13+ Stylish Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets for a Versatile Look

13  Stylish Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets

We all know that dark gray color is a neutral shade.

Similar to black, this shade is timeless and versatile. It is a safe option for many homeowners and interior designers.

With a variety of different tones, dark gray kitchen cabinets can be either color or warm, making it easy to combine with many countertop materials, backsplash designs, and appliance finishes.

Whether you have a traditional or contemporary cooking space, dark gray cabinets go well with almost all kitchen styles and cabinet designs.

For some, dark gray may seem too trendy for a traditional kitchen because dark shades are often associated with minimalist style, which is a key to a modern or a contemporary look.

However, dark gray cabinets can still be applied in a conventional style kitchen. All you have to do is just pick the right timeless elements to combine the cabinets with.

Here are fourteen stylish dark gray kitchen cabinets for a versatile look in various kitchen designs:

1. Combination of Dark Gray Cabinets and Light Gray Walls

combination of dark gray cabinets and light gray walls
combination of dark gray cabinets and light gray walls. image © durasupreme.com

This dark gray cabinetry perfectly combines a modern and traditional style. Hence, a transitional kitchen.

The designer managed to pair the dark gray cabinets with light gray walls and white subway tile backsplash to create a neutral background for the bold teal blue accent throughout the kitchen’s design.

The dark gray cabinets bring out the intense and vibrant color of teal, which is actually the homeowners’ favorite color.

If you are wondering, these cabinets were painted in Dura Supreme – Storm Gray. This is the kind of paint you should go for if you like contrasting dark and light finishes. Storm Gray color nicely combines lighter paint and stain finish.

2. Dark Gray Cabinets and Island Paired with Crisp White Countertops

dark gray cabinets and island paired with crisp white countertops
dark gray cabinets and island paired with crisp white countertops. image © aji.co.uk

Even though dark gray color delivers a neutral canvas like black, a timeless shade perfect for a traditional kitchen, this cooking zone has a contemporary look with a trendy design.

This kitchen elegantly combines very dark gray cabinets, which seem almost black and crisp white countertops.

A combination of black and white is always associated with modern designs. However, that color combo is way too common. If you want something unusual, you can use dark gray as an alternative to black.

The dark gray cabinets in this kitchen don’t make the space look darker and smaller. It is because this is an open concept kitchen with a huge amount of natural light that comes from the doors. Plus, the basic color for this kitchen is crisp white, which comes from the floor, the walls, and even the ceiling.

If you have a similar kitchen, it would be best to add a dark accent color to create a nice contrast.

3. Raised Panel Dark Gray Cabinets with Black Granite Countertop

raised panel dark gray cabinets with black granite countertop
raised panel dark gray cabinets with black granite countertop. image © dreammaker-remodel.com

The color combination in this traditional kitchen is adorable. The dark gray cabinets are paired with black countertops, while the beige walls and light gray backsplash are meant to be the canvas for the dark tones.

These cabinets are painted in Behr – Dark Truffle PPU5-19, while the countertops are granite in Cosmic Black color. The granite features off-white veins and streaks that somehow match the light gray marble backsplash.

Overall, the color scheme in this conventional kitchen is a combination of light and dark tones.

Yet, we never thought dark gray and black could be put side by side without making the kitchen too dark until we saw this lovely kitchen. The designer used light tones generously in this kitchen to avoid being too dark.

If you want to copy this color combo, make sure you also install huge windows in your kitchen to let natural lights in. This way, you don’t have to worry about the grim kitchen.

4. Inset Dark Gray Bronze from Porter Paint Cabinets Accentuated with Polished Nickel Bin Pulls

inset dark gray bronze from porter paint cabinets accentuated with polished nickel bin pulls
inset dark gray bronze from porter paint cabinets accentuated with polished nickel bin pulls. image © panageries.com

This is a traditional kitchen with a usual combination of dark and white shades.

The designer blended dark gray cabinets with a light gray countertop and white backsplash.

The cabinets are painted in Porter Paint – Gray Bronze #7092. The countertops are Luce Di Luna quartzite, while the backsplash is beveled subway Walker Zanger tile. The full inset cabinetry is accentuated with polished nickel bin pulls and cut glass knobs.

Those elements unify the dark and light shades perfectly.

As an accent, a medium tone wood floor can enhance the traditional look.

There is no bold accent color in this conventional kitchen. However, the navy blue stools seem to pop around this neutral canvas.

You should go for this type of kitchen if you like a monochromatic look with a subtle pop.

5. Shaker Cabinets in Dark Analytical Gray from Sherwin Williams with Oak Floor

shaker cabinets in dark analytical gray from sherwin williams with oak floor
shaker cabinets in dark analytical gray from sherwin williams with oak floor. image © sarahgreenman.com

Even though this kitchen features timeless elements like gray shade and dark wood floor, this one is not a traditional kitchen. Instead, this is a perfect eclectic kitchen. The patterned rug on the floor enhances the eclectic look.

It seems that the cabinets were painted in Sherwin Williams – Analytical Gray. The combination of dark gray and dark wood floor, which is an Oak floor with a Jacobean finish, will create a dark kitchen.

However, the designer installed beveled white subway tile from Home Depot to balance the dark look and create contrast at the same time.

Basically, this shaker cabinetry complements the dark oak floor, but contrasts the white subway tile.

The overall look of this kitchen is neutral and minimalist. The rug gives a lovely accent to the whole element.

6. Open Concept Kitchen with Dark Gray Cabinets that Matches the Sofa in the Living Room

open concept kitchen with dark gray cabinets that matches the sofa in the living room
open concept kitchen with dark gray cabinets that matches the sofa in the living room. image © megan buchanan

Even though this kitchen is basically small, it is located in an open concept area, a conjoined room between a kitchen and a living room. This way, it is safe to use dark color elements.

In this conjoined room, the dark gray cabinets match the sofa in the living room perfectly.

It is proof that the homeowners are not afraid to use dark-colored elements in this area, despite its small size. It is because the dark gray cabinets, along with the dark gray sofa, are combined with a white countertop, white walls, and medium tone wood floor.

Moreover, a glass wall on one side of this room matches the round glass table. Those are enough to brighten up the room and counter the darkening effect of the dark gray cabinets.

7. Glossy Dark Gray Cabinets in a Contemporary Kitchen

glossy dark gray cabinets in a contemporary kitchen
glossy dark gray cabinets in a contemporary kitchen. image © aprilandthebear.com

The comfortably cluttered kitchen features a contemporary look that is highlighted by the glossy dark gray cabinets.

Basically, the color scheme in this kitchen is not uncommon. The dark gray cabinets are paired with white countertops. That combo is considered a safe option for those who don’t really want to experiment much with colors.

What makes this kitchen attractive is the details. The silver accent from the pulls really accentuates the cabinets prettily. Plus, the silver-gray hanging shelves on the walls match the hardware, creating a cohesive look.

The beige walls serve as a neutral backdrop for the silver hanging shelves and the dark gray cabinets. It creates a subtle contrast to the crisp white countertop and the dark cabinets.

8. Dark Wood Floor and Dark Gray Cabinets in a Traditional Kitchen

dark wood floor and dark gray cabinets in a traditional kitchen
dark wood floor and dark gray cabinets in a traditional kitchen. image © revisionmn.com

This is an ideal example of a large classic kitchen with a dark wood floor and dark gray cabinets.

Since this is a grand area with an open concept plan, it is safe to use two dark elements, dark gray cabinets and dark wood floor. They won’t make the kitchen look smaller and dimmer.

However, the designer still combines them both with white solid surface countertops, white island, and white glass tile backsplash, along with white walls and a white ceiling to open up the room.

The great thing is, the dark elements in this kitchen are perfectly lit by the soft warm glow from the hanging lanterns over the kitchen island.

The basic color combo, dark and light shade like this, is always perfect for a conventional room design. You will always feel warm and inviting in this kind of ambiance, a perfect unison between light and dark contrast that creates a dynamic look.

9. Polished and Sleek Kitchen with Dark Gray Cabinets and Beige Floor

polished and sleek kitchen with dark gray cabinets and beige floor
polished and sleek kitchen with dark gray cabinets and beige floor. image © envisioncabinetryllc.com

This modern L-shaped kitchen features medium tone wood floor and flat-panel dark gray cabinets.

From the first glance, we can easily conclude that this is a polished and sleek kitchen with a minimalist design and no clutter.

The contrasting shade in this kitchen pulls off a modern vibe, highlighted by the matte finish for the cabinets and the sheen look of the countertops. The stainless steel appliances only add the modern element to this kitchen.

But, the thing that really pops in this cooking zone is the beige floor.

The designer decided that using a similarly bright white floor would only make the whole look of this kitchen too plain. That is why he used the alternative. Instead of white, beige will do.

10. Combination of Dark Gray and White in Lower and Upper Cabinets

combination of dark gray and white in lower and upper cabinets
combination of dark gray and white in lower and upper cabinets. image © adlsf.com

This two-tone cabinetry is the thing that you should go for if you want a perfect transitional design for your kitchen.

The upper cabinets are perfectly painted in crisp white that is accentuated with gold finish pulls. The upper cabinets look classy and elegant, a trendy look for a modern design.

On the other hand, the lower cabinets are painted in dark gray color. It seems pretty close to Sherwin Williams – Outerspace. The lower cabinets are accentuated by silver finish pulls and knobs.

We can see that the designer really did well to decorate this two-tone cabinetry. It is because a gold accent is indeed perfect for a light tone, like white, and a silver accent is, on the other hand, ideal for a dark tone.

The white countertops and stainless steel appliances, along with the medium tone wood floor, add more characters to this transitional kitchen.

11. Modern Kitchen with Flat Panel Dark Gray Cabinets and Stainless Steel Countertops

modern kitchen with flat panel dark gray cabinets and stainless steel countertops
modern kitchen with flat panel dark gray cabinets and stainless steel countertops. image © jdixonarchitect.com

This is a perfect example of a trendy open concept kitchen with flat panel dark gray cabinets. The dark cabinets are paired with stainless steel countertops and a lighter gray backsplash.

Basically, the main color in this kitchen is gray, with various shades.

Using stainless steel as a countertop material is indeed not a popular choice. However, you can try it to create a simple monochromatic look for your dark gray cabinets.

The stainless steel will provide a silver accent for your dark cabinets. You can also pair it with metal hardware in a silver tone to create a consistent look.

In this kitchen, we can see that gray kitchen is the room’s focal point.

The cabinets are floating in the middle of the room instead of being installed in the kitchen perimeter. The area is surrounded by light gray floors, white walls, and exposed posts and beams.

The mixture of design in this area makes it an ideal example of a contemporary design.

12. Elegant Dark Gray Cabinets from the Smoke Stain on a Maple Wood

elegant dark gray cabinets from the smoke stain on a maple wood
elegant dark gray cabinets from the smoke stain on a maple wood. image © cardell.com

This minimalist U-shaped kitchen features recessed panel dark gray cabinets that enhance the elegant look in this cooking zone.

We can see that the dark gray cabinets seem almost black, creating a neutral background for the surrounding.

If you are curious, all of them are Cardell Casorial kitchen cabinets finished in the Smoke stain. Those are made of maple wood.

Since the cabinets are stained instead of painted, we can still see the natural grain of maple on the surface.

This is the kind of look you can copy if you want to keep the wood’s natural grain in your cabinets. It will add more texture to your kitchen.

The gray backsplash is obviously the focal point of this kitchen. Its herringbone pattern gives more character to this kitchen, making it look richer.

In this picture, we can finally see that modern design doesn’t always have to be minimalist and simple.

You can still have a modern kitchen with various textures and patterns, as long as you keep the neutral color scheme with a metal accent to enhance the modernity.

13. Dark Gray Cabinets Paired with Mirrored Tile Backsplash

dark gray cabinets paired with mirrored tile backsplash
dark gray cabinets paired with mirrored tile backsplash. image © interiorintuitions.com

This dark gray cabinetry pulls off a trendy look, making the entire look of this kitchen elegant.

We can see many elements, finishes, textures, and patterns here in this spacious area.

As stated before, you should not be afraid to do some mix ’n matches in a modern kitchen, as long as you stick with the neutral colors.

The designer combined the dark gray cabinets with mirrored tile backsplash.

Glass and mirrors are two timeless elements that can be fit in any design. However, we can’t deny that mirror is often associated with modern design, due to its reflective character.

The stone wall, along with the walnut rustic antique floor, enriches the texture and tone of this kitchen.

The designer paired the dark gray cabinets with Lumix quarts countertops in beige color with brown veining to create a trendy accent. Both of them are in contrast. Yet, the cabinets perfectly match the gray quartz countertop on the large island.

14. Dark Gray Cabinets and Gray Tiled Backsplash in a Transitional Kitchen

dark gray cabinets and gray tiled backsplash in a transitional kitchen
dark gray cabinets and gray tiled backsplash in a transitional kitchen. image © rh-homes.com

In this picture, the color of the wall seems to be light gray. However, it is actually a light beige that perfectly contrasts the dark gray cabinetry.

The wall is painted in Benjamin Moore – Rocky Beach in semi-gloss finish. The cabinets are from the Westbridge brand with a Black Fox custom paint.

It is true that if you want to get a particular shade, especially a dark gray, it is better to custom paint and custom mix your cabinetry. This way, it will be easier for you to pair it with almost any color and shade.

These matte dark gray cabinets are also combined with gray tiled backsplash, which is actually Island Stone – 12×9 palms, glass mosaic in Smoke finish by Hamilton Parker. The white countertops are quartzite in Rino White color with pencil edge.

Light beige walls, bright white countertops, smoky gray backsplash, and dark gray cabinets do complement each other in this transitional kitchen.

For a touch of a timeless look, you can install a light tone wood floor to complete the whole look. To deliver a cozy and inviting ambiance, don’t forget to add contemporary styled lightings that radiate a warm yellow glow.

15. Tips to Decorate Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets

From the pictures we’ve seen above, there are some things that you can learn, so you can mimic the look perfectly:

  1. The perfect hue for dark gray cabinets depends on your personal style. But, consider your kitchen’s characteristics too. If your kitchen is small with only a small amount of natural light, stay away from dark gray cabinets, because they can only make your kitchen darker and smaller. Dark gray cabinets will be perfect in a large kitchen.
  2. Dark gray might seem neutral, but it is deeply influenced by blues, yellows, and reds. The undertone can make the color look warmer or cooler. Observe the variation in color from one to another and choose one that appeals to you. If you’re installing kitchen cabinets from a ready product, not a custom one, ask the cabinet company to lend you some finish samples.
  3. You have to choose between stained or painted cabinets. In a painted cabinet, the dark gray shade is usually an opaque gray hue. The finish is commonly transparent in a stained cabinet, so the wood grain can still be visible. In pint colors, the variations of shades are basically endless. On the other hand, Painted cabinets deliver an even and crisp coloration that has a textured appearance that enhances the wood underneath.
  4. Don’t forget to match your dark gray cabinets with your countertops. Your choices for countertop materials are practically endless because dark gray cabinets are similar to tan, brown, and white: a perfect backdrop. You can choose a splashy countertop color to create a contrast or work with a sophisticated monochromatic look using stainless steel or slate. Natural stone, like marble or granite, can be an ideal complement, too, for dark gray cabinets, because stone usually has gray flecks or veining.
  5. To add more interest to your dark gray kitchen cabinets, combine two cabinet colors in the same space. This is called the two-tone look. Dark gray is a neutral shade, so it can be combined with almost any color. However, dark gray cabinets match any wood tone perfectly. You can combine your bottom dark gray cabinets with an upper, a very light gray shade for a cohesive look. If you want to play with contrast, combine your dark gray cabinets with ivory or bright white island or upper cabinets to create a dynamic space.

Good luck with your project!