15 Best Ideas for a TV Accent Wall to Create a Focal Point

15 Best Ideas For A TV Accent Wall

TV Accent wall may be the last thing that comes to your mind when you’re redesigning your living room.

In fact, adding an accent wall is one of the best ways to improve the entire look of your room. It acts as a spot to mount your TV and all of its accessories.

Some people also install a fireplace in this place, right below the TV. Surely, this is the focal point of your living room.

As an accent wall, this is supposed to be different than the rest of the wall. It should be prominent, making a statement.

A TV accent wall can be a different color, material, or texture that sits side by side with the rest of the wall. You need to decorate this place in the right way to draw attention the moment people enter your living room.

Which wall that you should choose to become a TV accent wall?

  1. The first wall people see when they walk into the room. Always put your focal point to the first place people will naturally look at when entering the space.
  2. The large area, because the TV accent wall can have a built-in bookshelf, a fireplace, and other architectural features.
  3. The wall you often face.
  4. A fairly open wall instead of the one behind a lot of wall decorations and furniture pieces.
  5. A symmetrical wall rather than a wall with windows of various slopes, sizes, and niches.

After determining which wall you should build into a TV accent wall, here are some best ideas of them that you can recreate:

1. Barn Wood with a Weathered Finish for a TV Accent Wall

barn wood with a weathered finish for a tv accent wall
barn wood with a weathered finish for a tv accent wall. image © spacecrafting.com

Instead of taking half part of the wall, this accent wall takes one entire side of the room.

This is a barn wood TV accent wall. Each barn board has been finished with a weathered look to increase the contrast between the accent wall to the rest of the walls in this living room.

The rest of the wall is painted in beige color, a soft color that’s meant to be a backdrop for the patterned furniture pieces and artworks.

Even though there are several shades and patterns incorporated in this living room, it’s clear that the homeowners wanted to keep the brown color pure without any additional accent.

That’s why the TV accent wall is made of barn wood instead of metal or stone, so even though it provides a perfect focal point, it still blends with the whole theme of the room.

This wood accent wall delivers a warm look, a cozy ambiance that’s usually found in a traditional room.

2. Recessed TV Accent Wall with Grass Cloth Wallpaper in Beige Color

recessed tv accent wall with grass cloth wallpaper in beige color
recessed tv accent wall with grass cloth wallpaper in beige color. image © associateddesign.com

This beach-style living room has a pretty TV accent wall.

The wall is not only made of different textures and colors but it’s also recessed, creating a large and deep niche in the wall.

The recessed area is filled with many architectural features, like open shelves and a kind of display rack that looks like a bench below the TV.

The TV is mounted on a wood panel, a white oak with a natural finish.

This is more of a practical reason rather than aesthetic, but it turns out that the area behind the TV looks even more prominent, even in this accent wall that’s supposed to be the center of attention.

The accent wall is actually a grass cloth wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries.

Using wallpaper is undoubtedly the easiest way to create an accent wall. There are many patterns and colors out there, and you can choose which one that fits your living room’s theme. This one looks a lot like a stone. See how it softly contrasts the rest of the white walls.

The light and soft color palette in this beach-style living room prove that you don’t need to add blue and/or green to represent a coastal look. Sometimes, the beige and white combination is just enough.

3. Brick TV Accent Wall In the Middle of Benjamin Moore – Shaker Beige

brick tv accent wall in the middle of benjamin moore - shaker beige
brick tv accent wall in the middle of benjamin moore – shaker beige. image © potterconstruction.com

This TV accent wall only takes up half part of the entire side of the wall, which is only the center part. It’s made of brick that looks worn out and unfinished. It surely creates a dramatic contrast to the entire walls.

The rest of the walls in this craftsman-style basement are painted in Benjamin Moore – Shaker Beige #HC-45.

It’s not only the color that contrasts with each other but also the texture.

The beige walls look polished and smooth, while the brick TV accent wall delivers a rough look. The natural color of bricks also looks odd against the beige wall with white trim.

Such dramatic contrast will never fail to draw attention to the focal point.

This brick accent wall is decorated with several items put in front of it that are meant to be decorations. The vintage candleholders, the big green bottle, and the laundry baskets seem to be more decorative than functional.

Combined with a concrete floor, the decorative brick accent wall gives a perfect arts and crafts look.

4. Rift Cut Oak Panel Behind a TV in a Stone Accent Wall

rift cut oak panel behind a tv in a stone accent wall
rift cut oak panel behind a tv in a stone accent wall. image © angelicahenrydesign.com

There’s something attractive in any stone wall, be it indoor or outdoor.

This kind of stone wall perfectly delivers a contemporary look. It fills the whole side of the front wall, taking up much space because it’s obvious that this accent wall is not only used for TV, but also for other architectural features.

The TV is mounted on wood paneling, which is actually a rift-cut oak. The wood paneling is used to hide an area where the cables are stored. This way, there’s no cutter in this beautiful wall.

The wood panel matches the floating shelves on both sides of the TV, creating a consistent and cohesive look.

There’s a gas fireplace below the TV to complete the whole look.

The fireplace, the wood paneling for the TV, and the recessed areas for the floating shelves are made of stone. The stone serves as a background, a contrasting rough look to the smooth oak paneling behind the TV and the shelves.

Around, there’s a panel wall on the left side that looks odd against the rough look of the stone wall. The white ceiling flawlessly ties them both.

Even though the texture and color of the elements in this living room are different, they’re still in the same theme that perfectly falls into the contemporary category.

5. Blue Painted TV Accent Wall Against the Surrounding White Wall

blue painted tv accent wall against the surrounding white wall
blue painted tv accent wall against the surrounding white wall. image © bfeininteriors.com

This family room is located in the attic, so it’s important to make this area look bright and airy. It has a lovely eclectic design that combines several styles together.

In order to maintain the light and bright look, the designer painted the main walls and the ceiling white, so they look to blend seamlessly, creating a flowing look.

To create an accent wall, the designer just painted the wall in a bold and bright color to make a statement. Besides using wallpaper, this is also a simple way to make a focal point on the wall behind your mounted TV.

If you have white walls as a canvas, you’re free to choose any accent color for the accent wall, as long as you know how to combine it with other elements in the room.

Unfortunately, the designer doesn’t recall the specific paint used, but it’s from Color Preview Collection from Benjamin Moore.

Even though bright blue color like this may overwhelm the other small rooms, that’s not the case here. Thanks to the white color palette and the skylights.

Two windows on both sides of the accent wall are also useful to keep this family room well-lit.

6. Black TV Accent Wall Made of Spinneybeck Leather

black tv accent wall made of spinneybeck leather
black tv accent wall made of spinneybeck leather. image © richlin interiors

Black is a color that you should rely on if you want to add a sophisticated and luxurious look to your room.

Using black as a TV accent wall will not only make it stand out but also create a sleek and polished look that you usually see in a modern design. Black tv accent wall made of spinneybeck leather.

This is a perfect inspiration for a contemporary living room with a wall-mounted TV. The black accent wall is made of Spinneybeck leather, and it’s surrounded by a gray wall that flawlessly frames the black leather wall.

Imagine how luxurious and extravagant this wall is. Black means sophistication, and leather is a luxe material. When combined together, they both will elevate the modern look, taking it to a whole new level.

The designer also keeps the accent wall area clean and sleek.

There is no architectural feature around the TV. There’s not even a fireplace below the TV. It means that this wall accent is supposed to stand out without too many pieces added there.

On both sides, black and white are incorporated perfectly, creating a balanced look in a neutral color scheme.

7. Blued Steel TV Accent Wall Surrounded by Cerused Oak

blued steel tv accent wall surrounded by cerused oak
blued steel tv accent wall surrounded by cerused oak. image © nicheinteriors.com

This accent wall has two different materials.

Since this is a large accent wall that doubles up as a media wall, the designer intended to distinguish the area for the TV and for other decorations.

The material behind the TV is blued steel. Its dark tone steel looks refined when combined with large flat TV like this. They both complement each other.

Around, the built-in display racks are made of cerused oak in medium tone.

The medium tone wood contrasts the dark steel nicely. Plus, they also deliver a different look. No matter how polished it is, wood always pulls off a traditional vibe. On the other hand, steel and metal will never fail to give you a modern look.

So when wood and steel are combined together in one TV accent wall, they will create a lovely transitional look.

The TV is surrounded by stacks of books and decorations. It seems that the display racks can also be used as a bookshelf. Such versatile built-in storage ties practicality and beauty at the same time.

The rest of the wall in this room is painted in white, serving as a backdrop for this excellent TV accent wall.

8. Wood Panel TV Accent Wall that Matches the Ceiling

wood panel tv accent wall that matches the ceiling
wood panel tv accent wall that matches the ceiling. image © squarethree.com

If you want to incorporate wood in a contemporary room, it’s recommended to finish it in a coat that makes it look polished and sleek, so it looks smooth and modern.

This contemporary living room features a white and gray wall, but the TV accent wall is made of wood panel that seems to be Douglas fir or maple.

Due to the limited space, the fireplace is added beside the TV, not below it. This way, the fireplace is also surrounded by a similar wood panel.

The great thing is that the wood panel accent wall is meant to match the ceiling. The paneled ceiling’s curved design gives this living room a warm and inviting look. So, that goes without saying that the TV wall accent does the same.

The medium tone hardwood floor also plays a part in making this room feel cozy and comfortable.

Basically, the wood element will never fail to add warmth to any room. Combine it with other neutral colors to create a simple and minimalist look.

One tip: keep the furniture in neutral colors, like black and white and add patterns as minimal as possible to make everything remain sleek and refined.

9. Cherry Wood TV Accent Wall in an Espresso Stain

cherry wood tv accent wall in an espresso stain
cherry wood tv accent wall in an espresso stain. image © formaonline.com

Another black TV accent wall.

This is a contemporary living room that also has a black and white color palette, more or less the same as the previous picture.

Just because you only play with black and white doesn’t mean you can have a statement TV accent wall. You can still create an attractive focal point just by painting a dramatic contrast.

The entire wall in this room is painted white to match the sofa bed. The white element in this room is enough to make it bright and light.

In order to counteract the starkness of white, black is needed. And this is your chance to create an eye-catching TV accent wall.

Paint the wall behind your mounted TV in midnight black like this. It would be even better if the area is raised, creating a different level to the rest of the wall.

The wall panel behind the TV is made of cherry wood that’s stained in espresso color. There’s an AV cabinet and a console table right in front of this accent wall that’s similarly made of cherry and stained in espresso.

This is a great idea to make a camouflage look as well as create a cohesive design that’s simple yet stylish.

10. Walnut Panel as a TV Accent Wall in a Gold Wall Covering

walnut panel as a tv accent wall in a gold wall covering
walnut panel as a tv accent wall in a gold wall covering. image © gacekdesign.com

This modern living room looks fantastic and pretty because of the turquoise color palette.

The designer wasn’t afraid to use a large amount of bold color like this to liven up the living room, and it turns out that the result was satisfying.

Isn’t it so pretty to look at this bright and vivid room that’s perfectly furnished to match the wall?

The TV accent wall is made of the walnut panel with a veneer of finish grade, so the natural grain is still visible, creating a contrasting look to the turquoise wall around, which is painted in Sherwin Williams – Cloudburst SW6487.

There is a fireplace below the TV, and the fireplace is completed with a heart that’s made of a similar walnut to create unison. It makes the hearth a bit invisible if it’s seen from a certain angle.

The TV accent wall is recessed, delivering a multilevel look. The recessed area has a gold-tone, which is actually a wall covering. That’s Thibaut AT1402 Birch Cork-Gold color.

The gold accent complements the walnut panel and hearth beautifully because they actually share the same color.

The gold wall covering, wood panel, and turquoise walls give a rich look to this room, adding more characters to it.

11. Glass Mosaic Tile Accent Wall Behind the TV as a Part of Custom Cabinetry

glass mosaic tile accent wall behind the tv as a part of custom cabinetry
glass mosaic tile accent wall behind the tv as a part of custom cabinetry. image © lwyarchitecture.com

It’s only the accent wall, but the homeowners also designed a built-in cabinet for the TV and decorative items.

The cabinet is finished in white, so it softly contrasts the beige walls around.

This transitional room looks cozy and sleek, maybe because the white and beige combination, along with the wood element on the floor, work together to deliver a put-together appearance.

The built-in cabinets were designed by the homeowners and built by Grabill Cabinets. The material behind the TV is glass mosaic tile. It means that the accent wall is built right inside the cabinetry.

Imagine how cool it is! The glass mosaic tile doesn’t only look prominent against the beige walls around but also the white frame of the cabinets.

The TV area is recessed, so the accent wall looks even more attractive because of the multilevel.

Glass tile mosaic is a material that you should count on if you want to bring out a modern vibe. The glossy and sheen look will counteract the hardwood floor’s traditional look.

12. Modern Tiled TV Accent Wall Against a Soft Yellow Wall

modern tiled tv accent wall against a soft yellow wall
modern tiled tv accent wall against a soft yellow wall. image © mrainteriors.com

In spite of the TV accent wall, basically, the entire wall of this billiard room has already been unique and attractive.

The wall is divided horizontally into two. The upper part is painted in soft yellow color, while the lower part is a custom paneling in gray color. The combination of gray and yellow looked odd at first, but they do look attractive after a while because they clash with each other.

In the center part, there’s a TV accent wall that’s made of modern tiled.

The modern tile is also in gray color but with a richer pattern. This way, the TV accent wall still complements the rest of the wall (especially the lower part) but still look stands out against the custom paneling.

This accent wall is a bit more elevated than the rest of the wall, so it’s clear that this area is used as a focal point, a center of attention.

There’s a fireplace right below the TV. Both are similarly glossy and sheen, so it seems as if they were both the same products.

The black TV and black fireplace against the dark gray modern tiled wall may appear counterproductive, because they hardly contrast each other.

But if you want to create a simple and modern look, this is the idea that you should go for.

13. Soelberg Wall Panel with The Classic Pattern as a TV Accent Wall

soelberg wall panel with the classic pattern as a tv accent wall
soelberg wall panel with the classic pattern as a tv accent wall. image © friedmanandshields.com

If being trendy is your main purpose, then it’s better to opt for flashy material for your TV accent wall.

The material should dramatically contrast the rest of the room and, at the same time, delivers its function well too.

Look how the designer installed the accent wall in this trendy family room. The TV is mounted on a paneled wall with a different texture from the surrounding wall.

It’s a Soelberg Wall Panel product with a classic pattern, Onda. This panel is finished in two colors, Tafisa and Milk Chocolate. The result is a lovely brown color with two different shades intertwined very well.

The textured TV wall accent will add more dimension to the surface. The 3-dimensional look also makes the room look richer.

The floating cabinet is installed right below the TV. The cabinet is finished in dark brown color, so it seems almost invisible paired with the dark brown paneled accent wall.

Some decorative items in dark brown color are also placed on top of the cabinet to decorate it.

Despite the extravagant wall panel, the homeowners obviously intended to keep the low-key look. So, everything should be in a brown or a neutral color scheme.

14. Walker Zanger Tiled a TV Accent Wall in a White Living Room

walker zanger tiled a tv accent wall in a white living room
walker zanger tiled a tv accent wall in a white living room. image © completehi.com

No one can resist the beauty of the all-white room.

As a neutral color, white can be an excellent backdrop for any element you add later to the room. Plus, white is often used in a small space to make it look bigger and airier. Similar to black, white is also an elegant color that will elevate the look of your room.

To avoid being too stark and intimidating, it’s better to use several shades of white in a room. Plus, it’s also recommended to add an accent wall or a pop of natural color.

There’s a TV accent wall in the front wall of this living room, taking most of the space.

The accent wall is made of tile that seems to be from Walker Zanger. The tile is a soft color, too, even though it looks multicolored and darker than its surroundings.

Tile may be a simple material to decorate your TV accent wall, but it has various sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors. You can choose one that fits your personal taste.

In this room, the tile gives a subtle contrast to the white walls but, at the same time, still makes the area look pop. Pair it with white cabinets in front of it to create a minimalist and soft look.

15. Raised TV Accent Wall Made of a 150-year-old Barn

raised tv accent wall made of a 150-year-old barn
raised tv accent wall made of a 150-year-old barn. image © montagneart.ca

Actually, this is a clean and polished living room.

See how the white walls and simple lines make it look modern. Moreover, there are huge windows taking up most space on one side of the wall, making this room look even brighter and more modern.

The designer decided to embrace the old material in this room instead of removing it. And that turns out to be a genius decision because it can create a dramatic contrast in the room, perfect for a focal point.

The TV accent wall in this white living room is made of 150-year-old barn wood. It’s the original siding from the house before it was renovated.

Look how odd it looks in this ultra-modern living room. The accent wall is raised, so the difference between it and the rest of the wall looks even more sharpened.

Even the antique barn looks different with the dark tone hardwood floor. The wood on the floor seems polished, while the barn wood on the accent wall looks natural.

This TV accent wall may appear out of place, but it has successfully turned this modern living room into a lovely contemporary room. The dark ceiling also accentuates the accent wall.

Thanks to the white walls and the huge windows that won’t let the vintage barn wood and dark tone wood floor and ceiling darken up the area. What a perfect combination to create balance.


Basically, the idea of designing a TV accent wall is endless.

You have successfully created an accent wall as long as you make it different and stand out against the rest of the area.

However, the easiest, simplest, and most affordable way to create a TV accent wall is using wallpaper. Choose a color and pattern that fits your home design.

Another simple way to create an accent wall is by painting it in a bold and bright color.

Make sure the color is vibrant enough to contrast the rest of the wall. Paint your living room in a neutral color scheme, like white or beige. Then, paint your TV accent wall in a bold color like red, purple, green, or any shade you like.

If you prioritize durability rather than looks, it’s recommended to use tiles. This is even better if you have a fireplace below your TV. A tiled accent wall will make your TV wall mount as if it had been there in the first place.

You can rely on metal or steel TV accent walls for more modern decor.

A metal wall is a perfect material to provide durability and keep things on the chic side too. Metal or steel walls can also fit your room in a sophisticated way. There are many patterns that you can pick out there to draw attention.

For a farmhouse with a rustic look, building a wood panel as a TV accent wall is also a great way to create a focal point. Douglas fir and maple are popular materials to incorporate a sleek look. On the other hand, it’s better to use barn wood for a more natural and weathered look, especially vintage one.

So, what material do you think it’s best to decorate a TV accent wall? Share your thoughts below.