14 Coolest Ideas of Sliding Kitchen Cabinet Door to Save More Space

14 Coolest Ideas Of Sliding Kitchen Cabinet Door

Commonly, kitchen cabinets feature swinging doors. Now, it’s time for you to move on to sliding doors.

With a sliding door mechanism, you will not only get a unique look, but you could also save more space. It is because sliding doors won’t take space as much as hinged doors do.

That is why using sliding doors for your cabinets is recommended if you have limited space.

Moreover, your cabinets can look sleeker in a more contemporary style without any handle or knob in sight. Unlike hinged doors, sliding doors also remove protrusion into the surrounding space. Hence, a less cluttered look.

Sliding doors also offer a new way to open a length of cabinets in only one single motion, eliminating the need to open multiple doors.

It is safe to say that sliding doors deliver many practical advantages, like easy access, saving more space, and eating appearance while at the same time adding a layer of unique character and charm to your cabinets.

Below, you will see sliding kitchen cabinet doors that are made of glass, wood, or even chalkboard that will help you reinvent your kitchen space.

All of them are fully equipped for modern living while at the same time screaming state-of-the-art style. Here they are:

1. Black Colored Sliding Door for Flat-panel Kitchen Cabinetry

black colored sliding door for flat-panel kitchen cabinetry
black colored sliding door for flat-panel kitchen cabinetry. image © robert highsmith

For an ultra-trendy look with a touch of a masculine look, black can always be an excellent choice for you.

As a neutral color, black can also deliver a sleek and polished look.

In this flat panel kitchen cabinetry, the black doors seem strikingly differ from the green cabinets. Yet, contradiction like this is what it takes to create a contemporary look.

There are three sliding doors that overlap each other.

In order to attain a sleek look, there is no hardware used here. The sliding track is built-in inside the cabinet instead of the separated one installed above.

There is no knob or pull either. Instead, there are two small circular holes in the lower part of each door. You can use these holes to open and close the doors.

The black doors blend seamlessly with the countertops. Even though the base cabinets don’t feature sliding doors, they also have black doors for each storage space. This way, congruity and sleekness can be achieved.

2. Sliding Clear Glass Door for a Wall Kitchen Cabinet

sliding clear glass door for a wall kitchen cabinet
sliding clear glass door for a wall kitchen cabinet. image © tara bussema

The clear glass sliding doors for the cabinets give a touch of modern style in this mid-century kitchen.

Glass is one of the stylish elements that can be used to deliver a trendy look since this is basically a timeless material.

The cabinets are from MEI Cabinets, and it seems that they are made of birch wood.

The medium-tone wood looks adorable when paired with clear glass like this.

In order to attain the sleek look of the doors, the designer eliminated the use of prominent and bold knobs or pulls. Instead, there is only one small circular metal knob in the lower part of each door. The circular knobs are barely noticeable, delivering a smooth-surfaced look for the glass.

3. Reclaimed Wood Sliding Kitchen Cabinet Door with Metal Hardware

reclaimed wood sliding kitchen cabinet door with metal hardware
reclaimed wood sliding kitchen cabinet door with metal hardware. image © baileygeneral.com

The art-deco style of this kitchen is represented by the cabinet doors.

These sliding doors are made of reclaimed wood from a salvage yard.

The stained look of the wood also delivers an industrial look, especially when combined with black hardware like this.

The black track seems to be Emtek Modern Rectangular Face Mount Barn Door Kit 8’, which is actually a perfect pair for barn doors.

These sliding doors are also completed with metal pulls as hardware to complete the whole look. It only takes one smooth motion to the side to access the stored items in the cabinets.

The cabinetry itself is in black color, which blends naturally with the reclaimed wood doors. After all, wood tone and black is a classic pairing that will fit into any interior design.

4. Glass Sliding Kitchen Cabinet Door in an Urban Industrial Style

glass sliding kitchen cabinet door in an urban industrial style
glass sliding kitchen cabinet door in an urban industrial style. image © barndoorhardware.com

These lovely sliding cabinet doors are made of frosted glass with a black frame that matches the track.

The glass doors with black frames and hardware are used to cover the hanging wood cabinets installed above the backsplash.

Even though it is frosted glass, we can still easily see what’s on the cabinets, making it easier to access them when they are needed.

There are two stylish pendants hung in front of the glass doors. The lights are reflected by the glass, similar to the recessed lights below the cabinets. Those lights create a luxurious glow through the glass, creating a soft look.

Overall, the cabinetry, along with its doors, has an urban industrial style. The sleek and clean lines of the doors show elegance in their own way.

5. Sliding Door for a Mixed Material of a Kitchen Cabinet

sliding door for a mixed material of a kitchen cabinet
sliding door for a mixed material of a kitchen cabinet. image © heartwoodkitchens.net

This kitchen cabinet is designed with a lovely mix of painted wood and stainless accents (that you can purchase at Heartwood Kitchens Danvers MA). This is QCCI cabinetry that was created by Peter Cardamone as a launch of The New America line from QCCI.

The built-in cabinets are made of dark-tone wood that gives a natural yet elegant look. They are combined with white framed sliding doors made of glass.

The clear glass enables the homeowners to see their items stored on the cabinets.

That is why the cabinets can also be categorized as a display rack since they show what’s inside even though basically they are not open cabinetry.

The white frame adds a touch of warmth to the dark tone wood surround. It creates a modern-style contrast of dark and light.

6. Floating Wall Cabinet with a Sliding Door Made of White Oak

floating wall cabinet with a sliding door made of white oak
floating wall cabinet with a sliding door made of white oak. image © designplatformllc.com

This floating wall cabinet is installed side by side with a window shelf.

The window shelf strikes through the window with no door included, while the floating wall is marked by the double sliding doors in it.

The sliding doors are made of white oak in a light tone.

Instead of knobs or pulls, these doors feature a small hole in each side so we can insert our finger there to open it up.

The small rectangular doors like this are perfect for small floating wall cabinets.

This way, you can use the spaces around the cabinets as extra storage since there is no swinging door that may knock your stored things down accidentally when the door is being used.

7. Chalkboard Sliding Door in Barn Style for a Kitchen Cabinet

chalkboard sliding door in barn style for a kitchen cabinet
chalkboard sliding door in barn style for a kitchen cabinet. image © theahomeinc.com

This is another chalkboard in the kitchen cabinet’s door.

These upper cabinets look crisp and polished in white color. They are paired with a single chalkboard sliding door with a white frame.

The door itself has a perfect combination of black and white, similar to the basic design of the entire kitchen.

The tracks on top of the cabinets are also made of metal painted in black color.

A vintage track like that is always a perfect match for any barn door type. This sliding door is basically a barn door, but instead of a flush panel, the added a chalkboard instead for a more unique look.

8. Black and White Sliding Kitchen Cabinet Door in an Industrial Kitchen

black and white sliding kitchen cabinet door in an industrial kitchen
black and white sliding kitchen cabinet door in an industrial kitchen. image © everingham design

Another classic combination that will give you a stylish look: black and white.

Usually, black and white is a typical combo in a modern design.

How about a checker pattern in white color for an industrial kitchen? That’s what you call unique.

The checker pattern on the sliding cabinet doors is barely visible.

Thanks to the hanging pendant mounted in the wall next to the cabinet, it highlights the doors beautifully.

The white checkered doors are framed with black metal that matches the black track.

There are four doors here to cover the entire wall cabinet. The doors deliver a contrasting texture and pattern to the brick wall and backsplash surround.

9. Sliding and Rolling Doors for Reclaimed Lumber Kitchen Cabinets

sliding and rolling doors for reclaimed lumber kitchen cabinets
sliding and rolling doors for reclaimed lumber kitchen cabinets. image © anthonymichaelinteriordesign.com

For an urban loft like this, it needs an ultra-modern and stylish element to complete each specific area.

In this kitchen, the cabinet doors are the said element. Each door is in solid black or white, which seems to be a whiteboard and a blackboard. The whiteboards are on both sides of the blackboard, which creates a pretty disparity.

When opened, the sliding and rolling cabinet doors expose the floating shelves supported by exposed pipes. It seems that the shelves are used as a display rack because there are decorative items instead of kitchen utensils there.

That is why the doors are not meant to be fully closed since the dimension of each door doesn’t fit either to fully cover the shelves/cabinets. These doors don’t enclose the cabinets; they just accentuate them.

10. Glass Panel Sliding Kitchen Cabinet Door in a Beach Style

glass panel sliding kitchen cabinet door in a beach style
glass panel sliding kitchen cabinet door in a beach style. image © svdesign.com

As a timeless material, glass is never out of style.

If you don’t have any clue about the best material for your sliding door cabinets, you can always pick glass.

There are many designs for glass cabinet doors. Unlike the previous pictures where the doors are fully in glass, these ones feature glass panels.

Each panel frames a certain spot in the cabinets perfectly.

In order to attain the beach style in this kitchen, the designer used a white frame for the sliding doors of the white cabinets.

The items stored inside were also carefully selected. It seems that only the dining wares that were made of glass or white ceramics can be displayed in the cabinets. It is because glass and white ceramic dining wares can also be used as a decoration to complement the white cabinets with glass panel doors.

11. Matte Sliding Door for a Kitchen Island Base Cabinet

matte sliding door for a kitchen island base cabinet
matte sliding door for a kitchen island base cabinet. image © jimmartindesign.me

What’s better than black sliding cabinet doors? Black matte sliding cabinet doors.

Yes, a glossy finish can add a sparkle and shine look to your kitchen. But, matte is always an ideal option if you want to achieve an ultra-modern style with a polished look.

These double sliding cabinet doors are painted in black with a matte finish. It adds a texture to this Asian kitchen.

Moreover, from this angle, it seems that the matte black doors are used as a backdrop for the abstract patterned backsplash and cabinets in the backside.

As doors for a base cabinet, there is no additional sliding track installed.

The track is already mounted inside the cabinet. This way, the doors look even more polished and styled.

You see here that there is no pull and knob. In order to open and close the doors, you need to press the surface of the door and move it aside.

12. Small Square Shaped Sliding Kitchen Cabinet Doors

small square shaped sliding kitchen cabinet doors
small square shaped sliding kitchen cabinet doors. image © torbit studio

This custom cabinetry is an excellent choice for a small kitchen. It is because its small size will perfectly fit to one side of the wall without taking much space.

There are base and upper cabinets connected with a prep zone with a sink. The upper cabinets look stylish despite their size due to the small square-shaped sliding doors.

For small cabinets like this, it is wise to avoid any additional decoration or ornamentation, especially in the doors. It is because decorations or ornamentations can overwhelm the cabinets. That is why the designer didn’t use any hardware.

Similar to previous pictures, there is no additional track and knob here. The one and the only way to open and close these upper cabinets are the small circular holes in each side of the door.

It seems that small holes like this are the popular way to eliminate pulls and knobs. Using small holes as a door opener is the easiest and simplest way to attain a polished with a no-clutter look in the cabinet doors.

13. Oak Sliding Kitchen Cabinet Doors with No Pulls

oak sliding kitchen cabinet doors with no pulls
oak sliding kitchen cabinet doors with no pulls. image © craftsmandesign.com

Instead of one, these cabinets feature two small circular holes in each sliding door to operate it.

There are three pairs of sliding doors here. The middle ones are the smallest. They are used to cover an additional storage space above the vent hood.

The small sliding doors are in a perfect rectangular shape, different from the bigger ones, which are in a big square shape.

The doors here are made of medium tone wood that creates an incongruity to the light tone wood base cabinet’s doors below.

The doors look smooth and streamlined. This is the designer’s way to add more textures to the kitchen.

The smooth-surfaced doors are juxtaposed with the rough brick texture of the wall surround.

14. Double Sliding Kitchen Cabinet Doors as a Backsplash

double sliding kitchen cabinet doors as a backsplash
double sliding kitchen cabinet doors as a backsplash. image © houseplansandmore.com

Who said that backsplash is only used for decoration only?

The designer here proved that backsplash could be more than just a decoration.

In this luxurious look kitchen, the granite backsplash is used as a sliding cabinet door.

Who could suspect that behind that backsplash, there is storage? It seems more like a secret space that is used as a spice rack.

It appears that the designer intended to make these double sliding doors look as much alike as the real backsplash. That is why there is no track or knob here. When the doors are closed, they can be confused with backsplash.

The flawless and consistent look is achieved by matching the “backsplash” and the countertops. Both are made of granite with a similar color.

The granite material naturally blends with the stainless steel appliances around.

The glossy finish is identical to the polished surface of the steel; that is why granite and steel are the best materials for a contemporary look.


From the pictures we have seen above, we can conclude that the sliding doors indeed create a different look for your cabinets.

If you want to create a more unique look, you could build your own sliding doors in a DIY project. It will save you the cost.

However, it is still recommended to get professional help when you’re doing your project. The experienced professional will help you determine the design, style, material, and color of your cabinet doors.

Don’t forget to consider the tracks; they are available in any home improvement store. For a sleeker look, you can consider using built-in tracks inside your cabinets.

Installing this type of track is quite challenging. Thus, you do need a help of a skilled carpenter. Good luck with your project!