17 Pretty and Comfortable Front Porch Seating to Make the Most of the Area

17 Pretty And Comfortable Front Porch Seating

Your front porch should represent the comfort and coziness of your indoor living. That’s why it’s important to keep this area as pretty and comfortable as possible.

You can make your front porch as visually pleasing as the deck or patio as long as you can add the right things there.

The question is, what kind of seating, furniture, or decorations should you put on the front porch?

Actually, the sky’s the limit when it comes to adding seating on your front porch.

You can basically add anything as long as they resonate with the style of the front porch. Despite the space, large or small, you can create a seating area for at least two people to sip their cups of coffee outside comfortably.

No need to purchase new furniture if you can update older seating. Add a fresh set of cushions to change the entire look, or you can repaint them to change up the appearance seasonally.

Don’t forget to add at least one accent table. A seating won’t be complete without a table to place your drink. Make sure the table is not taller than the arms of the seating, though.

There are many kinds of chairs. You can pick a certain design, color, and shape to match your personal taste and the style of your porch. Commonly, the most popular ones are wicker and rattan chairs.

When it comes to durability and versatility, rattan seating scores much more than wicker one. Rattan has a solid core and comes in many natural colors.

Wicker seating, on the contrary, may or may not be strong, depending on the material used for manufacturing wicker furniture.

In spite of your choice, here are 17 pretty and comfortable front porch seating to make the most of your porch:

1. Farmhouse Front Porch with Swinging Bed, Wood, and Rattan Furniture Seating

farmhouse front porch with swinging bed, wood, and rattan furniture seating
farmhouse front porch with swinging bed, wood, and rattan furniture seating. image © moontoweraustin.com

If you have a spacious front porch, it would be nice to add a swinging bed.

After all, swinging beds are so much better than usual swings because they are snugglier, and you can complete them with a lot of cozy throw pillows.

This swinging bed proves it. It features a bright blue cushion that looks pop against the light tone deck, and the patterned blue pillows coordinate well with the cushion.

Due to the large space, the homeowners incorporate several seating areas here.

Besides the swinging bed, there’s also a square-shaped table with a small wooden chair that can accommodate one person. There’s also a set of rattan chairs completed with an orange patterned pillow that contrasts the chair to add more character.

The combination of wood and rattan emphasizes the farmhouse look on this front porch. It makes it look all-natural but trendy at the same time.

If you have a light tone front porch with a neutral color scheme, you can make an updated look by adding colorful and patterned throw pillows or cushions. It doesn’t have to be full of patterns.

As an alternative, you can also opt for a bold and vibrant cushion in a solid color to step up the designing game.

2. Rustic Wood Furniture Seating in a Traditional Front Porch

rustic wood furniture seating in a traditional front porch
rustic wood furniture seating in a traditional front porch. image © madmodhome.com

Basically, this is a traditional front porch. However, the designer managed to add some other elements to spice up the whole look.

The seating, for instance, is a vintage set of chairs with a touch of a rustic look. It makes this front porch a comfortable napping zone.

In this area, the seating has drawn much attention. That’s why the homeowners don’t add anything to accessorize it except a few red striped pillows and one decorative item on the table.

See how the vintage rustic seating softly contrasts the mint siding, the white trim, and the gray floor.

Don’t stick with the wood element only to enhance the conservative appearance if you have a traditional porch. You can also choose a vintage or retro design. Plus, traditional style doesn’t mean that you always have to use a neutral color palette.

On this front porch, you see otherwise. The mint siding and red striped pillows are anything but traditional. It shows that it’s OK to add a splash of color in a traditional setting if you already have the main element that strongly radiates a traditional style, like this setting.

The furniture doesn’t only feature a vintage design, but it’s also made of wood, a double combo to deliver a traditional look.

3. Comfortable Wicker Furniture as a Front Porch Seating with Cushions and Pillows

comfortable wicker furniture as a front porch seating with cushions and pillows
comfortable wicker furniture as a front porch seating with cushions and pillows. image © fg-arch.com

This is also a traditional front porch. However, unlike the previous picture, this one features a natural color palette.

It seems that the homeowners don’t want to attract too much attention. That’s why they stay low-key with this wicker furniture in black color as a seating, gray walls, stone floor, and white trim.

This is a long and narrow kind of front porch, a type of porch that won’t allow you to have more than one seating area. However, you can always add more than just one chair placed side by side on this narrow front porch.

Don’t worry about the bulk size of the chairs. You can even complete them with thick cushions and pillows like this to provide comfort.

Even though the wicker chairs are finished in a dark color and the cushions are white, the homeowners added patterned pillows.

These two sets of pillows have a different patterns. The ones in the middle have a striped pattern, while the ones on both sides have a floral pattern.

Both create a pattern block, but they won’t look too flashy if you combine them with white cushions as a canvas. On the other hand, they will make a nice pop of color.

4. Two Rocking Chairs and a Set of The Dining Table as Front Porch Seating

two rocking chairs and a set of the dining table as front porch seating
two rocking chairs and a set of the dining table as front porch seating. image © stonewaterarch.com

It seems that this front porch has an L-shaped design. So, it can accommodate two seating areas at once.

This is a farmhouse front porch, so the designer added two white painted rocking chairs made of wood to enhance the farmhouse style.

If you want something unique, whimsical, comfortable, and radiating countryside at the same time, rocking chairs are your best bet.

Instead of one, make it two to accommodate a couple. Complete it with a side table, too, for better-looking seating space.

These white rocking chairs feature a bright red throw pillow that dramatically contrasts them. They are meant not to attract attention because the white color blends seamlessly with the white exterior wall around.

On another side of the porch, there’s a dining table set. The entire porch area has been divided into several zones, and there may be an outdoor kitchen on this porch. This is an excellent idea if you have a spacious L-shaped porch.

The dining set can be an extra seating space if it’s not used for it can accommodate up to six people at once.

5. A Dark Wood Swing with Two Vintage Chairs Seating on a Small Front Porch

a dark wood swing with two vintage chairs seating on a small front porch
a dark wood swing with two vintage chairs seating on a small front porch. image © susan duane

Adding a swing to your front porch is undoubtedly an easy way to add a fun element.

There is no need to add a bold and vibrant color to liven things up with a swing. It’s enough to provide comfort and visually please the entire porch. It’s also recommended on a small front porch like this.

More often than not, bold and vibrant colors will only overwhelm the limited space. So, to avoid using too many accent colors, the swing comes to the rescue.

The timeless dark wood swing is completed with two vintage chairs made of metal. All of them are finished in black to deliver an elegant and sophisticated look. There’s also a round side table to complete the whole seating area.

To deliver a soft and sweet vintage style, the white laced tablecloth is used, along with the floral pattern on the cushion and the throw pillows that will never fail to give a retro appearance.

The dark stained swing contrasts the white siding and trim. Some of the pillows are also white to create a canvas for the floral pattern pillows and to contrast the swing.

Simple, yet sweet, elegant, and comfortable. That’s an excellent way to decorate a small front porch.

6. Simple Wooden Bench and a Chair Accentuated by Bright Pillows as a Front Porch Seating

simple wooden bench and a chair accentuated by bright pillows as a front porch seating
simple wooden bench and a chair accentuated by bright pillows as a front porch seating. image © glen deisler

If you have a Tuscan front porch, the chance is you’ll be tempted to add some flashy and vibrant colors to spice it up. It’s because the Tuscan style is often associated with an orangey tone combined with wood elements.

It will be just plain if you just use the orange walls and wood posts, ceiling, and front door to fill the front porch.

That’s why the designer added this wooden bench with a modern white chair as seating space.

The wooden bench itself is quite simple. Yet, the homeowners managed to make it look more fun and cheerful. The red pillows have different patterns. There’s even a red patterned fabric that can be used as a blanket to complete the decoration.

The pattern block in this seating adds more characters to the porch. The red artwork on the wall complements the red patterns too.

The seating area may not be a comfortable napping zone with no cushion and all, but it is surely visually aesthetic.

You can imitate this look if you’re a big fan of vibrant and bright colors. See the big green vase next to the red patterned pillow contrasting each other, but somehow they deliver a cheerful ambiance.

7. Love Seat from Restoration Hardware as Seating in a Tropical Front Porch

love seat from restoration hardware as seating in a tropical front porch
love seat from restoration hardware as seating in a tropical front porch. image © dfordesign.co.nz

Everything would be easy if you could be satisfied with even a simple seating.

This tropical front porch looks minimal and bare, but that doesn’t make it look boring. On the other hand, the “less is more” style makes it look extra.

Everything is symmetrical and streamlined. This is the smart way to make the small porch look bigger. See how this narrow porch looks more spacious.

There are two loveseats bracketing the front door and a tall vase in front of each white post. These loveseats are from Restoration Hardware, simple yet stylish.

The dark-stained chairs are paired with white-colored thick cushions, a usual way to create a contrasting look.

The white cushion is meant to be a canvas, so the homeowners placed a colorful striped pillow on each of the chairs.

Green is always known as an earthy tone that has a freshening effect. It is the tone that you should rely on if you want to embrace the natural look in your area.

The wood element in a dark tone, potted plants, neutral color scheme, and green tone is what it takes to complete a natural look. What a pretty and fresh porch.

8. Beach Style Front Porch with Rattan Seating and Colorful Fabrics

beach style front porch with rattan seating and colorful fabrics
beach style front porch with rattan seating and colorful fabrics. image © matthew bolt graphic design

Adding an outdoor fireplace to your front porch is one of the great ways to promote comfort in it.

Moreover, this screened-in porch will protect the seating area from any external elements. This way, you don’t have to use specifically made outdoor furniture. Regardless of the season, this front porch can be a comfortable place to chill and unwind.

The rattan seating is completed with thick pastel-colored cushions. Two chairs, one couch, one coffee table, and one side table, a complete seating area that can accommodate a lot of people at once.

This front porch is actually a beach-style look. The designer shows that a coastal room doesn’t have to be in a neutral color scheme, especially white, and the accent color isn’t always blue or green to represent the ocean.

This beach-style front porch is one of a kind. Yes, there’s a turquoise color in it, too; it comes from the throw pillows. But that’s not the dominant accent color.

The most striking part of this front porch is the pattern, and the largest surface of the fabric used here is the rug. It’s a soft brown rug with a yellow starfish pattern.

It indicates that you can use any color but blue and green to represent the ocean as long as it has a nautical pattern.

9. Retro Squares Spring Seating in a Bright and Fresh Screened-in Front Porch

retro squares spring seating in a bright and fresh screened-in front porch
retro squares spring seating in a bright and fresh screened-in front porch. image © sheilarichinteriors.com

These lovely chairs are Retro Squares Spring Chair from Grandin Road.

This is an excellent option if you like a mid-century design because these chairs have a perfect combination of vintage design and sleek white modern vibe.

According to the designer, the exterior of this mid-century house used to be dark and outdated. It has been turned into a charming beach house porch, a comfortable place to host a small gathering or get-together.

The retro flair especially makes this screened-in porch look stunning. The sleek white color is combined with a baby blue thick cushion. The soft blue and white combination delivers a fresh look.

Basically, this is an all-white screened-in front porch with a stone floor. Soft blue is used as a splash of color.

If you have a small porch and you enclose it with a screen, you have to be careful when picking the color.

Using vibrant and bold colors will only make the area look smaller. So, to avoid it, the designer used a soft blue instead as an accent. It’s enough to create a contrast but not overwhelm the porch.

10. Spacious Front Porch with Two Back-to-Back Seating Areas

spacious front porch with two back-to-back seating areas
spacious front porch with two back-to-back seating areas. image © patrick brickman

We can’t deny that a spacious front porch offers you many benefits.

One of them is you can incorporate several seating areas. It means you can unleash your creativity more freely. The more seating spaces you add, the more characters you’ll give to the area.

This spacious front porch features two back-to-back seating areas.

The first one is the round wooden table completed with four small white chairs. The second one is less formal, with a bright blue table separating two armed chairs and a small couch.

The seating on this front porch has its own character.

The round table seating is more formal with a touch of a traditional look. See how the wooden table is completed with the neutral-colored chairs. Simple, neutral, and lowkey.

On the other hand, the seating in the next area is more fun and cheerful. It represents the coastal style more.

The bright blue table correlates with the beach style. The striped cushion in earthy tones softens the boldness of the blue table and contrasts it at the same time.

The bare-looking wooden chairs actually have a retro look, but combined with the blue table and cheerful couch, they look like a piece in a mid-century room.

11. Brightly Colored Seating Area in a Craftsman-style Front Porch

brightly colored seating area in a craftsman-style front porch
brightly colored seating area in a craftsman-style front porch. image © merzbau.com

Actually, this is a craftsman’s house.

See how the architectural detail of this exterior makes it a craftsman style. However, the seating adds a touch of a contemporary look.

It’s true that’s; indeed, the seating only consists of a set of Adirondack chairs. Adirondack furniture is frequently related to a craftsman’s design.

However, these chairs were painted in a bright blue color, which perfectly contrasts the exterior, which was painted on Benjamin Moore – Ocean Floor.

Every single thing on this front porch is either neutral or muted. They are meant to be a canvas for the bright blue Adirondack chairs.

The seating itself is simple and minimalist. Due to the lack of space, there is no table to complete the chairs. Instead of a table, there are potted plants spread around one side of the porch as a decoration to liven this up.

If you want to incorporate a bold color in a small front porch, make sure you use it as a focal point, the only element that gets the most attention. Avoid using too many accent colors to keep the space feel airy and open.

12. Dark and Light Toned Seating on a Farmhouse Front Porch

dark and light toned seating on a farmhouse front porch
dark and light toned seating on a farmhouse front porch. image © hendrickschurchill.com

We can easily conclude from the first impression that this is the most comfortable front porch seating.

The material, the design, the color scheme, and the pattern exude a warm and inviting ambiance. Imagine how lovely it would be to spend quality time in the dusk watching the sunset.

Lack of space doesn’t make the designer stop at one seating. Instead, they created two seating spaces on this considerably small and narrow front porch.

The round setting space can be doubled as a spot to sip a morning coffee or a makeshift dining table if the homeowners want to enjoy their meals outside. The couch and the chair are completed with a striped cushion to provide more comfort.

The great thing about this front porch seating is they have a contrast dark and light tone.

The round seating area has a light tone with a red floral tablecloth as an accent, while the couch and chairs are finished in a dark tone, but they are completed with black and white cushion as an accent.

There are red floral throw pillows on the couch to complement the table cloth.

What a thoughtful way to design a front porch.

13. Maroon Seating on a Front Porch with Gray Floor and Green Siding

maroon seating on a front porch with gray floor and green siding
maroon seating on a front porch with gray floor and green siding. image © bertrandlandscape.com

Who said that a traditional setting only consists of neutral shades?

This traditional front porch proves otherwise. It features a lovely maroon-colored seating area that consists of a couch, a chair, and a swing. This is complete seating for a front porch, making it a perfect spot to hang out with friends and family.

Unlike the previous pictures, where the different seating areas on a front porch have different colors and tones, the homeowners decided it would be best to achieve cohesion. The furniture was purchased at a merchandise mart in Chicago.

It shows that the maroon seating beautifully contrasts the green siding.

Green and red will basically clash if they’re juxtaposed. That’s why if they’re used together, they need several neutral tones to tone down the clash. Even though the neutral tones are not dominant, they are enough to bridge the maroon and green shade.

See how the white siding, gray floor, and beige rug with brown edging complement the maroon and green combination.

The homeowners also placed some brightly colored throw pillows upon a multicolored striped cushion in this seating to add more fun and make it more whimsical in a traditional look.

14. Stone Front Porch with Chairs, Ottoman, and Cushioned Bench as Seating

stone front porch with chairs, ottoman, and cushioned bench as seating
stone front porch with chairs, ottoman, and cushioned bench as seating. image © oconnorbrehm.com

This is a perfect example of a traditional stone front porch with seating.

The seating area is simple with a neutral color palette, but it’s clear that the designer didn’t prioritize aesthetic purposes when they designed this front porch. It’s all about comfort and function.

The chairs are completed with an ottoman that shares a similar shade. This ottoman can double as a table and a leg rests too.

If you want to keep it low-key and have limited space, it is recommended to use a multipurpose piece like this.

There’s also a cushioned bench that can be used as extra seating. You can bet your bottom dollar that it would be very comfortable to sit on this bench for a long time. The cushion gives you all the comfort you need.

It seems that the chairs and the ottoman are made of wicker, while the bench has a metal structure.

What a contrasting element here. But it’s an excellent way to add more character to your front porch, especially if they are placed upon a stone floor and an exterior stone wall as their background.

15. Vintage Chic Glider and a Seating Chair on an Eclectic Porch

vintage chic glider and a seating chair on an eclectic porch
vintage chic glider and a seating chair on an eclectic porch. image © sarahgreenman.com

From the mix of styles this front porch has, it’s obvious that this is an eclectic porch.

The concrete floor, the vintage seating, the polished brick exterior wall, and the green trimmed cabinet have their own characters and the designer mixed them in one place.

According to the designer, a fun trivia here, the homeowner originally only had the little side table from Restoration Hardware. But one day, she drove by someone’s house, and they were throwing the two chairs and the glider because they got a little rusty in the legs. The homeowner picked them up out of the trash.

See how homeowners managed to make a vintage chic seating out of someone’s trash! This seating consists of a glider and two chairs.

If you think that rocking chairs are way too common, you can rely on a glider as an alternative. It has all the comfort a rocking chair has, but it is chicer with a touch of retro look.

This seating area is not completed with any bright cushion, but they have patterned throw pillows. Each seat has its own pillow in a different pattern. The patterned pillows are enough to make this seating less bare.

16. Combination of Wicker and Wrought Iron Seating in a Timeless Porch

combination of wicker and wrought iron seating in a timeless porch
combination of wicker and wrought iron seating in a timeless porch. image © taylormadecontracting.com

You’ve seen several traditional front porches before, and most of them are completed with one material only when it comes to the seating, and mostly it is wood. It’s because wood is the most common material to complete the traditional look.

This traditional front porch, on the other hand, is totally different. It has a combination of wicker and wrought iron seating.

Indeed, most of the furniture is made of wicker, from the couch to the chairs. But the bench is made of wrought iron, and it gives a lovely contrast to this porch, delivering a timeless look because both wicker and wrought iron can never be out of style.

This is a large front porch. So, no wonder the homeowners wanted it to be as comfortable as possible. The bulky couches, along with the chairs, are enough to guarantee comfort, especially since they are completed with a thick cushion.

Speaking of the cushion, see how the fabric brightens up the entire look. The designer didn’t shy away from bold and colorful patterns even though it is a traditionally styled area.

Look at the soft yellow floral cushion on the couches. They dramatically contrast the solid red-colored cushion in the chairs.

The dark-colored seats are meant to be a neutral background to counteract the boldness of the pattern. The beige and the red trimmed rug are also helpful to create a balance.

17. Iron Beds, Stools, and a Chair as a County Front Porch Seating

iron beds, stools, and a chair as a county front porch seating
iron beds, stools, and a chair as a county front porch seating. image © hendrickschurchill.com

If you think that couches, chairs, and benches are too mainstream for your front porch and you want to prioritize comfort over beauty, you might want to consider using a bed instead of cushioned couches and chairs.

Beds will never fail to give you a perfect napping zone. Imagine taking a nap on this screened-in porch. There are two beds here, completed with a thick mattress and a slipcover.

The most striking part of this country front porch is the blue patterned slipcover. The striped slipcover complements the geometrically patterned throw pillows.

Both of them are in a similarly blue shade, a shade that will provide a calm and tranquil sensation.

There are stools in front of the beds. These stools are multipurpose pieces. They can be an extra space but at the same time can be a table too, a spot to place your cup of tea.

A big contemporary styled armchair also looks snuggly and warm, equipped with a white blanket.

What a lovely and cozy seating space.

18. How to Decorate Front Porch Seating

There are some things you can do to enhance the look of your front porch seating:

  1. Embrace symmetry: A symmetrical and streamlined design can make a small front porch look bigger. Add a pair of simple chairs completed with matching pillows on both sides of the door. Decorate the front steps with identical potted plants to create cohesion and a balanced look.
  2. Optimize Every Inch: Limited space isn’t an excuse for holding back from creating a pretty and comfortable front porch seating. Opt for low-profile and lightweight furniture that can be easily moved if needed. You can also add multipurpose pieces, like stools that can double as a side table and extra seating.
  3. Scale down the seating: For those who have a small front porch, sized-down seating and furniture can avoid the overwhelmed feeling. Look for comfy armless chairs to prevent visual bulk or sectional sofas that can be pulled apart if needed. Complete them with a round accent-sized table.
  4. Add some key outdoor accessories: Make sure you add accessories that will make your front porch seem complete but not cluttered. A cushioned wicker chair is one of the recommended pieces for your seating area. Complete it with a small side table made of wood and a small area rug underfoot.
  5. Include pillows: Pillow is an inseparable element from most seating areas. It can add colors and characters to your front porch without making it visually heavy. The pattern and the color can be matched the surrounding. Perch pillows on a swing or other seating as an easy way to update your porch.
  6. Separate the areas: If you have a large front porch and utilize it for several different purposes, make sure you separate each area clearly. Zone the area for eating, relaxing, or even cooking, for instance, if you install an outdoor kitchen there. And make sure the space in front of the entrance is clear from anything.