15+ Most Elegant Brick Houses with Shutters to Add Accent and Color to the Exterior

15  Most Elegant Brick Houses With Shutters To Add Accent And Color To The Exterior

Brick has been commonly used not only for construction but also for exterior, and it is for many good reasons.

The brick house has various benefits, and a combination of brick house with shutters is superb! First, it is great to know that brick is long-lasting, easy to keep up with, durable, and can increase the value of your house.

For the exterior options, bricks are indeed more expensive than any other options. It is because bricks need a strong drainage system to avoid problems relating to water damage.

Shutters provide an extra layer of protection between the window’s glass and the room. Shutters can keep the cold and heat out too. Plus, shutters can protect the rooms from the insects that may fly inside the house during the summer days.

Exterior window shutters basically come in four types: board and baton (also known as BnB), Bermuda, louvered, and paneled. When it comes to the materials, shutters are available in wood, faux wood, synthetic foam, vinyl, and medium density fiber. However, the most popular shutter material is Bass wood.

Shutters can be painted or stained too. If you want to get more ideas to inspire you to combine bricks and shutters, here are some pictures for you. Each picture represents a different style and design.

1. Traditional Brick House Exterior With Dark Shutters

traditional brick house exterior with dark shutters
traditional brick house exterior with dark shutters. image © laurauinteriordesign.com

This is an example of a traditional brick house in colonial style.

From this angle, it looks as if the bricks were painted beige. However, if you take a closer look, basically, they are the natural colored bricks in a reddish-brown color.

The bricks used here are Western Brick. But, you can also check with South Texas Brick. They have a queen or modular size that closely matches this antiquing/brick.

There is no detailed information on whether the bricks here are painted or not. Basically, this house’s exterior is in natural brick color.

The best shutter color for a brick house that is not painted is darker ones. It is meant to add drama to your house. This house proves that a dark shutter is really your best bet when it comes to a brick house in a natural color.

The tall glass windows look impressive in this manor-like building. The dark shutters contrast the whole exterior of the house.

However, in the center of the house, there are double-arched windows with white shutters. It is the only white shutters surrounded by the black ones. It is impossible to see whether the arched ones are double windows or a huge entryway. However, it is more likely dramatic double windows that serve as a focal point.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the paint used for the shutters, both black and white. However, it seems that they are the classic black and white color. You can go with Benjamin Moore – Black Satin for the dark shutters and Benjamin Moore – White Dove for the white one.

2. Beige Three-story Brick House Featuring Glossy Shutters

beige three-story brick house featuring glossy shutters
beige three-story brick house featuring glossy shutters. image © jamesmcdonaldarchitects.com

This is a large three-story house in beige color. It is completed with a brick exterior and a stone accent.

The combination of bricks and other stones in an exterior look stunning, especially if they are in neutral colors, like the ones you see here.

There is no information about the bricks and stones used. It seems that those stones are limestone, though. The beige bricks are most likely to be painted. They look lovely together with a hip roof.

There are three gable ends on these front elevations. Two of them are brick veneer in 4″, while one of them on the left is 4″ veneer stone.

The shutter color here is Gloss Black. In these photos, the color picks up some reflected hues, so it doesn’t look too black. It is safe to say that a beige brick-colored house is best combined with black or white shutters.

Fun fact: When being matched to the window trim, white shutters can make your house look bigger. On the contrary, black shutters can perfectly pop on bigger homes. As alternatives, you can also choose deep navy blues or dark forest green. Make sure to match with the front door too.

3. Elegant Porch of a Brick House with Charleston Green Shutters

elegant porch of a brick house with charleston green shutters
elegant porch of a brick house with charleston green shutters. image © maxcrosbyconstruction.com

What an elegant porch! This porch is floored with bricks, the same ones used for the house facade.

For some, using too many bricks in a house’s exterior may look too much. However, this house proves otherwise. Using similar bricks for the front porch’s floor and the facade of the house only makes it look classic and elegant.

The bricks used here are Shadow Stone by Boral Brick with Savannah Ivory mortar. These bricks are not solid bricks nor cut. They are queen-sized ones.

Yes, the bricks on the floor and in the facade appear different. However, the porch was laid with the same bricks set on the facade. There are presenting holes in the brick, and they are laid in a running bond pattern. The row lock around the perimeter is there to hide the holes in the brick.

The shutters are painted in Charleston Green. That is a popular color when it comes to shutters in a brick house. It is said that you can always use a bolder color if you want to show a more visual look and dynamic presence of your house.

Blues and greens are your best bet. Make sure it matches with the accent color you choose for the windows/doors/trim too.

In this case, the Charleston Green shutters are combined with white trim. And it turns out that they complement each other very well.

This combination is also mixed with a light blue color of the ceiling. It is painted in Piazza Blue by Sherwin Williams. Breath of Blue from Valspar is also similar to this one.

4. Mid-Sized White Brick House with Clad Windows Plus Shutters

mid-sized white brick house with clad windows plus shutters
mid-sized white brick house with clad windows plus shutters. image © jstevenkemp.com

This is a mid-sized three-story brick house in beige color. This house looks majestic because of a smart combination of painted bricks and a shingle roof.

Moreover, the designer combined white exterior color with dark windows, trim, doors, and shutters. They look contrast and dramatic at the same time.

The bricks were painted in Sherwin Williams – Shell White. FYI, the designer also used the same color for the house’s interior. For some, it might be boring. But it’s actually a nice idea to bring the interior and exterior together, isn’t it?

However, you should be careful when choosing a paint color. It is because a specific lighting and specific lot can change the color dramatically. It is always recommended to paint a sample area first (make sure it is a quite large area) that receives the most direct light and shadow and observe it during the day.

The gutters and windows, though they look really black, are not painted. They are in bronze color and custom made by a local metal shop. The trim here is a satin finish because glossy surfaces don’t really match the color here.

Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about the shutters’ color here. But Black Satin from Benjamin Moore could be your alternative.

5. Classic Brick House Exterior with Shutters Only for Decoration

classic brick house exterior with shutters only for decoration
classic brick house exterior with shutters only for decoration. image © alairhomes.com

Another classic brick house. Instead of having two stories, this large house features a long design in one level only. It looks traditional and classy at the same time.

The exterior of this house perfectly combines brick, wood, and fiberglass. The brick walls look stunning combined with the white wood siding on the roof, the white trim, and the fiberglass shingles.

The shutters here are simply for decoration.

Basically, shutters are supposed to be sized and fit to the windows. So when the windows are closed, they completely cover the windows. Commonly, the shutters’ dimension is between 18″ to 20″. And since that’s not the case in this house, the measurement is a bit lower.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the color of the brick veneer and the manufacturer. We can only see that the color of the brick wall is reddish-brown. The patio, however, is Pennsylvania Bluestone.

The shingles are in Stormy Night color, Certainteed Hatteras. The downspouts and gutters are not painted, though. Both are copper. The windows are the Pozzi series from Jeld – Wen.

6. Weathered Brick House Exterior with Custom Cape Cod Style Shutters

weathered brick house exterior with custom cape cod style shutters
weathered brick house exterior with custom cape cod style shutters. image © anthonywilder.com

Compared with other brick houses you’ve seen above, this property is considerably small. However, that doesn’t mean that it is less majestic. This is more like a farmhouse with a touch of traditional style.

The brick in this house seems distressed. However, we can’t really be sure because the designer stated that the brick was existing.

Later, the homeowner sandblasted it right after they moved in. Obviously, they were not painted. Distressed and weathered bricks like this are perfect if you are into a natural color.

The shutters are in cape cod style, made out of wood. They are a custom wood and original to the house, though later they are refinished.

The shutters are painted in “Hague Blue” #30 from Farrow & Ball. The finish is Exterior Eggshell. It looks lovely combined with the trim. No information about the paint used for the trim, but you may want to check Benjamin Moore – Soft Chamois #OC 13.

7. Small One-Story Brick House in Grey Color with Dark Green Shutters

small one-story brick house in grey color with dark green shutters
small one-story brick house in grey color with dark green shutters. image © mainstreetdesignbuild.com

Brick in tan color will look perfect if matched with shutters in natural tones too. For instance, darker earth tones, like browns or greens, can never go wrong. Additionally, white shutters can be your option, too, since white color can add a touch of simplicity.

This bungalow proves that. It features a tan brick exterior that is combined with darker greenish-blue shutters and white trim. It also has a two-tier roofline that is meant to add more dimensions to the facade of the property.

There are columns added to the covered front porch too. The bricks look beautifully in contrast with the flagstone under the bay window.

Next to it, you can see a pergola that is built in the breezeway area. A garage equipped with a window in the front gable roof on the garage also completes the whole look.

The two-tier roof is accentuated with cedar shake siding, which surprisingly looks nice with the brick facade.

The siding is Certainteed Cedar Impressions Double 7″ Perfection in Granite Gray color. The shingles roof is Timberline Black.

The impressive shutters here are in Classic Blue #036 paint color. They are standard raised panel shutters. They create a great contrast with the white trim and the tan bricks.

8. Large Timeless House with Antique Brick and Matched Door + Shutters

large timeless house with antique brick and matched door shutters
large timeless house with antique brick and matched door shutters. image © coatshomes.com

Trivia: Did you know that bricks can deliver greater insulation and temperature control?

When bricks are used as an exterior, it gives an extra layer of protection against the temperature outside.

During the summer, the heat will take a much longer time to penetrate into the bricks. On the other hand, during winter, the heat remains trapped inside the house longer. It means you don’t have to count on artificial heating and to cool too much.

That’s the reason why a large house like this usually has bricks as its exterior. It can be a bit chilly inside a big house during the cold winter. And bricks can help them cope up.

This large traditional house is in brown color, complete with a shingle roof. The brick was not painted thought. They are antique bricks and called “College Blend.” The facade looks perfect combined with the dark shutters.

The dark shutters were painted in custom-mixed paint. However, if you want to use a similar color with this, you can start with Benjamin Moore – Old Navy 2063-10. Those shutters go well with the white trim. It is painted in Sherwin Williams – Pure White 7005. The combination of dark and white never fails to make a house look classy.

If you are wondering, the stone used here is Pennsylvania Blue Slate. The shingles are GAF from the Timberline HD series in Charcoal color. All colors here truly complement each other and never fail to create an impressive look.

9. Lovely Vintage Brick House with Arched Windows and Shutters

lovely vintage brick house with arched windows and shutters
lovely vintage brick house with arched windows and shutters. image © Construction Innovations & Contracting

What a lovely house to live in! This elegant brick house features the most calming color in earth tones.

For some, the facade might look a bit too pale. But it is combined with a majestic black roof to create a contrast. Who can resist such beauty?

The brick used here is Shadowstone. However, even the designer couldn’t remember the manufacturer of these bricks. And since this is a project from a long time ago, the manufacturer changed the color now. However, if you like this color, you can try Hanson Grande Mocha since that is a very good match for this.

The brick’s color is indeed unusual. It is true that bricks have various shapes, colors, and styles. No two bricks appear the same.

Thus, brick houses have their own charm and character. You can see it from this house. It is different from other houses with usual reddish-brown bricks, isn’t it?

So, be creative with the brick design. You can play with different decorative accents and brick orientations. Brick basically is a classic building material, but it can look modern too.

The elegant black roof is from Atlas Roofing Company. It shares a similar color with the shutters, though the shutters are a few shades lighter. The shutters were custom-made. The paint color was also custom-mixed with a glaze over it.

10. Georgian House with Brick Exterior and Leaf Green Shutters

georgian house with brick exterior and leaf green shutters
georgian house with brick exterior and leaf green shutters. image © vanderhornarchitects.com

What makes a huge house is always tempting to live in? It is the silence and relaxing sensation that is always there as one of the characteristics of larger houses and mansions.

Usually, when we step into a big house like this, the noise suddenly stops, especially if the house was built from bricks. Why is that so?

It is because bricks can help block out the noise. Bricks are dense material. It grants greater soundproof qualities than any lighter materials.

Sounds like road-noise, flying airplanes overhead, or even noisy neighbors can be silenced by bricks. On the contrary, bricks can also be much of a help when you throw a party, and you clearly don’t want to disturb your neighborhood.

No wonder that this huge Georgian house features a brick exterior. It is also completed with a hip and shingle roof to create a more elegant appearance. If you are wondering, the roof is a slate roof in semi-weathering gray color.

The bricks used here are from Mack Brick, Old Carolina #800 Georgetown. These are handmade bricks. It looks in contrast with the white trim and the dark shutters.

There is no information about the colors of both trim and shutters. However, it seems that they are both classic white and black, and you can easily find the same color in any paint manufacturer.

11. Traditional Red Brick Colonial House and Black Shutters

traditional red brick colonial house and black shutters
traditional red brick colonial house and black shutters. image © hierarchyarchitecture.com

This is another red brick house that looks elegant in its natural color.

This is a beautiful colonial house that is quite large. FYI, it stands in a 6,000 square foot area. It has three stories and an elegant shingle roof.

his house features white columns and window trim as opposed to black shutters. Another lovely combination of black and white!

However, there is no information about the paint used for the trim and the shutters. You can try Benjamin Moore – Simply White to mimic the trim color and Sherwin Willams – Black Magic for the exact color like the shutters.

The most majestic part of this house, besides the brick exterior, is the door. It is a custom-made door made out of 3″ mahogany.

Since it is custom made, this door was specifically made by a professional architectural door and window millwork shop in Long Island.

12. Painted Brick House Exterior with Mossy Green Shutters

painted brick house exterior with mossy green shutters
painted brick house exterior with mossy green shutters. image © hursthouse.com

This is basically a traditional house, but it also has a touch of contemporary style in it. The homeowners managed to remodel the house and make it look more modern.

This property used to have an outdated circle drive as well as overgrown plantings.

Now it features a beautiful bluestone walkway right in the middle of the mown grass. The bluestone walk is there to highlight the main door. If you are curious, the bluestone is in a full-color palette.

When it comes to the facade, this house features a beige-colored brick as its exterior. The color combination used here is simply stunning.

The beige bricks are combined with beige trim, which is a few shades darker. They look nice with the brown roof and mossy green shutters too.

Speaking of the roof, it is a cedar shingles roof. They were preserved and cleaned a couple years ago, giving them a different patina instead of natural.

The bricks here are from Pinehall Brick Co, oversize, in Chesapeake Pearl color. The shutters are custom-made. They were made in an arch shape to fit the windows’ design. The shutters were painted in Mountain Moss by Benjamin Moore.

13. Victorian House with a Touch of Gothic Style in a Red Brick and Hunter Green Shutters

victorian house with a touch of gothic style in a red brick and hunter green shutters
victorian house with a touch of gothic style in a red brick and hunter green shutters. image © jaygreenephoto.com

What a stunning classic house! This is an impressive Victorian house in three stories. The combination of red brick, green shutters, white trim, and dark roof really represent a classic European taste.

To be precise, this house is a Second Empire Victorian. It has much French influence in its design, mostly because the architects got their classic European educations and applied their knowledge in this American project.

Even though basically this house is Victorian, it also features some Gothic revival designs. You can see it in the steeply pitched dormers completed with decorative verge board. The bracketed porch posts represent Gothic style too.

The red bricks here look stunning and perfectly work with the green shutters. There is no information about the bricks used here. However, it seems that these are natural bricks without any paint.

The information about the paint of the shutters is not available too. But, you can use Hunter Green from Benjamin Moore as an alternative.

The roof is called a Mansard roof. It is equipped with a rubber membrane roof on the very top, clearly not visible from this angle. A drip edge is created by molding across the top.

The roof deck that you can see in this picture was originally slate. The slate had patterns too. Some of them feature flower patterns. The three rows of rectangular with three rows of beveled shingles adorably give more texture to this roof.

14. Tavern Hall Brick House in Farmhouse Style Completed with Pale Green Shutters

tavern hall brick house in farmhouse style completed with pale green shutters
tavern hall brick house in farmhouse style completed with pale green shutters. image © generalshale.com

This charming home is a large farmhouse with two stories. It may look quite small from this angle, but actually, it is pretty huge inside.

The bricks are in their natural color, and they are perfectly combined with green shutters. It seems that the combination of red to reddish-brown bricks and green (any shade) shutters is very common.

There is no information about the paint used for the shutters here, but Forest Hills Green by Benjamin Moore comes pretty close.

The bricks are Tavern Hall, which is part of the line of Columbus Brick. It is also combined with Federal White mortar.

What makes this house look lovely is the designers combine bricks and white walls.

There are three faces of the house. Two of them are made out of bricks, while one of them, right in the middle, is painted in a simple white color. All of them are mixed with brown trim, which matches harmoniously with the front door.

15. Glen Grey Brick in a Classic Georgian House Combined with Kingsland Shutters

glen grey brick in a classic georgian house combined with kingsland shutters
glen grey brick in a classic georgian house combined with kingsland shutters. image © vanderhornarchitects.com

This is a classic Georgian house. It has a pedimented center pay in the five-bay main block of the facade.

Overall, the exterior of this house is stunning. But it looks even more impressive with its finely detailed dormers. Those are combined with arch top windows sitting on a graduated slate roof. There are two limestone-topped chimneys too to accentuate the look.

This elegant house is quite large. It has three stories completed with a hip and a shingle roof.

The color combination used for the exterior is also stunning. It features reddish-brown bricks combined with white trim and black shutters and a gray roof.

The bricks are Glen-Grey Scotch Tradition Handmade Bricks oversized. It is combined with Lehigh Ivory mortar.

The window sills and frames are painted in Simply White from Benjamin Moore. They look nice with the Marvin Windows here.

The roof is in unfading gray color, and it is graduated, Vermont Slate. You can easily find it in Evergreen Slate suppliers.

The trim here is all wood. It is Spanish cedarwood. The shutters are painted in Black color from Benjamin Moore.

The focal point of this house exterior is the front door. It stands out in its wood color. The door is indeed wood, and it is custom stained.

16. French Country Brick House with Shutters in a Combination of Light Gray/Green Color

french country brick house with shutters in a combination of light gray green color
french country brick house with shutters in a combination of light gray green color. image © simsbuilders.com

What a majestic french country house. It is a three-story building with a hip roof and brick exterior.

The bricks are not only in the facade of this house but also in the low walls and columns supporting the iron gates. There are bricks everywhere. Well, no wonder because bricks are such a perfect material if you want to build a fire-resistant building.

FYI, It takes much longer time for bricks to catch fire. It is because Brice is made out of non-combustible materials. Bricks are cooked at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit to bake into formation. It means that bricks can handle a lot of heat. The thicker the bricks of a house, the more fire-resistant that house is.

The bricks used here are old Chicago. They are not painted, only stained and finished with a glossy look.

The shutter’s color is a combination of gray and light green, which is a custom-mixed paint. The windows are painted in bluish-green, perfectly combined with the shutters.

Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about the paint used for the windows, but you can try Rainstorm by Sherwin Williams. The soffit color is taupe to create a balance of natural brick color and bold windows.


From the pictures above, we can conclude that green is quite a popular color when it comes to shutters in a brick house.

Green, especially dark green, looks impressive against bricks. We all know that it takes two to three colors to color your house’s exterior. It includes at least one base color and one accent color. From the pictures above, the bricks are the main color. The shutters, the trim, the roof, the siding, the windows, and the doors are additional complementary colors.

The shutter color should match the accent color of the trim or doors. Make sure to avoid shutter colors that are incompatible with the other colors on your house.

In spite of which shutters you choose, please make sure you work with a trusted professional for everything, from choosing the color to installing the shutters. The professional can be helpful for you to understand all the choices.

Good luck with your exterior project!