige is one shade darker than white, if you’re going to create a perfect contrast, instead of real black, choose a shade that’s a few shades lighter than black, like dark brown, to match the beige house.

On the other hand, creating a complementary look is also an excellent option for a beige house. That’s the type of exterior trim color that blends seamlessly to the beige siding/wall, so it’s almost non-existent.

This kind of exterior trim color can just be seen at a certain time of the day when it’s highlighted by the sunlight.

Either way, here we’ve curated 12 accentuating exterior trim colors for a beige house for your inspiration. Whether it’s a contrasting or complementing exterior trim color, all of them create a well-coordinated look for a beige house:

1. Grayish Navy Blue Exterior Trim Color to Contrast the Beige House

grayish navy blue exterior trim color to contrast the beige house
grayish navy blue exterior trim color to contrast the beige house. image © havlicekbuilders.com

This traditional house features a tumbled stone exterior in beige color that perfectly matches the walls and siding.

The designer managed to coordinate everything in beige to keep everything simple yet elegant at the same time.

However, the iron ore windows deliver modern Tudor-style accents to this beige house.

The exterior window trim seems to be painted in Sherwin Williams – Cyberspace, which is actually a grayish navy blue shade. It’s actually a deep navy blue, but a tint of gray makes the trim look even darker it’s almost black.

The grayish navy exterior trim color, paired with the beige siding and stone, delivers a classic color combo. And such a combo can be an excellent canvas for any accent color you’ll add later.

In this Tudor house, it seems that the designer intended to keep everything simple and minimalist.

Even though they surely added an accent color in the end, it’s still natural color. See the dark tone wood front door with two medium tone wood columns on both sides.

The entrance is meant to be the focal point with beige siding and a grayish navy trim around. Yet, this focal point is natural instead of bold, the great option if you want to keep your exterior fresh and organic.

2. Benjamin Moore – Exterior Grade Black Painted Trim for a Three-story Beige House

benjamin moore - exterior grade black painted trim for a three-story beige house
benjamin moore – exterior grade black painted trim for a three-story beige house. image © finecraftcontractors.com

The silhouette of this house offers clean and sleek lines.

The hip and shingle roof delivers a traditional style, while the beige stucco exterior has a modern vibe. Thus, this three-story house has a perfect transitional style.

The beige on the exterior seems to be a custom mix that was done by A and F applicators. On the other hand, the trim was painted in regular paint, which is Benjamin Moore’s exterior grade black paint.

The result is the trim looks prominent with the simple black color that stands against the beige exterior.

The trim was painted to match the black windows and side door, which were purchased through Quality Window and Door. The garage doors are also finished in a similarly black color to create cohesion.

The combination of black exterior trim and beige stucco wall gives a modern contrast that’s minimalist yet still striking.

The front door is meant to be a different, accentuating element to complement the black and beige exterior.

The entry door is a LePage door, a kind of traditional french door that seems to be made of wood and stained to enhance the wood’s natural color. The wood tone is always the safest option to pair black and beige.

3. Crisp White Exterior Trim to Complement the Beige Siding in a Craftsman House

crisp white exterior trim to complement the beige siding in a craftsman house
crisp white exterior trim to complement the beige siding in a craftsman house. image © idfstudio.com

If you want to make a soft and sweet color scheme for your exterior, it’s recommended to stick with bright neutral shades.

This two-story craftsman house has the right sweet look that will remind you of the houses in a children’s storybook.

The color coordination is just perfect. Who knew that crisp white can be the best pair for a beige house?

White trim can look pop against the beige siding, but not in a dramatic way like black does. White is meant to liven up the entire exterior and, at the same time, soften the beige.

If you’re not sure what to pair your beige siding, always stick to white. This is the kind of shade that will never disappoint you when it comes to accent.

As a neutral color, white can work well with anything. But if you juxtapose white with other soft neutral shades, like beige or light tan, the combination will give a calm and inviting look.

The stone wall makes a perfect decoration on this exterior. After all, stone can make other shades and elements look more natural. And in a bright neutral color scheme, a stone wall can subtly accentuate the whole exterior.

4. Cream Exterior Trim in a Beige House to Match the Eagle Window – Linen

cream exterior trim in a beige house to match the eagle window - linen
cream exterior trim in a beige house to match the eagle window – linen. image © psdab.com

What perfect color coordination in a beach-style house. This one has an exterior that’s not intimidating with too many stark white shades.

Instead of white, the designer finished almost all exterior parts in beige, the best alternative of beach style color for white.

Beige is warmer and more calming. Look how the beige exterior complements the similarly calming colored roof. The light brown gambrel roof blends seamlessly with the exterior wall and the trim.

The designer said the exterior trim was a custom color to match the Eagle Window – Linen. It’s almost impossible to see from this angle, but the windows are actually completed with shutters, and the shutters are PVC with V-groove and also painted similarly to the trim.

The great thing is, instead of painting the bold and accentuating color on the front door, the designer decided to add an accent on the first floor’s siding.

On the lower floor, the siding seems to be made of the wood panel in a medium tone. As a naturally brown element, wood can be a perfect element to complement the beige and cream color scheme.

With medium tone wood, the exterior looks put-together and well-coordinated.

5. Blue Exterior Trim as a Pop of Color in a French Country Beige House

blue exterior trim as a pop of color in a french country beige house
blue exterior trim as a pop of color in a french country beige house. image © cvgarchitects.com

It may be a bit uncommon, but it turns out that a beige house looks fantastic when it is paired with blue exterior trim.

In this french country house, the walls seem to be made of stucco and stones in beige color, which is actually good if you want to keep your exterior humble.

However, the designer thought it would be a waste if such canvas wasn’t paired with a bright color. That’s why the exterior trim was painted blue.

Actually, it is not a traditional blue that looks a bit dark. This is a kind of greenish-blue, a teal color that can brighten up the whole look.

Despite the fact that teal can absolutely create a fun contrast to the beige siding, it is used wisely on this exterior. It’s because too much application of bright accent color in a beige house will only ruin the classic and timeless look.

So, if you’re going to add a bold color, too, for your exterior trim, make sure that the trim is thin and simple, not the craftsman trim that surely will attract too much attention.

6. Grayish Brown Farrow & Ball – Mouse’s Black Exterior Trim Color in a Multicolored Beige House

grayish brown farrow & ball - mouse’s black exterior trim color in a multicolored beige house
grayish brown farrow & ball – mouse’s black exterior trim color in a multicolored beige house. image © rillarchitects.com

Instead of painting the entire exterior in beige, the designer used multicolor paint to create a decorative look.

This classic house is painted in Farrow and Ball – Stony Ground, while the trim is in Farrow and Ball – Mouse’s Back.

Mouse’s back is actually a grayish brown shade, a kind of shade that will subtly contrast the beige siding or stucco wall but complement it, too, at the same time.

The color combination delivers a soft and muted scheme, but it’s perfect for a traditional exterior that doesn’t want to go big and flashy.

Again, the stone wall is used to complete the beige wall exterior and neutral-colored trim. You can always rely on stone, any kind of real stone, if you want to make your beige house look less plain and boring.

Stone element is an alternative for a bold accent color. With this, you can always choose neutral shades for your siding, trim, and even front door.

The front door in this house, on the other hand, seems to be finished in the dark shade, which is meant to contrast the entire exterior color scheme.

7. Sherwin Williams – Rockwood Dark Brown Exterior Trim Paint Color to Accentuate a Beige House

sherwin williams - rockwood dark brown exterior trim paint color to accentuate a beige house
sherwin williams – rockwood dark brown exterior trim paint color to accentuate a beige house. image © bc custom construction

Black and white are known as timeless color combinations that can fit any home design. However, sometimes the black and white combo is just too mainstream.

Opt for the beige and dark brown combo if you want to create a better alternative that’s less cliché but still dramatic.

Beige is actually another variation of white but a bit darker with a touch of brown. So to create a dramatic contrast, don’t pair it with black. Make the black a few shades brighter, which makes it dark brown.

Beige and dark brown is the new black and white. It’s soft and delivers a cozy nuance.

This elegant two-story beige house is painted in Sherwin Williams – Restrained Gold SW6129, while the trim is in Sherwin Williams – Rokwood Dark Brown SW 2808.

Since the roof is visible from the front yard, the designer found it important to match it with the trim. The dark brown trim and roof create a consistent look, making the house look less boring with a striking dark shade.

Similar to the previous pictures, the stone is also used on the wall to tie everything together. It’s obvious that stone is a must-have element for beige houses, delivering a lovely and organic look.

8. Pratt & Lambert – Zinc Exterior Color with Semi-Gloss Finish in a Beige House

pratt & lambert - zinc exterior color with semi-gloss finish in a beige house
pratt & lambert – zinc exterior color with semi-gloss finish in a beige house. image © blakeshawhomes.com

This mid-century house features brick exterior walls that were finished in beige color.

The bricks were painted in Sherwin Williams – Wool Skein with a flat finish. The result is sleek and polished, especially under direct sunlight. It pulls off a traditional look to this house, similar to the shingle roof in dark shade.

The trim color is from Pratt and Lambert, Zinc, which is a tan color with a slight dark olive in it. The mixture creates an earth-tone shade that goes perfectly well with the beige brick walls.

This is the kind of shade that most people usually use in a modern design. Thus, combined with the traditionally beige brick walls, the elements of this exterior deliver a perfect transitional design.

To create a contrast, the arched front door, along with the shutters, are painted a few shades darker from the trim. This way, they look to pop against the beige wall, but not too prominent.

The black element is added on the railing of the front stairs, which seems to be made of stone. Another stone element in a beige house.

Building front stairs out of stone is a greater alternative than building a stone wall to incorporate a stone element. It will make your entrance looks more striking, especially with the right light and dark shade combination as a backdrop.

9. Poly Aluminum Trim Coil by Alside in Bronze for the Exterior of a Traditional Beige House

poly aluminum trim coil by alside in bronze for the exterior of a traditional beige house
poly aluminum trim coil by alside in bronze for the exterior of a traditional beige house. image © mainstreetdesignbuild.com

This used to be a plain bungalow before it was transformed into a stunning cottage with more recent exterior detail, including a lovely front porch that matches the roofline, energy-efficient Pella windows in “Tan” color, red shutters, and the Certainteed Landmark shingle roof in Weathered Wood color.

The designer also added window boxes with similar corbels to the exterior and the pleated copper roofing on the brick wall window. The siding is Certainteed Cedar Impression Vinyl Shake in Buckskin color.

FYI, it’s a perfect replica of cedar. So if you think cedar is too expensive for you or simply not your preference for an exterior, it’s recommended to use Vinyl Shake instead.

The trim of the window is Poly Aluminum Trim Coil by Alside with Bronze #92 color, and it’s the same with the gutter.

Unlike the previous beige houses that usually stick with just one or at least two colors for the exterior, this house looks more “colorful”, especially with the brick wall on one side and limestone wall original to the post-war era on the other side.

The black color creates an edgy look but, at the same time, makes the exterior look humble.

10. Farrow & Ball – Dix Blue Exterior Trim Color that Goes with a Beige Brick House

farrow & ball - dix blue exterior trim color that goes with a beige brick house
farrow & ball – dix blue exterior trim color that goes with a beige brick house. image © bfmarch.com

If you have a traditional house, but you think that plain beige with similar trim is overrated, you can try using this accent color.

For some, it may be a bit odd to paint a traditional Tudor house in colors other than neutral shades. Nevertheless, this house proves otherwise. It turns out that grayish blue can accentuate the beige brick exterior in a more modern way but doesn’t make the house look less traditional.

The brick is painted, and the homeowner selected the color. The designer’s pretty sure that this color is Farrow and Ball’s Oxford Stone.

The trim is also painted in Farrow and Ball but in a Dix Blue color. See how the gable is also painted in a similar color.

The front door may look similar, but it’s actually painted in a slightly different color, which is Farrow and Ball – Blue Ground. The awning over the door is also finished in the same color to create cohesion.

Look how perfectly the designer incorporated an accent color. It’s only the trim, but every single element in this exterior other than the body and the roof is painted in that one specific shade. It makes the bold color looks pop but does not overwhelm the entire look because it’s used accordingly.

11. Benjamin Moore – Middlebury Brown Exterior Trim Color in a Mixed Siding Beige House

benjamin moore - middlebury brown exterior trim color in a mixed siding beige house
benjamin moore – middlebury brown exterior trim color in a mixed siding beige house. iamge © erin gilbert benchmark realty llc

Beige siding or exterior wall is indeed a great option if you want to achieve a traditional look. However, using the beige exterior wall for a traditional house may be a bit too common for some.

Basically, there are many options you can explore to get the best alternative. One of them is creating a mixed siding.

This two-story traditional house has a lovely mixed siding that seemed a bit counterproductive at first. It’s because the natural color of brick looks clashed against the beige exterior wall.

Yet, you can look at this house again after a while, and the nuance changes a bit. It’s the clashing shade that makes it whimsical and unique.

The first floor of this house has brick walls that match the front stairs.

The upper floor is painted in beige with trim in Benjamin Moore – Middlebury Brown. The Middlebury Brown is also used to paint the columns, ceiling trim, and railing, along with the shutters on both floors.

It proves that brown is not only suitable for beige walls but also for brick walls.

12. Black and White Color for the Roof and Window Exterior Trim in a Beige Beach-Style House

black and white color for the roof and window exterior trim in a beige beach-style house
black and white color for the roof and window exterior trim in a beige beach-style house. image © bowleybuilders.com

Beach style is often associated with stark white color combined with blue or green to represent oceans.

On the contrary, this two-story is a bit different. Instead of stark white, the body is painted in a custom blend shade that creates a perfect beige.

The unique thing is that the designer painted two different trims in two different shades.

The roof trim is actually painted in a basic white color. On the other hand, the window trim was done in a custom color to match the windows, which are operable casement windows (on the first floor) from Andersen, the A-series in black color.

The gambrel roof is also finished in black color to match window trim.

Basically, there are only two shades used in this exterior, black and beige. Even though beige will be more perfect if it’s paired with dark brown instead of black, if you want to create a mysterious look with a bit of edgy style, black is always the answer.

There is not even an accent color. The front door is also painted black, matching the window trim and the roof. Such a great way to create cohesion.

After all, this is the best color scheme if you want to stay simple and minimalist, and at the same time, want to add a touch of elegance in a fun beach-style look.


Even though a beige exterior can be an excellent backdrop for many accent colors, it turns out that most beige houses are completed with neutral exterior trim colors.

Maybe it would be too much for the exterior if we used a bold and bright color for the exterior.

Most of the exterior trim colors we’ve just seen are either in white, black, brown, gray, or other shades with a touch of gray in them. It shows that despite the style you’ve chosen for your exterior, be it beach style, craftsman, traditional, or the Mediterranean, it’s better to stick with a simple color scheme when it comes to beige siding/exterior wall.

If you want to add a splash of color on the trim, make sure it is soft and slightly muted to create an elegant and sophisticated look. Bold accent colors are clearly not for the exterior trim.

If you want to add an accent in a beige house, it is better to paint it on the front door.

So, the trim is not the element to create a focal point. On the contrary, the trim is supposed to blend with the siding, no matter if it’s painted in a contrasting color, because even if it’s a contrasting color, it’s still in a neutral shade.

So it’s safe to say that the trim and the beige house serve as a canvas for a brilliant front door.

Don’t forget to consult with the painter too. Even though you have the specific color code and manufacturer for the paint stated above, chances are the output is not 100% the same as the pictures shown above because the lighting and the camera make them look different.

Always ask for a sample before you start painting your exterior.