15 Impressive Hallway Door Ideas to Connect Your Rooms Nicely

15 Impressive Hallway Door Ideas

Living in a spacious house full of harmony and sunshine is a great thing. It means you can have a hallway and a proper door to complete it.

For some, it may seem unessential to use a door for a hallway because the hallway itself is a corridor to connect other rooms. Connecting other rooms means you don’t need any element to separate each room.

On the contrary, the hallway door is essential if you want more privacy.

The door will cover your bedroom from the living room or other rooms. That’s why, for some others, the hallway door is as vital as the hallway itself.

When choosing elements for the hallway, including the door, you have to make sure that they should be attractive, inspiring, elegant, classy, and intriguing with perfection and sophistication.

It is because most of the time, the hallway is the first thing that your guests will notice when they are entering your house. So, it is important to make a good impression.

When you choose a door to your hallway, apart from being perfect, elegant, attractive, and sophisticated, it should also fit the style and theme of your hallway.

Solid wood doors are the popular type of hallway door.

However, if you want to fill your hallway with a lot of natural light, especially in the morning, it is better to have doors with glass panels. You can have clear glass panels to increase the amount of natural light or opaque glass for privacy.

Either way, the followings are 15 impressive hallway door ideas in any decoration style that you can choose to welcome and impress your guests:

1. Louvered Hallway Door with Sherwin Williams – Acrylic Enamel Trim Paint

louvered hallway door with sherwin williams - acrylic enamel trim paint
louvered hallway door with sherwin williams – acrylic enamel trim paint. image © symingtoninteriors.com

Can you guess that this hallway’s basic style is rustic?

Here, it’s proof that rustic style doesn’t mean that you should always decorate everything with the wood element. In fact, wood is just an accent element to complete the beige surrounding in this hallway.

The wood hallway door is narrow, perfect for a smaller opening. However, it is completed with sidelights, both in a narrow design, to ensure that the room inside will get a sufficient amount of natural light.

The wood on the door is only used for the frame because it is actually a glass panel door. The clear glass panel here won’t give you the privacy you may need, but it will surely give you a brighter and lighter room.

The wooden framed glass hallway door looks pop against the beige walls, floor, and ceiling.

For your information, the walls here are not painted. It is a plaster-like material which gives the subtle variations, from “American Clay”.

The door also creates a contrast to the trim, which is painted in Sherwin Williams – Acrylic Enamel with a satin finish.

2. Solid Core Door in Black Color for a Traditional Hallway

solid core door in black color for a traditional hallway
solid core door in black color for a traditional hallway. image © shannon connor / maison, llc.

It is always an excellent idea for a traditional hallway to use a simple door like this.

This single door is a swing door painted in black to create a dramatic and elegant appearance. It seems that this is a raised panel door, a typical design for a traditional-styled door.

After being painted in a dark color, this door is finished in a custom/pro build Indianapolis.

This black door gives a classic contrast to the white walls around.

The medium tone wood floor blends seamlessly to the door, because the black door and medium tone wood floor deliver a timeless look, a combination that is never out of style even though you use it in a more modern setting.

3. A Glass Panel Door with Dark Trim for a Minimalist Hallway

a glass panel door with dark trim for a minimalist hallway
a glass panel door with dark trim for a minimalist hallway. image © motion-space.com

You can easily mimic this type of hallway door by custom-making it.

This glass panel door is completed with dark trim to create a minimalist look in a modern hallway. It seems that this door is made by Frank Lumber in Seattle. However, you can ask your local carpenter to create one that looks exactly like this.

If you think that glass panel doors won’t give you the privacy you need, you can always choose this kind of door. The translucent glass panels provide enough privacy.

People outside would have to press themselves up against the glass panels to see clearly anything on the other side.

Despite the translucency, the glass panels have the typical characteristics of glass. They can reflect light, including artificial lights, and let the natural light in. Plus, glass is a timeless element, so it can be perfect in any decoration style.

The designer combined the dark trimmed glass door with white walls around for a contrasting look.

4. The Pocket Door with 24” Wide from the Heister House to Complete an Elegant Hallway

the pocket door with 24” wide from the heister house to complete an elegant hallway
the pocket door with 24” wide from the heister house to complete an elegant hallway. image © farinelliconstruction.com

This hallway is completed with double pocket doors 24” wide from Heister House.

They are painted white to match the walls, the ceiling, and the trim. This all-white design is paired with a glass element on the doors. Glass panels are barely noticeable from this angle because of their white surroundings.

The wall color is painted in Sherwin Williams – Patience #7555. The ceiling is in Sherwin Williams – Moderate White SW6140, and the trim paint is Sherwin Williams – Shell White. What a balanced look this hallway has.

On the other hand, the glass panels elevate the entire look. White and glass will never fail to give you a stylish yet minimalist look, a perfect pair to incorporate in any decoration style.

To enhance the elegant look in this hallway, the designer also installed 3/4” walnut floors finished with four coats of Tung Oil. It is also glazed to highlight its natural grain.

White, glass, and wood are three timeless elements that you can choose for a traditional hallway.

5. Hand-carved Hallway Arched Double Doors in an Old Spanish Luxe Hallway

hand-carved hallway arched double doors in an old spanish luxe hallway
hand-carved hallway arched double doors in an old spanish luxe hallway. image © maraya.com

To enhance the classic Mediterranean look, which is also known as Old Spanish style, the designer and the homeowners agreed to install these custom-designed and hand-carved arched double doors.

The carved panels are what you need if you want to create a luxurious look.

These magnificent double doors are paired with exposed beams in the hall ceiling made of old scraped wood and dark wood floor to highlight the Old Spanish luxe style.

The walls are painted in Dunn Edwards – Rice Bowl, while the deep niches in arched design.

All of them enhance the traditional Spanish look in this hallway.

6. The Idea for a Transitional Hallway with a Medium Tone Wood Door and a Light Wood Floor

the idea for a transitional hallway with a medium tone wood door and a light wood floor
the idea for a transitional hallway with a medium tone wood door and a light wood floor. image © evensendesign.com

This hallway proves that you don’t need to have a spacious area to build a hallway. This one is quite narrow, approximately 17’ long, 5’ wide, and 9’ tall.

The double wood doors seem to be finished in a weathered look to create a traditional style. Moreover, the raised panel design also enhances the conventional look.

On the other hand, the designer also added a glass element. Yet, instead of adding it to the door, the designer installed huge Marvin windows on both sides of the wall, creating perfect window walls for this hallway.

The light tone wood floor is made of white oak. When combined with glass elements, a light floor like this will give you a modern style.

The modern style of window walls and light tone wood floor combines with traditional double doors. Hence, the perfect transitional look.

7. Bright Red Painted Wide Door for a Modern Hallway

bright red painted wide door for a modern hallway
bright red painted wide door for a modern hallway. image © shaferarch.com

You can see many modern elements in this hallway. The dark polished wood floor combined with white walls, deep niches used for windows made of wood, and unique round hanging pendants give a perfect background for the bright red door.

This hallway door has a contemporary style. It is wider than the usual single doors and is completed with an extra-large door pull made of metal. It is painted in a bright red color. This is the kind of shade you can paint to your hallway door if you want to make a bold statement.

Bright and vibrant shade for a hallway door is a common look for a modern or contemporary look. This way, you can add a pop of color against the neutral color scheme.

To highlight the brightness of red, the designer installed sphere pendants, which is called Random Light from Mooi.

8. Glass Panel with Wooden Framed Door in a White Mediterranean Hallway

glass panel with wooden framed door in a white mediterranean hallway
glass panel with wooden framed door in a white mediterranean hallway. image © thompsoncustomhomes.com

Think again if you think this hallway has a rustic style due to its weathered wood double doors. In fact, this is a Mediterranean hallway that is completed with an arched design, white stucco walls, and ceramic tile floors.

The double wood doors highlight the classic look. It has carved recessed panels finished in a worn out look. On the contrary, there are glass panels on top of the recessed panels that can be used as a window.

In fact, the glass panels are both functional and decorative. They can make the room inside brighter with the amount of light they transferred from outside, and at the same time, they also add a touch of modern look in this Mediterranean hallway.

Wood double doors with glass panels in a Mediterranean style are usually paired with white walls. White is one of the must-have elements in a Tuscan design.

So, when you install wooden doors like this, you’ll create a subtle contrast to the white surrounding with an organic appearance.

9. Studded Turquoise Hallway Door to Create an Eclectic Look

studded turquoise hallway door to create an eclectic look
studded turquoise hallway door to create an eclectic look. image © dkorinteriors.com

Nothing beats the fun when you decorate an eclectic room. It is because, in an eclectic room, you can always mix and match anything you like.

In this eclectic hallway, you can see the marble floors are paired with a bright turquoise door, which is basically an unusual pairing.

The turquoise door is also accentuated with studs, as if the bold shade wasn’t enough.

You might think that combining bold color with studs would be too flashy. On the contrary, turquoise color with metallic studs like this does complement each other.

The studs are applied to the doors creating a paneled look. So, even though there is no panel in these doors, it looks like they had it.

The studs are also useful to tone down the boldness of turquoise. The metal shade matches the door knob perfectly. The white walls are meant to be a canvas, a backdrop to make the doors more pop.

10. Trendy Hallway Idea with Wood Framed Glass Panel Doors Combined with Gray Walls

trendy hallway idea with wood framed glass panel doors combined with gray walls
trendy hallway idea with wood framed glass panel doors combined with gray walls. image © lucycall.com

With the combination of the gray and dark wood elements, this hallway looks a bit dark and grim. However, the designer managed to make it look stylish instead of scary.

The darkness is counteracted by the glass panels hallway doors.

We can see that there are two double hallway doors installed side by side, forming a 90 degrees angle. It means that there is two access to reach this hallway.

The glass panel doors are framed with a dark wood structure that matches the dark wood trim on the wall and the picture’s frame. The glass here is meant to let the lights from the following rooms reach this hallway.

It seems that this hallway is also completed with a sufficient amount of artificial light to brighten it up a bit.

This way, the combination of dark gray walls and dark wood elements won’t make your room gloomy and ill-lit.

11. Small Beach Style Hallway with a Single Door in a Bold Turquoise Color

small beach style hallway with a single door in a bold turquoise color
small beach style hallway with a single door in a bold turquoise color. image © mwarchitects.net.au

We have seen turquoise hallway doors before. But, none of them is used for a beach-style hallway.

Is turquoise blue enough for a beach-style look?

In fact, turquoise is a blue-green shade, which can be a perfect hue for a beach-style room.

The door gives a splash of color to the white walls and the original floorboards.

Actually, this hallway is not that large. However, the designer managed to create an inviting and welcoming look in this area.

This hallway is also functions as an entry. Perhaps that’s the reason why the homeowners and the designer decided to make it look as impressive as possible, because this is the area that gives the first impression to the guests.

The walls around the hallway door seem patterned. That’s because the pendant light reflects the light throughout the room. It turns out that the pendant has a geometric patterned hole.

So, the light inside will be reflected in the most beautiful way to the walls. It seems that it is a DT-Coral 400 Natural pendant.

12. Contemporary Hallway with a Dutch Door Painted in Resene Sea Green

contemporary hallway with a dutch door painted in resene sea green
contemporary hallway with a dutch door painted in resene sea green. image © skyringarchitects.com.au

This is another small and narrow hallway that is painted in white.

The white walls and white ceiling serve as a traditional canvas, a neutral color scheme that you can pair with any bold color.

The homeowners painted the hallway door with a dark turquoise color to make this area look more fun with an accent color.

The hallway door is actually a Dutch door. The upper part is operable and can be functioned as a window.

Who needs glass panels if you can open your upper part of the window?

This enables you to have better air circulation. That’s why installing a Dutch hallway door is recommended if the area faces the outdoor area with greeneries. With this kind of door, you can enjoy the view outside without being outdoors.

Moreover, there is a round-shaped transom above the door. Whether it is a transom or not is basically debatable.

One thing is for sure, the round “window” above the door is useful to enhance the brightness in the hallway. It seems that it is equipped with clear glass.

See how the round transom is combined with a Dutch door, accentuated by a round glass pendant? What a perfectly geometrical look this hallway has.

If you want to know the exact paint of this door, it is painted in Resene Sea Green color. Somehow it makes the medium tone wood floor looks elevated, because bold color like this, when combined with the wood element, will enhance the natural glory of wood.

If you’re wondering, this floor is made of Ironbark, a native Australian gum hardwood. It seems that this floor is finished with a glossy coat to create a polished look like this.

13. Antique Door in Balinese Style in a Farmhouse Hallway

antique door in balinese style in a farmhouse hallway
antique door in balinese style in a farmhouse hallway. image © adr-petaluma.com

Want to create a focal point through your hallway door?

You have to make sure you choose the right type of door that will pop up against any color scheme, even the bold one. Like you see in this hallway.

According to the designer, this was basically a farmhouse hallway. It features a light tone wood floor, but that seems to be the only farmhouse element in this area.

The door is antique double doors. These doors were inserted into the opening that leads to the master bedroom.

Balinese doors are the type of door you should surely choose if you want to add an ornate and unique decoration to your hallway.

The doors are completed with the frames. So, they surely need a bigger space in the wall even though basically the door itself is not that large.

Even these antique double doors look pop and prominent against the green walls.

In most cases, if you already paint your walls in a bold color like this, you need to tone it down by combining it with the neutral-colored door. However, the designer wanted to create a different look with a more fun element.

If you want to create a similar look with an antique door, make sure you paint the walls with the dominant shade or color of the door. This way, you’ll create cohesion without being too bright.

14. The idea for Craftsman Hallway with Double Glass Pocket Door

the idea for craftsman hallway with double glass pocket door
the idea for craftsman hallway with double glass pocket door. image © anthonylindsey.com

Pocket doors are so versatile they can be used in any interior design.

This craftsman hallway is completed with double pocket doors and a wooden frame that matches the wooden trim. There are smaller glass panels above these doors that may be supposed to be a transom.

Installing glass double doors for a hallway is recommended for an upper or second hallway.

For a foyer or entryway, you may have to deal with the privacy issue. In the far end of the hallway, straight from these double doors, there are similarly double doors that seem to lead outside.

The straight line from these hallway doors to the next ones creates a longer and narrower look for the hallway.

The medium tone wood floor gives a non-dramatic contrast to the doors. Both are made of wood but in a different tone. Using this combination, especially in a dark and light combination, will never fail to give you a contrast but not in a prominent way.

Last, to accentuate the entire look of the doors, metallic pulls were added.

15. Mediterranean Hallway Ideas with Double Glass Front Door and Ceramic Tile

mediterranean hallway ideas with double glass front door and ceramic tile
mediterranean hallway ideas with double glass front door and ceramic tile. image © austinarchitect.com

Nothing beats Mediterranean style for a luxurious and elegant look. Basically, this is an elevated version of a simple traditional style. Every detail of the Mediterranean look brings out the elegance of the classic look.

In this Mediterranean hallway, the door looks extra. The arched double doors are made of metal and glass. Basically, they were custom-made doors, made by a local independent welder in Austin, Texas. What a majestic type of door.

The arched detail delivers a perfect Mediterranean look. The black metal and glass combination, on the other hand, brings out a more timeless design. Both elements are usually used in a more modern setting.

One panel of each door remains black, made of metal as a surface to install the pulls. Simple yet still very striking.

In order to add more details to this Mediterranean hallway, these doors are paired with patterned ceramic tile. The vintage patterned tile gives a sophisticated, classic look.

See how the light is reflected to the rounded edges of the tile. It seems that this ceramic tile is finished with overglaze painting, or maybe a stencil with clear glaze over it.

Similar to the previous picture, we can see the straight line from these double doors to the next ones at the far end of the hallway. This creates unison and cohesion.

The designer hung classic lanterns between these double doors as pendants in the ceiling.

All in all, the elements used in this Mediterranean hallway complement each other.

The heavy look on the doors is counterbalanced by the light and sweetly patterned on the floor. The lights on the ceiling catch the soft side of the floors, too, while the dramatic black metal is contrasted by the white walls around.


What do you think about the hallway door ideas above?

Which one do you like the most?

You can always rely on a simple front door made of solid wood with no glass panel for a traditional hallway. You can make it look impressive just by painting it in an elegant dark color or adding a decorative panel.

If you prefer a contemporary hallway, you can choose a more unique door or even custom make it to create a personalized and more whimsical one to fit your need.

Contrary to traditional designs, contemporary hallway doors usually have glass panels. They can only be at the top of the doors or fill the entire surface of the doors. The door frame can be made of wood or metal.

For a Mediterranean or Tuscan hallway, the doors are usually arched. However, that’s not mandatory. There are also some perfectly square-shaped front doors for a Mediterranean hallway.

In order to achieve the Tuscan look, you just have to pair the door with the right tile for the floors or the right decoration and paint for the walls.

You can make a focal point for a beach-style hallway by painting the door in a bold color. But, make sure the bold color is still in the spectrum of blue-green, a hue that resembles oceans. The white walls, floors, and ceilings around will serve as a canvas.

French doors can also be your best bet if you want to bring out the old-world luxe, especially if you combine them with a classic and grandeur chandelier in the hallway.

French doors are not only suitable for classic French style, but they can also look good on a farmhouse, cottage, or country-style look.