15 Minimalist Styled Black Windows White Trim for a Timeless Look

15 Minimalist Styled Black Windows White Trim

When you thumb through the interior decorating catalogs online, you’ll notice that black windows are a popular choice, a trend that most designers embrace.

Over a decade ago, black-framed windows could be seen everywhere in many homes. Recently, it has been a bit different. The black windows are surrounded by white trim to create a timeless addition to interiors and exteriors.

We can’t deny that black windows create an industrial and contemporary appeal to your home. Moreover, if you combine it with white trim.

This combination works well with a variety of other home styles, from craftsman to ranch-style. They provide a minimalist yet stylish look, a classic combination.

When installing black windows with white trim, remember that your choice of material matters.

It can enhance the entire look but at the same time may increase the cost of the windows and the installation too. For instance, black steel windows are considered the most expensive, while aluminum and wood windows are more affordable.

So is the trim. When choosing window trim, you should also know that material can influence appearance.

Window trim is available in wood, cement, fiber, vinyl, and aluminum. Wood, especially solid wood, is the most popular option, while vinyl is inexpensive.

Those little details can help make your home stand out and look great.

Here are the curated look of black windows with white trim that will never fail to give you a timeless look:

1. Black Casement Windows with Craftsman-Style White Colored Trim

black casement windows with craftsman-style white colored trim
black casement windows with craftsman-style white colored trim. image © urrutiadesign.com

Even though this bedroom has a transitional design, the window trim is obviously craftsman styled, with a thick and simple look.

The windows are made of wood and painted in black, the kind of stylish window we all need in our rooms if we want something modern. These are casement windows from Loewen and purchased through Glass Concepts in San Rafael, CA.

The single grid windows are roughly 2’x4,’ and they were installed on each side of the bed. This way, the homeowners will have plenty of natural light that wakes them up every morning.

The craftsman-style trim is painted in white when it comes to the trim. According to the designer, the window trim is made of mostly simple 1”x6” stock.

The white trim creates a contrast to the black windows. But, the designer also created a contrast to the walls around.

Black and white walls deliver a traditional look. However, the walls also contrast the trim and the windows, adding a warm tone, which is Benjamin Moore – Woodcliff Lake 980. The accent wall gives a more modern look.

The traditional classic combination and a warm accent color offer a perfect transitional look.

2. Black Bay Windows with a Crisp White Trim that Blends with the Walls

black bay windows with a crisp white trim that blends with the walls
black bay windows with a crisp white trim that blends with the walls. image © sklardesign.com

If you want a more opened up and brighter room, matching the white window trim to the wall around is recommended.

The black bay windows look incredible in this family room paired with the white window trim.

We can see no difference between the white trim and the white walls. Both blend seamlessly. The white elements in this room serve as a canvas because there are various color combinations.

Let’s say, the black, white, and red rug, the yellow-beige cushion in the banquette, and the patterned black and white throw pillows, along with the more colorful one.

It is obvious that the banquette area is the brightest and most fun spot in the room. That is why, in order to create a balance, every other element in this room should be in a neutral color combination.

The black and white window delivers a traditional look, while the colorful elements give a modern style. When traditional meets modern, that’s when transitional style begins.

3. Eclectic Living Room with Black Arched Iron Windows and White Trim

eclectic living room with black arched iron windows and white trim
eclectic living room with black arched iron windows and white trim. image © alairhomes.com

Combining several different styles in a room will create a perfect eclectic style.

You can see in this living room, there are modern, traditional, and even Tuscan elements mixed together. The patterned black and white tiled floor gives a traditional look, but the velvet couches are more modern. The Tuscan style can be seen from the arched windows.

There are two arched windows in this eclectic living room, which seem to be made of iron. The black iron windows basically exude modern style. Yet, they are designed in the arch, which is a characteristic of a Tuscan or Mediterranean style.

These windows are framed by white trim. It is barely noticeable from this angle because the designer decided to paint the trim in white to match the walls around.

Matching the trim and the walls will create a seamless look. This is a great idea to incorporate if you don’t want to attract much attention through the windows. Such a low-key combination will be easier to pair with any style.

4. Wide Picture Windows in Black Color Surrounded by White Trim for Contrast

wide picture windows in black color surrounded by white trim for contrast
wide picture windows in black color surrounded by white trim for contrast. image © jasonthomasarchitect.com

Basically, there are only two windows with one single door.

However, the designer managed to make it as if they were all windows because the windows and the doors have a similar design and are made of similar material. If you’re wondering, those are Loewen Windows and Doors.

The door is on the left side, the operable one. It has six panels of glass, which enables the natural light to illuminate the entire room.

The windows seem to be a picture window, a non-operable one. However, that’s more than enough to brighten up the room and increase the modern style, especially it is framed with white trim.

Actually, this living room has a lovely farmhouse style. You can see it from the light tone wood floor and white elements scattered perfectly in this room. However, the orange accent color is added to give a splash of modern style.

The blending of white trim and white walls is used as a background to accommodate a bolder color. Thus, it is safe to say that this family room has an excellent modern farmhouse style.

5. Combination of The Black Window, White Trim, and Gray Siding

combination of the black window, white trim, and gray siding
combination of the black window, white trim, and gray siding. image © david phillips

There’s something elegant in this traditional exterior. Maybe it is the neutral color scheme that makes the house look put together. This is a mid-sized three-story wood house completed with a shingle roof.

The windows were manufactured by Jeld-wen, the kind of windows with clad exterior and painted wood interior, which is impossible to see from this angle.

The overall height of these windows is 53”, which let a 30” sill height. The window trim surrounding each window is 5/4” x 3 1/2” AZEK trim, an off-white color that contrasts the black windows. It was primed and finished in a Benjamin Moore color.

The perfect thing about this exterior is that the designer combined three neutral colors together.

The black windows contrast the white trim, and the white trim complements the soft gray siding. The siding is Hardiplank, a pre-finished product painted in gray color.

We can see how the neutral colors scatter around the exterior nicely. The black windows match the roof, while the white trim matches the front stairs, the railings, and the garage door.

Gray element dominates this house exterior, balancing the black and white color flawlessly.

6. Black Custom Window Wall with White Trim and a Curtain to Give Privacy

black custom window wall with white trim and a curtain to give privacy
black custom window wall with white trim and a curtain to give privacy. image © e-herridge.com

This sophisticated dining room shows the custom iron windows in black color that fill most part of the wall.

These huge grid windows open to the breath-taking view of the lake, which brings the outdoors in. It’s quite a sensation to enjoy your meals and the view together.

The black windows are framed with white trim. Like other traditional designs that prefer not to draw much attention by creating layered contrast, the designer also refused to paint the walls in a different, bold color.

Instead, they painted the walls in white to match the trim, so they could blend seamlessly and make the black windows pop.

In order to gain more privacy, a curtain is added as a window treatment.

Still, the designer carefully selected the curtain in white color and light fabric so it won’t overwhelm the window area.

After all, despite being large and majestic, the widows here are not meant to be the center of attention. They are simply used functionally to make the homeowners feel outside indoors.

The glass elements in the windows are also simple and minimalist, which can reflect the soft yellow lights from the chandelier, the table lamps, and the ceiling lights.

7. Black Double Hung Windows with White Trim and Columns in a Traditional Exterior

black double hung windows with white trim and columns in a traditional exterior
black double hung windows with white trim and columns in a traditional exterior. image © alairhomes.com

This is another traditional home exterior that features three neutral colors all at once.

This two-story house is completed with a hip and a shingle roof to highlight the traditional appearance. But, apart from that, what makes this exterior conventional is the color scheme.

Simple and minimalist, that’s the best way how to describe this house.

The windows seem to be made of metal, complete with a decorative panel in the upper part. Those are painted in Sherwin Williams – Inkwell 6992 to bring out the luxurious look because black will never fail to create elegance and luxury.

To create a classic contrast, the window trim, along with other trims in this exterior, the columns, and the treads on the front stairs are painted in Sherwin Williams – Extra White 7006 with a semi-gloss finish.

The semi-gloss finish here is excellent to create a polished look, a kind of sheen appearance if you want to achieve a clean and neat design.

This is the kind of finish you’d need for white paint color because white is often associated with cleanness, neatness, and sleekness.

The color that ties the black and white elements together is the gray siding, which is painted in Sherwin Williams – Grays Harbor 6236.

As a result of the black and white mixture, gray can complement black and white perfectly. This way, this gray house looks balanced and perfect.

8. Black Decorative Transom and Sidelight Windows Framed by White Trim in a Craftsman’s House

black decorative transom and sidelight windows framed by white trim in a craftsman's house
black decorative transom and sidelight windows framed by white trim in a craftsman’s house. image © theworkspdx.com

This lovely house has a craftsman-style exterior. You can see it from the window trim on the transom and sidelight. In order to highlight the thickness of the trim, the designer contrasted it to the black windows.

The trim is painted in Farrow and Ball – Pointing, which is a crisp white color that looks super sleek when juxtaposed with the black windows and siding.

On the other hand, the window sashes are made similar to the door. They are painted in Benjamin Moore – Black Tar, a kind of shade that’s intensely dark. You should choose this type of canvas if you want to make the white element pop.

The siding looks more gray than black, but it is actually dark too. According to the designer, the siding is painted in 75% Benjamin Moore – Iron Mountain.

Why does it have to be 75% saturation?

It is because the original color is just too strong for the designer’s taste. The black is just too intense, and it would overwhelm the entire exterior. That’s why the paint was mixed to achieve only 75% of the pigment. At the paint store, the storekeeper will do this for you.

This way, the window trim still looks pop against the black color. However, the siding doesn’t entirely match the windows and door. It just complements them.

Keep this in mind if you want to use black exterior color. Using too much black will only make your house look dark and smaller than it actually is. Combine it with the right amount of white to counter the effect of black.

9. Victorian Family Room with Black Double Hung Windows, White Trim, and Beige Wall

victorian family room with black double hung windows, white trim, and beige wall
victorian family room with black double hung windows, white trim, and beige wall. image © fox force five construction

Actually, the windows in this Victorian family room are double-hung windows. However, they were set and designed to perfectly mimic the bay window style.

This is an excellent idea if you can’t afford bay windows, but you still want to achieve an elegant look.

The double-hung windows are finished in black color to contrast the white trim. It is clear that the designer used a craftsman style for the window trim because it looks thick and prominent, especially it is also completed with crown molding.

Using this kind of window trim can enhance the Victorian style in your area.

The windows seem to be in contrast with the trim. Yet, the designer doesn’t intend to blend the trim and the walls around.

There’s a subtle difference between the window trim and the walls. The walls are beige, while the trim is super white. The walls in this living room are painted in Benjamin Moore – Abalone.

Even though the walls are not pure white, they complement the white elements in this room perfectly. The artworks are also painted in black and crisp white, apart from the window trim.

Generally, this area features a black and white color scheme with brown as an accent color. That’s why every single element here should carry a black and white combo.

10. Grid Glass Panel Windows in Black with White Trim to Create a Modern Farmhouse Style

grid glass panel windows in black with white trim to create a modern farmhouse style
grid glass panel windows in black with white trim to create a modern farmhouse style. image © crisparchitects.com

This kitchen actually has a farmhouse style, which can be clearly seen through the white design.

However, using too much white can be intimidating because it looks too sterile and reminds you of a hospital room. Therefore, the designer also added a black element.

Incorporating black in an all-white design will add a touch of modern style. Hence, the modern farmhouse style.

There are grid glass panel windows, which are basically casement windows made of wood from Marvin.

The windows have double panes with low E argon gas for better insulation against the cold weather during the winter. They are painted in black to dramatically contrast the white trim and walls.

The simplicity in the window’s design also enhances the modern look. It is sleek with clean lines. The white trim and the white walls are meant to highlight the intense black of these windows.

Moreover, in the upper part of the windows, there are black wall sconces used to highlight the windows. The reflected glass will add more warmth to this kitchen.

11. Small Square Shaped Black Window with Polished White Trim that Blends to the Sleek Subway Tile

small square shaped black window with polished white trim that blends to the sleek subway tile
small square shaped black window with polished white trim that blends to the sleek subway tile. image © jrarchitecture.co

This small square-shaped window looks lovely in this small bathroom.

If you have a small area, it is recommended to complete it with a tiny window too, because large ones will only take more wall space and it can make the area look crowded.

The small window is painted in black, and it has a simple and sleek design with a grid of four glass panels.

A small grid window painted in black matches the artwork hung on the wall. It may be the purpose of hanging the monochromatic artworks because the designer wanted to create a cohesive look, matching artworks and the window.

The difference is the artworks have white trim with a black frame, while the windows are painted in black with white trim.

The white trim looks thick, yet it is not too prominent. It blends into the subway tile wall, but not that seamless. The trim design contrasts the tiles, but the basic color is still the same.

Therefore, the black window looks pop, but subtly. It is because the bathroom has a black and white color combo, with no bold accent to highlight the traditional look.

Thus, the window is no different; it is designed in a simple and minimalist color scheme to blend with the surrounding.

12. Black Windsor Windows with White Trim Combined with Soft Green Siding

black windsor windows with white trim combined with soft green siding
black windsor windows with white trim combined with soft green siding. image © ritewaycustomhomes.com

You have seen the black and white color combo in both exteriors and interiors. But, what about a black and white color scheme with green as an accent color?

It may sound weird at first, but it turns out that green, especially soft green like this, is a warm tone that can accentuate the black and white combo.

The windows here are painted in black, from Windsor Windows. The trim, along with the window trim, is painted in creamy white color.

Basically, if you simply combine white trim with black windows and doors, the exterior will have an ordinary traditional look. On the other hand, this Victorian exterior with a shingle roof and mixed siding have a richer look.

The siding is Louisiana Pacific SmartSide and painted in Benjamin Moore.

Unfortunately, the designer doesn’t provide detailed information about the specific paint color. They just stated that the siding was painted within the green pallet. It shows that soft green siding accentuates the black and white combo flawlessly.

As a fresh and organic color, green will never fail to add a natural element to your house. The green shade will make everything pop paired with a Victorian design and classic color combo.

13. Victorian House with Windows Painted in Black Panther, Off-white Trim Painted in Carrington Beige, and Soft Brown Siding Painted in Racoon Hollow

victorian house with windows painted in black panther, off-white trim painted in carrington beige, and soft brown siding painted in racoon hollow
victorian house with windows painted in black panther, off-white trim painted in carrington beige, and soft brown siding painted in racoon hollow. image © lda-architects.com

The fascinating thing about the Victorian house is the soft and calming color scheme. Even though there is no bold and bright color, the combination still delivers an eye-pleasing aesthetic.

If you’re wondering, all of the elements in this exterior are painted in Benjamin Moore. The windows and the french doors are painted in “Black Panther”, the trim is in “Carrington Beige”, the body is in “Racoon Hollow”, and the accent is “Brandon Beige”.

The contrast between the black windows and the white trim is quite strong. We can see clearly how prominent the trim is against the black color.

However, the trim becomes less prominent when it is juxtaposed to the siding. It is because the siding and the trim are basically in the same color, only in a different shade. Despite its name, the trim is whiter than the body, which is in beige color.

However, beige complement the white trim perfectly. They both accentuate each other but don’t blend seamlessly. The beige gives more room to the entire exterior, making it look contrast but just a bit.

The ornate wood element in the siding also plays a big part in making the entire exterior look warm and inviting in a Victorian way.

14. Gender-Neutral Scandinavian Nursery with Black Windows, Roman Shade, and White Trim

gender-neutral scandinavian nursery with black windows, roman shade, and white trim
gender-neutral scandinavian nursery with black windows, roman shade, and white trim. image © marcusseconstruction.com

If you think a pink or blue nursery is overrated, you should consider painting it in a gender-neutral color. And what’s more neutral than a black and white combination?

This mid-sized nursery has a stylish and sophisticated color combo. The entire walls are painted in polished black color, similar to the windows.

The trim, on the contrary, is painted in bright white. The intense black and white in this combination counteract each other. It is obvious that the designer incorporated white to make the room look brighter despite its black walls.

The huge windows here are also meant to let the natural light illuminate the whole area. The more intense and dramatic contrast you have, the more modern and stylish your room will be.

Due to the huge windows, it is essential to add roman shade as a window treatment. The shade is used to block the light if it gets too bright.

The great thing is, the roman shade was carefully selected in a wood tone, a light one, to match the light wood floor. The wood element is added as an accent.

The crib and the small stool are both made of wood but in a different tone. Those are meant to add more character to this ultra-modern nursery.

15. Black and White Window and Trim in a Beach-Style Staircase with a Wood Element as an Accent

black and white window and trim in a beach-style staircase with a wood element as an accent
black and white window and trim in a beach-style staircase with a wood element as an accent. image © alexanderdesigngroup.com

Actually, this staircase area is not that large. However, it looks bright and spacious due to the all-white design.

White is indeed a perfect color to choose if you want to make an illusion of a bigger room. Plus, white never fails to make the area look clean and polished. That’s why this staircase is painted in white.

Apart from making it bright and spacious, the designer also intended to achieve a beach-style look.

The all-white design is balanced by the wood element that can be seen from the railing staircase, the floor, and the treads.

Wood is a perfect pairing for white paint because it can create an organic look, making the white look fresher and less intimidating. In a coastal style, white and wood are a match made in heaven.

It seems that the designer wanted to add some more fun, a more stylish design because wood and white are way too common.

That’s why the windows were painted in black color, the kind of black that’s intense enough to counteract the brightness of white.

The trim is painted in white to match the walls. Like you see in many traditional designs, the trim and the walls are supposed to blend seamlessly, not to accentuate each other.

Hence, the trim here is quite hard to see, difficult to distinguish the trim and the walls. They serve as a background, a canvas for bold blue throw pillows added to the bench.

16. Tips for Decorating Black Windows and White Trim

When decorating black windows and white trim, the first thing you’ll notice is that such a combo will always be part of your design scheme.

For instance, selecting bright and bold colored window treatment is a mistake. The main reason is that they cover the elegance of black windows and white trim, and, in doing so, the room looks too busy and overwhelming.

Here are additional tips for decorating black windows and white trim:

  1. Set Layered Contrast. We know that black windows and white trim have already been a contrast. Yet, you can also create another contrast to using the white trim to its full potential. For instance, highlight the white trim better by painting your walls in a deep dark hue. And, scatter other white elements in your room to balance the design.
  2. Blending It. On the other hand, if you want to create a cohesive, seamless design, you can take the opposite side. Instead of creating contrast, you should also paint the walls white. This way, the trim is barely noticeable, creating a flowing design right from the windows to the entire room.
  3. Pais with Cool Colors. If you want to decorate your exterior, you can paint the walls or the siding with tones like greens, blues, or grays. Choose a cooler shade of white for the trim of your black windows. The easiest way to find the right white is by holding a paint of chip of the wall color against many swatches of white shades.
  4. Combine with Neutrals. Last, you can experiment with other combinations, like warm and cool tones. For instance, black windows and white trim can be paired with gray walls or siding. Incorporate some warm neutrals in your design, too, to create a soothing and eye-pleasing effect.