12 Nice-looking Quartz Countertops with Oak Cabinets for Your Kitchen

12 Nice Looking Quartz Countertops With Oak Cabinets

When designing a home, choosing colors and materials are essential parts that you should never take easy.

That is why it is important to pick the suitable material and tone for your cabinets in the kitchen.

For materials, oak is one of the best woods often used for furniture, especially cabinets.

Oak cabinets will never fail to give you a classic and elegant look.

Yet, what’s the best pair for an oak cabinet?

It’s undeniable that quartz countertops are a perfect match for oak cabinets.

Now, all you have to do is select the right color quartz to bring out the beautiful characteristics of your whimsical oak. Moreover, the oak cabinets can be stained too! So your design opportunities are practically endless.

Below are the pictures of oak cabinets and quartz countertops that basically follow these simple rules:

  1. Golden hues to brighten up the room: Oak cabinets with golden hues are perfect to be paired with a lighter quartz countertop. The airy and light aesthetic of the combination makes the natural characteristics of the oak stand out, while at the same time still achieving a sense of cohesiveness and balance.
  2. Darker hues with patterned quartz: There are also darker stained oak cabinets that can be paired with patterned quartz to complement each other. The quartz countertops’ soothing and warm pattern can tie a room together. Plus, it also offers an opportunity for you to experiment with other elements, like decorative pieces, to reveal your personal taste.
  3. Sleek white quartz countertops with grainy oak cabinets: Oak features a unique wood grain that gives a special look to your cabinets. Focusing on the oak’s particular grain knots or patterns will add to the room’s presence. The visual focal point of the wood grain is usually strong horizontal lines. That one will look pop against the sleek white quartz countertops. The achieved effect would be thoughtful and polished because the countertop seems to hover in the kitchen elegantly.

For a more detailed look, you can check out these pictures below:

1. White Quartz Countertops with Hickory Oak Cabinets in a Farmhouse Kitchen

white quartz countertops with hickory oak cabinets in a farmhouse kitchen
white quartz countertops with hickory oak cabinets in a farmhouse kitchen. image © kimberleykayinteriors.com

These cabinets are made of hickory oak with its grainy characteristic.

To make the grainy pop, it is recommended to use a sleek white countertop. The white quartz countertop can be used as a canvas to highlight the character of the oak.

Moreover, it seems that the cabinets here are unfinished.

The natural look of hickory oak wood, combined with polished white quartz countertops, white farmhouse sink, and crisp white backsplash, will give an illusion of a bigger room. Plus, these elements can also give a neat vibe to the kitchen.

Unfinished oak cabinets are indeed traditional. It will give you a classic look that will never go out of style. On the other hand, the sleek white quartz countertop has a modern style.

A neutral color will always give you a touch of a modern look.

The unfinished oak cabinets and white quartz top deliver a flawless timeless look when combined together.

2. Reclaimed Oak Shelving Cabinet with Calacatta Miel Quartz Countertops

reclaimed oak shelving cabinet with calacatta miel quartz countertops
reclaimed oak shelving cabinet with calacatta miel quartz countertops. image © advancedesignstudio.com

These cabinets here are basically from Dura Supreme Cabinetry, and there is no detailed information about the material used.

The oak cabinets are the shelving. According to the designer, the shelving cabinets are made of reclaimed oak.

The dark tone oak shelving cabinets, are combined with black metal supports. They both look contrast against the polished white subway tile backsplash.

There are three different colors in the base cabinets for the countertops.

One of them is Calacatta Miel Quartz. This white quartz has a perfect marble look, creating an elegant look in the kitchen’s perimeter.

The top below the oak shelving cabinets also seems to be made of quartz but with a darker tone to match the dark oak shelves above.

Using a different color of quartz countertops like this will add more depth and character to your kitchen. This is a recommended way to decorate your kitchen if you have a larger space.

3. Milk Oak Cabinets with Calacatta Lincoln Quartz Countertops

milk oak cabinets with calacatta lincoln quartz countertops
milk oak cabinets with calacatta lincoln quartz countertops. image © primerenovationsnyc.com

The tone of these oak cabinets is so light that it is called “milk”. It creates a subtle contrast to the crisp white color surround.

Here, the light tone oak cabinetry is basically an accent, similar to the stools and the wood floor.

This color combination is ideal if you want to achieve a modern kitchen with a clean vibe.

The designer opted for Calacatta Lincoln quartz countertops for the cabinets and the kitchen island to create a consistent and uniform look.

This countertop delivers sleek and stylish, which are basically some key elements in a modern design. The solid white color serves as a lovely backdrop for the oak cabinetry.

4. Creamy White Quartz Countertops Combined with Medium tone Oak Cabinets

creamy white quartz countertops combined with medium tone oak cabinets
creamy white quartz countertops combined with medium tone oak cabinets. image © betty + co design and consulting

The vertical lines in the oak cabinetry add more texture to this kitchen.

It seems that the designer used a transparent stain to finish the cabinets. That is the best way to show the natural character of oak wood.

Like the designer of the previous design, the designer also followed the basic rule of combining oak cabinets with quartz countertop: use a sleek white countertop paired with unfinished oak wood cabinets. It is to make sure that the oak’s characteristic is highlighted perfectly.

The great thing is, the oak cabinetry blends seamlessly with the dark walnut planked floor. Both elements create a continuous look, make the kitchen look bigger than it actually is.

Using wood as a dominant element won’t make it look too rustic. It all depends on the type of wood and the finish you choose. In fact, this kitchen looks more modern than rustic.

The creamy white countertops here run along the kitchen’s perimeter and are used for the island too. It is clear the top is used to accentuate the kitchen, so it doesn’t look too plain with the uniformed look of light tone wood.

5. Rift Sawn White Oak Cabinets with 2 cm Beige Quartz Countertops

rift sawn white oak cabinets with 2 cm beige quartz countertops
rift sawn white oak cabinets with 2 cm beige quartz countertops. image © darkhorsewoodworks.com

This elegant cabinetry is made of rift sawn white oak, veneered and grained to match the surrounding. It is finished with a clear satin lacquer, so it looks well polished like this.

Moreover, the designer also added some downlights in the cabinets, which prettily accentuate the sheen look of this cabinet.

The beige-colored quartz countertop was installed for the cabinets and the island to highlight the matte and grainy oak cabinetry.

Basically, if you want to emphasize the grainy character of the oak cabinets, you’ll use a polished white countertop as its pair. However, since the grain here is barely visible, the designer used a not too white top either. It is more beige than white, and it has 2cm thickness to complete the cabinets perfectly.

The quartz countertops have black veins in their pattern. When combined with the horizontal lines in the oak cabinets, they both add more texture and depth to the entire look of this kitchen.

6. Quarter Sawn Oak Cabinets with Black Countertops for an Ultra Modern Look

quarter sawn oak cabinets with black countertops for an ultra modern look
quarter sawn oak cabinets with black countertops for an ultra modern look. image © michaelmerrill.com

As stated before, wood cannot be exclusively claimed as a key element of one particular design.

As a timeless material, wood can be used in a rustic, traditional, or even a transitional look. It’s how you match the wood and decorate the entire room that creates a specific look.

You see that wood can also be used in an ultra-modern look.

To achieve a stylish look like this, you need a quarter sawn oak cabinetry in a light tone and vertical-lined pattern. That type of wood and finish will create a simple and minimalist look, which is essential for a modern look.

The light tone oak wood should also be paired with a dark-colored countertop. This modern kitchen features black countertops that somehow match the floor and the stainless steel appliances.

The floor, the tops, the appliances, and the cabinets are tied together to create a sleek and neat vibe.

7. Rift Cut White Oak Cabinets with Polished Black and White Quartz Countertops

rift cut white oak cabinets with polished black and white quartz countertops
rift cut white oak cabinets with polished black and white quartz countertops. image © bypopov.com

Even though a white crisp quartz countertop is usually paired with rich textured oak cabinets, you can also use a white top for a rift-cut white oak with a matte and polished finish like this.

This oak cabinetry may lack grain and character, but its matte medium tone offers a sleek and clean look, perfect for you who like minimalist design.

A white quartz countertop like this is used as a pop of color.

Basically, there are two colors of tops here, black and white. Black is used for the base cabinet in the perimeter of the kitchen, while the white quartz top is for the island in the center of the room.

Black and white tops here are meant to be functional and decoration. A blacktop like this is commonly used to hide stains and scratches during meal preparation. While the color combo is useful to add color to this all-wood design.

8. Contrasting the Crisp White Quartz Countertops with Dark Stained White Oak Cabinets

contrasting the crisp white quartz countertops with dark stained white oak cabinets
contrasting the crisp white quartz countertops with dark stained white oak cabinets. image © lloyd-arch.com

Rift cut is used to get the parallel grain structure to the oak wood like this. It will add more depth and texture to the entire cabinetry. As if that wasn’t enough, these white oak cabinets are also dark stained.

Basically, the stains are black and gray, even though both of them deliver an elegance of dark colors perfectly.

It may be a bit uncommon to stain your oak cabinets like this because most people would prefer to use natural oak wood or unfinished one in order to highlight the natural character of the wood.

Yet, staining it can also be a good idea to match the style of your room.

This kitchen has a modern ranch style. Thus, it will be out of place if there is unfinished oak cabinetry in it.

The crisp white quartz countertops here are meant to complement the dark-stained oak.

The combination of black (dark) and white is commonly used to enhance modern design. Moreover, both elements, the cabinets and the tops, are finished with a sleek look.

What an ideal pair to create a modern ranch style.

9. Gray Stained Red Oak Cabinets with Quartz Countertops in a Contemporary Kitchen

gray stained red oak cabinets with quartz countertops in a contemporary kitchen
gray stained red oak cabinets with quartz countertops in a contemporary kitchen. image © eaglerivercabinets.com

Even though this picture shows rather brown cabinetry, this one, in fact, was stained in gray color.

The gray is so light and soft that it blends seamlessly with the light wood floor.

The stained oak cabinets give a warm look to this kitchen, making it look inviting and polished at the same time.

In order to maintain the polished and simple look, the designer combined the oak cabinetry with off-white colored quartz countertops.

Soft gray cabinets look perfect when paired with off-white tops like this. Yet, both neutral colors are similarly in a light tone.

Thus, the backsplash was carefully selected in metal finish to accentuate the soft color palette in this kitchen.

All elements here ideally depict a contemporary style.

10. Oak Shaker Style Cabinets with Florida Quartzite Countertops

oak shaker style cabinets with florida quartzite countertops
oak shaker style cabinets with florida quartzite countertops. image © msaofsa.com

Even though the soft color palette is warm and such, an all-white design is more popular when it comes to decoration. It is because white can create an illusion of a larger room and make it look brighter.

It is easier for us to choose the decoration for accents if the basic decor is white like this.

This shaker cabinetry is made of oak that is stained in bright white color.

In order to create a lovely contrast, the dark-colored countertops were chosen to match the cabinets. Those tops are Florida Quartzite countertops that look sheen and polished.

Black and white are indeed an ideal combination for a modern look.

Yet, since this is more transitional than modern, the designer added some accents too.

The gold hardware in the cabinets adds an elegant touch to them. The white cabinets in the perimeter feature a black top.

On the other hand, the island is quite the opposite. It has a dark stained base, while the top is a white quartz with blue veins pattern.

11. French White Oak Cabinets with Coastal Style Quartz Countertops

french white oak cabinets with coastal style quartz countertops
french white oak cabinets with coastal style quartz countertops. image © julierootes.com

Modern, traditional, contemporary, and transitional, are the common designs you’ve seen above, with a perfect combination of oak cabinets and quartz countertops.

So, what about beach style? This kitchen has it!

As stated before, wood is a timeless element used in any design. If you want to achieve a beach-style look, you just have to finish your oak cabinetry in a very light stain.

If you are wondering, the wood species used for the cabinets here is French white oak. The common wood type is usually opted for to achieve a light tone look.

All the cabinets and the island are made of the same oak and finished with the same stain. They create a nice flow and consistent look to the entire area.

And to highlight the beach style, the designer used a sleek white-colored quartz countertop.

The designer used the same tops for the cabinets in the perimeter of the kitchen and on the island to give a bright and fun look, which is a key element to a beach style.

12. Horizontal Grain Oak Base Cabinets with Cambria Quartz Countertops

horizontal grain oak base cabinets with cambria quartz countertops
horizontal grain oak base cabinets with cambria quartz countertops. image © jrpdesignandremodel.com

This is another stained white cabinet to create a contemporary look.

However, unlike the previous picture, the white stain is finished with a glossy look. It enhances the brightness in the room.

We all know that white can make the room look brighter. Yet, when the white color is finished in a glossy look like this, the glow from the lights can be reflected on the surface, making the kitchen look much brighter with a clean vibe.

The base cabinets here, on the other hand, are made of horizontal grain oak.

Using different finish for the upper and base cabinets are a smart way to add depth and character to your kitchen. It turns out that the grainy oak looks flawless paired with the polished white color.

The gray Cambria quartz countertops bridge the natural look of wood and white color.

The tops here are meant as an accent. But, placing the gray tops right above the base oak cabinets indeed delivers a sophisticated appearance.

13. Best Quartz Countertops Color for Oak Cabinets

From the pictures above, we can finally see that mostly, the quartz countertops are in a neutral color, either in light or dark hues.

Even though it is not mentioned above, here are the details of the best colors of lighter and darker quartz countertops that you can choose to match your oak cabinets:

1. Light Hues

  • Lagoon: There are two types of lagoon quartz here:
    • Silestone: This is a mixture of strong natural stones and quartz. Silestone is known as a perfect surface material for countertops.
    • Silestone Lagoon: For a neat vibe, opt for this quartz color. Normally, it has an almost white base, flecked with veins of gray and tiny spots of cream. It creates a neutralizer for dark tones of other kitchen elements. Due to its white color, this quartz can give an illusion of a larger room while delivering a modern and neat vibe.
  • London Grey: This quartz has an off-white tone with a bit of gray. This color will give your oak cabinet an edgy vibe. Kitchens with this countertop can have an aesthetic look because London grey quartz color can also give you a granite-look effect.
  • Helix: This color will give you a marble-like look. This quartz is filled with veins in dark hues. It is perfect for you that want to combine traditional and contemporary looks in your kitchen.
  • Lyra: It is another type of Silestone, near the colors of Snowby Ibiza, White Arabesque, and Pearl Jasmine. It has a white base with grayish lines and soft veins.

2. Dark Hues

  • Eternal Marquina: Bold color like this can give you a dramatic look for your countertops. It has ebony and rich base with white and smooth marbling that looks perfect when combined with oak cabinets.
  • Coastal gray: This is also known as Caesarstone. It gives a traditional granite look to your countertops with its dark gray base accentuated with black and white strokes. Dark as its dominant tone gives a strong character to the countertop and empowers your kitchen at the same time. When combined with oak cabinets, both will create a timeless rustic look.