12 Marvelous Combination of Gray and Gold Living Room to Create a Luxurious Look

12 Marvelous Combination Of Gray And Gold Living Room

Combining colors of gray and gold living room may be daunting at first.

Some of us think that gray cannot go well with gold. However, a combination of gray and gold is an ideal option if you want to remodel your living room and make it more freshened up.

Redesigning your living room around gray and gold will keep you on trend.

Gray is a neutral color. Any shade of gray can be paired well with almost any color. Besides, gray is considered timeless as a neutral color with no signs of slowing down in popularity.

When you add gray to your living room, automatically, you will enhance the contemporary look.

Metallic colors like gray can be represented in metal pieces. It can be mirror frames, trim, or even a coffee table. However, even though gray can make your living room more stylish and modern, too many grays can make the whole look grim too.

So if metallics are not really your thing and you don’t want to commit to gray totally, the trick is combining it with gold.

Different from gray, gold is something elegant and luxurious. It is considered classy and graceful.

There are various ways to add gold in your gray living room. It doesn’t have to be fabricated in every piece of furniture. Instead, try to add some pops of gold in an all-gray living room.

Gray is trendy and relaxed, while gold is more dramatic. It is often associated with regal and glamour interior.

When combined, gray and gold create a new hue that seems to be more elegant and soothing at the same time. The finish is not too dull, but not too overly dramatic as well.

Living room in gray and gold color combination never fails to deliver a refined and timeless interior.

If you are curious about this unique color combination and want to adopt this hue too in your living room, here are some ideas that may inspire you.

1. Elegant Formal Living Room with Gray Walls and a Gold Accent

elegant formal living room with gray walls and a gold accent
elegant formal living room with gray walls and a gold accent. image © thefoxgroup.com

Look at this elegant formal living room. It features a light wood floor combined with gray walls and a ceiling.

There is also a gray carpet combined with a white table. The gray color is also paired with a beige sofa to create a neutral color combination. However, using a neutral color combination, especially with no contrast, will only make your living room look boring and bland.

That’s why the lovely blue patterned chair is added right in front of the sofa.

Actually, the options are endless if you want to have a patterned chair like this. But if you’re going to have a chair that more or less looks like this, you can check Sydney Chair with Brass Caster from Barclay Butera Interiors. There is also a blue patterned throw pillow on the sofa.

However, a blue pattern is not enough to make this neutral-colored living room look pop. Hence, the gold accent.

The gold accent can be seen in a picture frame placed upon a fireplace. The picture, with its elegant golden frame, is the perfect centerpiece in this room. The picture is placed between two light gold fixtures.

FYI, the paint color of the wall in this picture is Benjamin Moore – Boothbay Gray. It is a bright gray, a bit white. That’s a perfect option if you want to have a bright-looking living room.

2. Open Concept Living Room with Combination of Gray, Gold, and Black

open concept living room with combination of gray, gold, and black
open concept living room with combination of gray, gold, and black. image © freestyleinteriors.com

This open concept living room is attached to the kitchen behind it. There is no divider between these two rooms. This concept is an ideal choice if you have a small space.

The living room features a dark wood floor combined with gray walls.

The gray walls is Benjamin Moore Cape May #1474.

To create a seamless color transition, the gray walls are also paired with a darker gray sectional sofa and a mid-century-looking chair. Both are from Jonathan Adler. The dining chairs at the back are also chosen in a dark gray color. They are from Horchow.

The gold accent here is from the elegant-looking chandeliers, two are above the island, and one is in the living room.

The hanging chandeliers above the island are from Uttermost, while the one in the living room is from Metropolitan.

The yellow gold Moroccan ottoman also delivers a gold accent color in this gray living room. It looks beautifully contrasted with the Mina Victory Couture Metallic Splash Rug in white color (60” x 96”) and the light brown carpet.

3. Trendy Living Room with a Huge Sectional Gray Sofa and Gold Throw Pillows

trendy living room with a huge sectional gray sofa and gold throw pillows
trendy living room with a huge sectional gray sofa and gold throw pillows. image © mthebuilders.com

This huge and trendy living room is perfect for a big family.

The first thing that grabs our attention here is, of course, the large gray sectional sofa. It looks comfortable, cozy, and snuggly, an ideal place for every member of the family to enjoy their quality times together.

Unlike the two mentioned living rooms above, this living room doesn’t feature a gray wall. Instead, it sticks to white color to create a polished, crisp, and modern look. The gray color is from the sofa and a tile from the wall behind the TV.

Instead of combining gray walls and gold decorations, the designer here combined gray sofa with gold-colored throw pillows. That is a much simpler but more unique combination. The cocktail table also has a gold accent in its decoration.

The huge glass windows and doors play a part in making this room more open. A living room that features an extra-large sofa like this needs a more open space to avoid looking too packed.

4. Traditional Gray Living Room with a Touch of Gold Color

traditional gray living room with a touch of gold color
traditional gray living room with a touch of gold color. image © mccroskeyinteriors.com

This living room has a unique look. It mixes traditional and modern styles at the same time.

This is an ideal inspiration for a mid-sized room in enclosed design and transitional color. It features a light wood floor combined with gray walls and a brick fireplace. The walls and the fireplace were painted in the same color, it is Benjamin Moore “Briarwood”.

The cream-colored sofa looks lovely paired with the gray walls behind it. The sofa is the Whitfield by Bernhardt. The gray metallic coffee table delivers a stylish look when paired with this sofa set.

The chair and ottoman, though they look matched with the sofa, are from a different manufacturer. They were purchased from Ethan Allen.

To create an antique and more traditional look in this stylish modern living room, there is a gray rug as the accessory to contrast the light wood floor. The rug is Karastan, and it is made to look like an antique piece.

Another antique piece in this living room is the fireplace screen. This mid-century-looking screen, similar to the chandelier, was purchased through Wilson’s lighting.

The gold accent color in this living room is from the mirror frame above the fireplace. The gold color is also enhanced with warm yellow light from the chandelier. The chandelier itself also radiates golden bright light.

5. Classic Living Room and Music Area in a Perfect Combination of Gold and Gray

classic living room and music area in a perfect combination of gold and gray
classic living room and music area in a perfect combination of gold and gray. image © asdinteriors.com

This is an example of a classic living room combined with a music Area. It has gray walls as well as a standard fireplace.

The warm gray of this room is from Benjamin Moore – Stone Harbor. It creates a dramatic contrast to all the gold colors in this living room.

The warm gray looks contrasted too with the dark wood floors. Both are neutral colors, perfect for a polished and clean style.

On the contrary, the chairs and couch deliver a more pronounced look. These chairs were custom made, just like every piece of furniture in this living room.

That’s why the shape and fabric of this chair set are too perfect for the whole look. They complement each other.

The gold tones come from the elegant chandelier, the mirror frames above the fireplace and on each side of the huge window, and the fireplace screen.

Mirrors and its frames were custom-made, but the fireplace screen is actually Pyra Screen from Horchow.

6. Cozy Living Room with Gray Silk Rug and Gold Plush Pillows

cozy living room with gray silk rug and gold plush pillows
cozy living room with gray silk rug and gold plush pillows. image © summerthorntondesign.com

The dark gray in this living room delivers a masculine look.

This is a perfect home design for a single man who wants to have a clean and crisp den. The color palette in this room may be dark, but it is also modern and stylish at the same time.

This transitional living room features dark gray walls and even a darker-colored oversized ottoman. The light gray silk rug from Atelier Lapchi is there to balance the dark and light color combination.

The sofa, like the plush golden throw pillows, is meant to be the focal point in this living room. It is a brown-colored sofa that can be a perfect area to curl up after a long tiring day. This is a custom sofa. So if you are interested, you can ask your designer to create the very same one.

The coffee table is also a custom-made one. It is finished with a deep blue stained and upholstered top. This coffee table is a perfect pair for the ottoman and the chair.

The horse painting, which is an original James McLaughlin Way painting, completes the whole look nicely.

7. Gray Floor Living Room with Elegant Gold Color Decorations

gray floor living room with elegant gold color decorations
gray floor living room with elegant gold color decorations. image © dawndtottyinteriordesigns.com

This condominium living room is around 8” when it comes to dimensions. It features medium gray-toned bamboo flooring, which looks totally matched with the gray-wallpapered walls.

The wallpaper is a metallic charcoal cork, combined with gold flecks. It covers two of the twelve feet walls.

The sofa is also gray. It is a soft pewter velvet put together with custom pillows designed by Dawn D Totty as the designer.

The gray soft velvet sofa and the pillows are a perfect pairing because they match the gray accent chairs as well.

There are several silk throw pillows, but only one with a gold color. It is placed in the center to create a perfect focal point in this gray living room.

The light fixture is also custom-made. It was made to match the gold accent in this contemporary living room. The fixture features a vintage tripod style, which delivers an eclectic style of floor lamp.

The two-tiered glass cocktail table also adds an extra modern look. It allows the visibility of the faux sheepskin rug below, which is layered over the pretty wool and silk dark rug.

To create a dramatic look, there is a chrome sphere light fixture, hanging from a black satin ceiling. From top to bottom, this living room is bold, crisp, and dramatic at the same time.

8. Dark Wood Floor Living Room in Gray + Green Combination and Pop of Gold

dark wood floor living room in gray + green combination and pop of gold
dark wood floor living room in gray + green combination and pop of gold. image © jacksonandleroy.com

This unique and pretty living room perfectly combines gray, beige, white, green, and gold at the same time.

The gray, beige, and white colors are neutral. The combination of those three colors is not uncommon, especially to create a modern and stylish look. However, combining the neutral colors with bold ones, like pine green, is another story.

This living room even makes it extra. It features a dark wood floor as well. The armchair, the rug, the walls, and even the drapery, are in neutral colors.

The sofa, on the other hand, is in pine green. It automatically makes this plush and comfy sofa the focal point. To top it off, there is a green painting as well right beside the sofa.

If you think combining gray and green will make your living room look weird, think again and look at this picture. Instead of looking weird, this room looks elegant and pretty.

The gold accent also plays a big part in making this living room/music area look classy. The gold accent can be seen through the frame of the round decorative mirror above the fireplace.

The coffee table with a glass top also features a gold accent, as well as the eclectic chandelier and fireplace trim. This accent looks in contrast with the gray walls, whose paint color is a custom-mixed one by the designer.

9. Luxurious Living Room in Pale Gray Wall and Gold Trim Mirror as Decoration

luxurious living room in pale gray wall and gold trim mirror as decoration
luxurious living room in pale gray wall and gold trim mirror as decoration. image © laurau.com

This warm enclosed living room has a transitional style. It is fabricated with gray walls, which makes it even cozier.

There is no information about the exact paint color used in this room, but it is likely Sherwin Williams – Alpaca SW 7022 or Repose Gray SW 7015. The trim is probably Benjamin Moore – Decorators White.

The white-colored and textured rug adds more depth in this room. It gives an elegance and repose style. This is a custom carpet from Hokkanson. The chairs and the footrest are from Bolier. Both are in beige color, another neutral color that is perfectly paired with gray.

The pop color in this all-white and gray living room is, of course, gold. It creates a beautiful accent. This is an antique mirror in a rose gold frame.

You can find one at Carl Moore Antiques in Houston. That place is a great resource if you want a vintage and retro piece that resembles a mid-century style.

10. Large Living Room with Gold Antique Mirror Frames and Gray Sizeable Sofa

large living room with gold antique mirror frames and gray sizeable sofa
large living room with gold antique mirror frames and gray sizeable sofa. image © dandavisdesign.com

This clean, spotless, and flawless living room delivers a contemporary style. It features a large gray sofa, a soft gray rug, and light gray walls.

The gold accent color is from the frames of the pictures and the mirror.

To add more dimensions, this room also uses black as a perfect pairing for gold accent, and bright green throw pillows.

Unlike the other rooms that use a bright tone as the pop color, this gray area is made pop by a combination of black and gold. The lime green throw pillows blend seamlessly with the pictures on the wall.

Surprisingly, bright green like this can fuse with the light gray color. Look at the combination of the pillows and the sofa for an example.

Speaking of the sofa, it is a custom-made, 14-foot sofa with a textured finish. This long sofa is a nice choice if you have a big family. It sifts under an antique mirror, which features a golden frame.

The gold-framed pictures around the mirror are meant to warm up the cool gray walls. All frames may look the same, but actually, they are all unmatched but still coordinating with each other.

11. Sparks of Gold Living Room with and All-Gray Decorations

sparks of gold living room with and all-gray decorations
sparks of gold living room with and all-gray decorations. image © ahdandco.com

This gray living room has a plethora of textures and patterns. Most of them are in gray.

The most beautiful part is the spark of gold color placed in the center of the room. This is an ideal inspiration for a large country living room with an open concept.

Like the usual gray walls living room, this one also has a dark wood floor. It seems that a dark wood floor can create a pretty contrast with any shade of gray color.

The dark floor is accentuated with a one-of-a-kind rug. It is a wool rug, 9×12, in a gray color and modern pattern.

The light gray sofa is also accentuated with soft multi-colored throw pillows.

The checkered chair has created a pretty pattern-block style with the rug, but it is toned down by the light wood coffee table that blends seamlessly with the gold accent of an armchair in front of the fireplace and the picture frame.

The picture frame is also gold, and it mixes well with the stone-tile fireplace.

Basically, pattern block dominates this living room, as almost every piece of the furniture here has a beautiful pattern. However, the solid neutral color of the chairs, the sofa, the table, and the walls balance the rich-patterned style.

12. Contemporary Living Room with Abstract Pattern of Gold Yellow Paint and Dark Gray Wall

contemporary living room with abstract pattern of gold yellow paint and dark gray wall
contemporary living room with abstract pattern of gold yellow paint and dark gray wall. image © mh2g.com

This modern living room features light gray walls, darker gray drapery, and dark gray fur rug. They are all put together with a white leather sectional sofa. The white sofa is matched with the white-tiled floor.

To add a more modern look, there is a modern console table at the foyer that is made of glass and stainless steel. The table is placed under the round mirror in gold and silver leaf. It is useful to add light and reflection to the room.

The combination of gold and silver leaf of this mirror delivers a great accent.

On the opposite wall, you can see a beautiful mural wallpaper. It is meant to be the focal point of this stylish living room.

The mural features an abstract pattern in gold, yellow, rust, and slate. Combined with the Italian leather sofa at its front, both create a pretty contrast.

In the center of the room, there is a coffee table made of stainless steel and reclaimed railway wood.

Around the room, there are two swivel lounge chairs. Both are upholstered in yellow faux leather. The yellow color seems matched together with the gold accent. It adds a pop of color to this color scheme.

All furniture, accessories, and furnishings were provided by MH2G Furniture.


So, what do you think of this color combination? Do you think gray and gold can go well together? Metallic gold accessories, shiny brass accents, gold-threaded fabrics, gilded furnishings never fail to give a sense of luxury and elegance to a room. They match especially well with deep-tone backdrops or shadowy neutrals. It is to make sure their sparkle does shine.


  1. Metallic gold finishes have various colors. So be careful when you shop the fabrics and furniture in gold color. Always consider the undertone to complete the whole gray look.
  2. The trick to pairing metallic gold with a neutral color is, choose the deep-tone and warm neutral colors, like slate gray. Avoid using too light gray. It is because the contrast will look too cool when paired with gold.
  3. Don’t limit yourself to yellow gold only. Consider using rose gold that has a warm pink undertone. It can be mixed perfectly with neutral colors, like gray, white, and wood tones.

Have fun experimenting with your gray and gold combination!