15 Most Stunning Pergola Attached to Roof for a More Structured Garden Area

15 Most Stunning Pergola Attached To Roof

The appearance of a pergola attached to a roof or to a house can be quite adorable. It can be an extension of a liveable space while also making a connection between the outdoors and the indoors.

Installing a pergola next to your house will add value to your property because pergola can serve as an enjoyable area.

When installing a pergola, you can do it in a DIY project or outsource the work to a local carpenter. Installing a pergola doesn’t take much time. It takes approximately one or two weekends. It is better to elaborate more on a pergola installation.

You can consider upgrades like an outdoor kitchen, surrounding patio, an area around the pool, attractive landscaping, or a raised sitting area.

Here are some inspirations of the pergola attached to the roof. Each of them has a different style, but they do share a similar function: to create a more structured garden or yard area.

1. White Structured Pergola Attached to a Dark Roof

white structured pergola attached to a dark roof
white structured pergola attached to a dark roof. image © kkdesigngroup.com

This is a contemporary exterior home with two attached pergolas. It seems that both areas of the house are detached. Each of them has its own pergola.

The first pergola is on the left. It covers the double glass door and a bar with some stools. This pergola is perfect for those who want to have some drinks after swimming.

The second pergola is on the right. It covers the tall glass windows on each side of the house and one dining area.

Both white pergolas are et directly over the exterior walls of the house. They feature structural support penetrating the roof. The roof itself was flashed to avoid water leakage.

Basically, if you want to install a pergola like this, you need to consult a structural engineer, depends on the size of the pergola, of course. It is because the detail of the roof penetration is important to prevent rain leakage into the wall of the house. It is absolutely not a DIY project.

The arbor used here is roughly 14’ x 18’. However, you should know that a 20 x 28’ arbor probably requires a steel frame or an intermediate frame. Anything this size also requires a permit from the involvement of a structural engineer and city of jurisdiction to accommodate wind load impacts and seismic.

There is no information about the paint used for the structure of these pergolas, but Benjamin Moore – White is pretty close to this. The material of the pergolas is not stated either, but it looks like cypress or cedar.

2. Victoria Style Pergola Attached to a Roof of Wood Exterior Home

victoria style pergola attached to a roof of wood exterior home
victoria style pergola attached to a roof of wood exterior home. image © woodmeister.com

This pergola is not that large, but it is enough to accommodate one seating area.

This attached pergola is not totally covered since it only has a post and beam structure with no “real” roof upon it. However, during the summer days, those covers are enough to shade the seating area. This is a perfect inspiration for a victorian wood exterior home.

If you are wondering how the pergola is attached to the roof, the ends of the pergola beams are kept off of the roof with stainless steel “T” custom-shaped clips that look similar to roof snow guards. Those are flashed and fastened to the roof. Each clip’s top end is later mortised to the beam, and after that, it is plugged, sanded, and painted too.

The end of the beam is kept off and spaced roughly 1/2” above the red cedar shingle that has been finished. This way, the beam looks as if it was penetrating through. The header beam features brackets that are attached to the top with screws. The joists are attached to the same bracket with screws too.

There is one white column at this pergola to support the structure. Both the column and the structures are painted in polished white color, which is a basic white that can be easily found in many paint manufacturers. It looks lovely combined with the front entry door, which is a Simpson Entry Door in Fir wood. The shutters and the door are painted in Benjamin Moore – Racoon Fur.

3. Cedar Pergola Attached to a Brown Roof

cedar pergola attached to a brown roof
cedar pergola attached to a brown roof. image © texanpergola.com

This attached pergola creates a different look from the exterior and the roof.

In fact, the exterior of this house has three different elements. The roof is in brown color. The front walls are made out of polished bricks. And the pergola is made from stained wood. Each of them, though it shares a similar shade of brown, has different color and style.

The pergola is a 16’ x 18’ structure that is from cedar wood. It features black post bases and beam supports. What a nice idea for a large timeless home exterior design remodels. The pergola doesn’t have a fully covered structure, but it is shady enough to cover a seating area. The seating area, however, is placed right in the front porch, which is totally covered. This pergola is left empty; maybe it can be used as a carport too.

Why a carport? Because it is paved in what seems like travertine. Travertine is a common paver material, and it can be used as a driveway too.

4. Bright Attached Pergola with Flowers to a Roof of a Gray House

bright attached pergola with flowers to a roof of a gray house
bright attached pergola with flowers to a roof of a gray house. image © watermanandsun.com

What a beautiful and lovely pergola! This is different from any other pergola you may have ever seen.

This is basically a traditional brick pergola. However, instead of a usually exposed structure of post and beam, this pergola has an exposed gable roof structure. There is no column to support the pergola’s roof. It is simply attached to the main roof of the house.

What makes it unique is the roof is decorated with flowers. The plant you see here is Distictis Bignoniaceae with blood-red trumpet flowers. This vine serves as a cover for this uncovered pergola.

The plants were planted in a small box made out of bricks on each side of the pergola’s front. Later, those are crawling up to the pergola’s roof.

It covers a seating area that can be used as a spot to enjoy some cups of tea outdoor.

If you are curious how the pergola is attached to the roof, you can see here that there is a vertical wall above the window and the door. The arbor is attached below the roof overhang.

The designer decided to leave some space between the roof and the rafters to let the airflow. It is important to allow airflow so the wood can stay dry. Changes in the weather can’t bother the structure too. So, the rafters on the left side here are not attached to the roof.

The vertical wall above the door is vertical pieces of wood. They were bolted to the existing wall to hold the beams extending to the two front posts.

5. Rustic Pergola Attached to a Roof as a Covered Patio

rustic pergola attached to a roof as a covered patio
rustic pergola attached to a roof as a covered patio. image © kkdesigngroup.com

The homeowners wanted to create an outdoor space in rustic style as opposed to their refined interior spaces, but still architecturally related to their property. Thus, the designer installed this rustic attached pergola.

This pergola is large enough to accommodate a party. It is completed with a round seating setting with a fire pit in the center. There is also an outdoor kitchen and a dining table set in this pergola.

The arbor columns are supported by cement plaster. The columns deliver enough visual tie to the house exterior. The rafter members and oversized wood beams create an unusual yet warm outdoor atmosphere.

If you notice, the use of hardware and structural bolts here is minimized to achieve a cleaner appearance. Structural supports and connections are engineered to meet stringent earthquake standards in California.

There is polycarbonate that goes under the standard shingles. It looks like it stopped at the edge of the shingles, enough to make sure the rainwater will go off the shingles and right into the polycarbonate.

The rainwater later flows off the polycarbonate and to the building roof that features a gutter to collect the rainwater so it won’t fall under the pergola cover. That way, the pergola remains totally dry even during the storms with no wind.

If you are curious, the lower beams here are 6x 12 cedarwood. The ridge beam is 4×12 parallam and veneered with cedar sheathing.

If you want to build a structure like this, it is recommended to consult with a structural engineer first. It is because different type of woods has different structural span tolerances. Plus, the connection between the beams has to be considered too.

The paving of this pergola is Arizona sandstone, in an Ashlar pattern and Buckskin color. This sandstone is set on top of a concrete base with an anti-fracture membrane and expansion joints to minimize surface cracking.

6. Wood Attached Pergola with Polycarbonate Roof

wood attached pergola with polycarbonate roof
wood attached pergola with polycarbonate roof. image © archadeck.com

This is an example of a traditional pergola situated in the backyard. This pergola is installed on top of a deck area. Thus, it features some stepping stairs with a wrought iron railing to border the pergola.

This is a covered pergola with polycarbonate on top of the beams to shield the area from any weather. The post and beam structure is a stained cedar that looks nice combined with the red brick wall.

This attached pergola is installed right in front of the house, so it can be used as a front porch too. There is a seating area that can be used by homeowners to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by the weather, thanks to the cover.

7. Attached Pergola on a Raised Stone Patio with a Hot Tub

attached pergola on a raised stone patio with a hot tub
attached pergola on a raised stone patio with a hot tub. image © theomniagroup.com

This pergola serves as an extension of the indoor living area. You can see that this attached pergola is completed with many entertainment elements, like a seating area and even a hot tub.

The pergola is situated on a raised stone patio completed with some narrow stepping stairs. Below the stairs, there is another patio. It is equipped with a half-circular seating area and a fire pit in the center.

From this backyard design, we can conclude that the homeowners really meant to create a huge enjoyable outdoor spot. The raised pergola is perfect for summer days.

The exposed structure is indeed not enough to cover the homeowners from the sun, but it is sufficient to provide the shade needed. It seems that the post and beam used are stained cedar.

The patio next to the pergola is meant for non-summer days. The fire pit can be used as a warmer during cold days. This backyard is such a perfect place to throw a garden party, for it can accommodate many people.

8. Pergola Attached to a Roof of a Craftsman Screened-in Back Porch

pergola attached to a roof of a craftsman screened-in back porch
pergola attached to a roof of a craftsman screened-in back porch. image © ebonyhi.com

This white structure of the attached pergola blends seamlessly with the exterior of the house.

The siding of this house is painted in soft green color, which seems nice combined with polished white color. The white pergola also matches the windows and doors’ trim. Basically, the color combination here makes the building look warm and comfortable.

Next to the pergola, there is a screened-in porch completed with Eze Breeze windows. The covered porch and the open pergola are built side by side, so the homeowners can still enjoy the view outside despite the weather.

The screened-in porch is perfect for colder days. It is perfect for covering the ones inside from the weather. The pergola, on the other hand, is perfect for summer days.

There are several seating spots in the pergola. First, there is a round table set with stools, can be used for an outdoor dining area. There is also a set of what seems to be rattan armchairs. And the most comfortable spot is the couch swing.

9. Contemporary Backyard with an Attached Pergola to a Flat Roof

contemporary backyard with an attached pergola to a flat roof
contemporary backyard with an attached pergola to a flat roof. image © brettzamoredesign.com

This is a contemporary backyard completed with a pergola. The pergola is more like an industrial-style building. It is equipped with a long table with some chairs that can be used for an outdoor dining area. There is also a metal table with BBQ/Smokers in Green Egg color and in large size.

The metal table is completed with 2” thick concrete that is poured on-site. It seems that this is such a nice table for outdoor activity. Unfortunately, this is a custom-made table, so you can’t find it available anywhere.

This pergola seems like it was attached, but actually, this was a standalone building. However, there is a slope towards the home to utilize the gutters. So basically, this can be considered as an attached pergola to a roof.

What makes it unique is, the cedar is laid horizontally instead of vertically. A setting like this is definitely a great way to keep the yard more private. The fence features 1/2” spacing in 1×4 cedarwood. This pergola is also supported by a structural concrete footing.

When it comes to the roof, the designer used a standing seam metal roof upon the 1×4 cedar roof screeds. The columns and beams are wood rafters with HSS (Hollow Structural Sections Steel Tube).

10. Spacious Pergola Attached to a Shingle Roof

spacious pergola attached to a shingle roof
spacious pergola attached to a shingle roof. image © precisionhomecrafters.com

This pergola seems like a covered front porch because it is installed right next to the main property, and it is attached to the roof.

The width of this pergola is similar to the width of the house’s side, so it can be considered as a large pergola.

The exterior of this house is in the Craftsman style. The designer decided to blend tile, wood, and stone in a natural color palette.

The pergola itself features an exposed structure made out of what seems like cypress or cedarwood. It is floored with wood-like tile to match the post and beam.

The pergola is situated on top of a steep slope, so it is supported by a retaining wall made out of natural stone.

Sitting in this pergola would be comfortable since it is fully covered. It seems that the beam is covered with polycarbonate.

The structure of this pergola is attached to a shingle roof of the main property. The stained wood of this pergola blends seamlessly with the siding in the shingle roof.

Moreover, it also looks nice combined with the green siding of the house. There is no information about the green paint used, but you can try Hunter Green from Benjamin Moore.

11. Stained Pergola Attached to a Roof of a Cottage Barn

stained pergola attached to a roof of a cottage barn
stained pergola attached to a roof of a cottage barn. image © one10studio.com

Unlike the other pergola you’ve seen from the pictures above, this pergola is not attached to the roof of the main house. Instead, this attached pergola is connected to the roof of the cottage barn. This pergola is detached from the main property. It is situated in the backyard.

The pergola is considerably small to match the size of the cottage barn.

Like the other pergolas, it also features a post and beam structure. It used stained and polished cedarwood. The natural polished wood seems to contrast with the white cottage barn.

The siding of the barn is made from painted board and batten. There is no information about the paint used, but you can try White from Benjamin Moore. The roof seems sparkly under the sunlight, so it looks more whitish.

There is a small yet comfortable seating area under the pergola. It is perfect for a small group of people who want to enjoy the view outside.

The pergola and most of the backyard are paved with flagstone paver. Around the pergola, there are many bushes, foliages, and even towering trees. This landscape is such an inspiration for a city farmhouse.

12. Small Raised Pergola with Post and Beam Structure Attached to Roof

small raised pergola with post and beam structure attached to roof
small raised pergola with post and beam structure attached to roof. image © houzz.com

This is an example of a small yet trendy house. This tiny house is perfectly painted in dark brown color. No information about the paint used, but it seems that Chocolate Sundae from Benjamin Moore is pretty close.

This all-brown house is also combined with a weathered brick wall and dark-trimmed window as an accent.

The pergola is small and built on top of a raised decking. The pergola is made out of light tonewood, both the flooring and the structure. It looks perfect in contrast with the dark brown siding. Even the furniture pieces were also carefully picked to match the main color of the pergola.

What makes it unique is, the beam structure of the pergola is built to mimic the gable roof of the main house. Both are connected.

This attached pergola, however, doesn’t have a cover. But it looks perfectly shade due to the towering trees in the front yard of the house and the vines and foliages around the pergola.

13. Mountain Style Pergola Attached to a Gable Metal Roof

mountain style pergola attached to a gable metal roof
mountain style pergola attached to a gable metal roof. image © vandervort.com

This is a nice idea for a mountain-style pergola. This small pergola leads to a bedroom. It means that this pergola can be served as a porch too.

The characteristics of mountain style can be seen from the log columns, natural stone walls, and fieldstone paver. The metal roof in this house only adds a modern touch to this rustic home.

There is no seating area in this pergola. It means that this is not the place to spend some time enjoying the view outside. Instead, this is only a transit area before heading to the bedroom.

The bedroom of this house features an AEP Span roof in a painted finish called Zactique II. This gable roof is attached to the beam of the pergola.

The pergola structure is exposed, as most designs of a pergola. The logs you see for the columns here are cedar trees. FYI, those trees came down in a wind storm, so those logs are 100% natural wood. It is finished in TimberPro stain.

The siding of the house is beveled lap siding milled from Cedarwood. On top of the trellis, there is a translucent white acrylic sheet to protect the homeowners or anyone in the pergola from the weather. But since it is translucent, it still allows natural light to pour into the house.

14. Tuscan Style Pergola Attached to a Copper Roof

tuscan style pergola attached to a copper roof
tuscan style pergola attached to a copper roof. image © sdgarchitecture.com

This green pergola looks fantastic from this angle.

This is a perfect example of a modern-living residence with a two-story building featuring gabled roofs and bay windows.

The combination of the stone exterior, use of horizontal lines, and the copper roofing detail brings a grounded and relaxing feeling to this home. It also gives the homeowners a familiar sensation combined with contemporary appeal.

This mid-sized Tuscan-style home exterior also features a pergola. The pergola is painted green, similar to the trim of the doors and windows. Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about the paint used. However, Tarrytown Green from Benjamin Moore looks pretty similar.

The fantastic green is combined with soft yellow paint color for the exterior. It seems that the paint used is Barely Yellow from Benjamin Moore.

The pergola here is attached to the structure of the house. There are several ways to do it.

The most common way is to attach the beam to the existing home’s rim joist. You can bolt it every 16” using stainless screws or galvanized. The rafters’ length depends on the size of the structure you are planning to build. Before ripping into the home, it is advised to check with your local building inspector to see the guidelines of an open structure.

This pergola is not fully covered, but it is accessorized with wisteria as creepers to provide some shades to the sitting area. The material used for the floor is stone tile. It blends seamlessly with the table set, giving a real Tuscan style.

15. Elegant Pergola Attached to a Sable Colored Roof

elegant pergola attached to a sable colored roof
elegant pergola attached to a sable colored roof. image © michaelsonhomes.com

This is a large elegant brown home with a wood exterior and two stories. It is completed with a shingle roof to emphasize its traditional style. The roof is Elk Shingles in Sable color. It matches perfectly with the red bricks and the white trim.

From this angle, we can see that there are several spots on the outside that can be used as a seating area. One of them is the white structured pergola.

The pergola can be accessed from the circular patio bordered by the low stone walls. It is quite hard to see from this angle, but it seems that there is another seating area in that open pergola.

Next to the white pergola, there is a more covered and bigger porch that can be used as a seating area too.

This bigger pergola is supported by four white columns and covered by a similar roof used for the main property. On the other hand, the white pergola features an open concept. So, that is a more suitable spot to enjoy nature.


So, what do you think about the pergola designs above? What style of pergola would you like to have in your yard?

From the pictures, we can conclude that, basically, the pergola features an open structure. Some of them may be protected by white acrylic roofs or polycarbonate, but basically, they have the same exposed structure.

However, not all of them are available for a DIY project. For a larger pergola with a more complicated structure, it is better to get a help of a professional to build it. Make sure it meets the requirements of the safety standard too.

Good luck with your project!