15 Fantastic Brown Front Doors for a Timeless Look that Lasts for a Long Time

15 Fantastic Brown Front Doors

You might have heard about using bold colors for the front door.

As much as being a focal point and an attractive design, bold colors are quite hard to combine with. You really have to make sure the surrounding won’t clash with the bold front doors.

On the contrary, having a brown front door is quite the opposite.

For some, painting front doors in a neutral, earth-tone, and traditional color would be boring. However, you should know that brown will never be out of style.

The front door also says much about your personality.

The brown front door has two different meanings. A light brown front door indicates that you’re a warm and reliable person. A dark brown front door shows that you are a private and introverted person.

Despite the personality it projects, the brown front door can also enhance your exterior’s elegant and timeless look. It is because brown can last for a very long time. You don’t have to change the color every now and then just to follow the current trend.

Commonly, brown front doors are made of wood, a wood that is untreated or stained in a clear coat to enhance its natural color, or in a dark color to highlight its rich tones.

However, other materials, like fiberglass, have been painted in brown to mimic wood, or even metal front door in deep bronze color, that’s actually brown, to maximize your exterior.

Either way, here are some fantastic brown front doors for you who love a timeless look:

1. Solid Wood Front Door in Brown Color Completed with Top Glass Panels

solid wood front door in brown color completed with top glass panels
solid wood front door in brown color completed with top glass panels. image © dreammaker-remodel.com

This picture shows the angle of the entry doors from the inside.

The brown front doors beautifully match the glass panel doors to the right. They both are made of solid wood and finished in rich cherry stained to achieve brown color like this.

Double wide brown doors completed with top glass panel, a kind of traditional door you would want to incorporate in your traditional entry. These are grand Milgard doors, which can add warmth to the entrance.

The brown front door is meant to accentuate the white walls around. White is the safest option to combine with brown because white can work as a canvas and a backdrop. Glossy medium brown will create a nice contrast to the walls.

2. Combination of the Dark and Medium Tones of Wood to Create a Brown Front Door

combination of the dark and medium tones of wood to create a brown front door
combination of the dark and medium tones of wood to create a brown front door. image © manchester-architects.com

If you want a trendy option, you can go for this door.

This front door has a great combination of dark and medium tones of wood, which also creates different shades of brown.

Instead of glass panels, in the middle of the door, stacked vertically from top to bottom, is medium tone wood panels that deliver a tan brown look. The narrow glass panels were installed right beside each wood panel.

Framing the panels is a dark wood door that creates a very deep and rich brown. This dark brown matches the walls around, creating a flowing and continuous look from the door to the walls.

Using two shades of brown in your front door like this will never fail to give you a contemporary vibe.

3. Dark Brown Painted Fiberglass Door to Mimic a Wood Door

dark brown painted fiberglass door to mimic a wood door
dark brown painted fiberglass door to mimic a wood door. image © havencresthomes.com

This is another brown and white combination. The dark brown serves as a contrast to the white walls around.

The designer also created sidelight and transom to highlight the dark brown front door. The glass panels around the matte dark brown door add more texture to the look.

Paired with the medium tone wood floor, this dark brown door complements it. They were finished in different stains to complete each other.

FYI, this door is not made of wood. It is a stainable fiberglass door stained in deep dark brown to mimic a wood door. This two-panel door features grooves too.

If you want to purchase a similar door, you can find one readily available at Masonite or JELD-WEN. This one is custom-made, though.

4. Coffee Brown Front Door Combined with Green Siding

coffee brown front door combined with green siding
coffee brown front door combined with green siding. image © door.cc

Who said that you can’t combine a brown front door with green?

In fact, brown and green can work well together. Both are earth tones and organics. You can use this color combination if you want to create a fresh and organic vibe on your exterior.

This front door is custom-made. It features a craftsman style made of quartersawn white oak solid wood and stained in coffee-brown color, completed with dentil shelf clear insulated glass.

A coffee-brown color will give you a very rich brown. Due to its dark tone, it can be a great accent to other colors because this can be considered a neutral color.

The green siding is pale mint green. If you combine brown and green, make sure you contrast the shade.

If you use dark brown, pair it with soft green, and vice versa. This way, you’ll create a balanced and warm look.

5. Brown Front Door Paired with Green Trim

brown front door paired with green trim
brown front door paired with green trim. image © srfinehomes.com

This is another brown-green combination. However, the green color is applied to the trim instead of the walls.

Basically, the exterior of this house is a soft brown, a light tone wood. The designer installed a medium tone wood front door to create a strong focal point, which delivers a darker brown than the siding, but is not too dark.

This brown front door is framed by green trim. The green shade is a bit brighter than the previous green. So when it is added as a trim to the brown door, it adds a fun element, a splash of color, to the traditional-looking brown door.

Overall, combining brown house (and brown front door) with green trim is an ideal choice for you who love nature and want to incorporate it in your house.

6. Brown Front Door in a Rustic Exterior with Black Siding

brown front door in a rustic exterior with black siding
brown front door in a rustic exterior with black siding. image © abby design and construction

Brown and black are both traditional colors.

Brown, especially in the medium shade, is often associated with a conventional look. On the other hand, black is a neutral color that will add a mysterious and elegant accent to brown.

Basically, when a large amount of black and brown are combined together directly, they will cancel each other.

Using two traditional colors in an almost similar shade will make the exterior look boring. However, we can see that the designer managed to combine them beautifully.

The medium brown front door is surrounded by beige-colored siding. The black color is applied to the siding on the gabled roof.

Both colors may not be juxtaposed, but when the house is seen from this angle, we can see clearly how the brown front door and the black siding look lovely paired together because they are not used side by side.

7. Glass Front Door with Toffee Stain to Create Brown Color

glass front door with toffee stain to create brown color
glass front door with toffee stain to create brown color. image © provia.com

Yes, we can’t deny that traditional design is attractive. However, some of us don’t really like the idea of using minimalist elements.

So, if you have a traditional-style entrance but you want something classy and elegant, you can opt for this front door.

This stunning glass door is Signet 460LEH fiberglass entry door completed with 160LEH Sidelight and 612/613LEH Transom. The door is made of Cherry wood grain and finished with Toffee stain.

Toffee brown can be combined with black directly, but only as an accent. The black hardware enhances the classy look of the door. The decorative glass panel makes this door more elegant than other traditional doors.

The off-white walls serve as an excellent background for this brown front door.

The designer used brown, black, and white to deliver a traditional look for this entrance but somehow still managed to make it look trendy with the glass panels.

8. Medium Brown Front Door in a Rustic Red Exterior

medium brown front door in a rustic red exterior
medium brown front door in a rustic red exterior. image © ourtownplans.com

Actually, brown and red can be paired together, but the red color should not be too much. It should be used as an accent only.

However, it is quite the opposite in this rustic style home. This small house features a bright red siding and a medium brown front door in the entrance.

If it is a small house, it would be OK to paint the siding red. It is a great way to create a bold statement, a drastic contrast to the surrounding neighborhood.

Yet, for some, having a fiery red like this for the exterior may be a bit too much. So to tone it down, a brown front door can come to the rescue.

The brown front door matches the small deck and the tread. Despite the bold-looking exterior, the entrance looks warm and classic because of this front door.

9. Brown Medium Tone Wood Front Door in a Rustic Style

brown medium tone wood front door in a rustic style
brown medium tone wood front door in a rustic style. image © rockymountainloghomes.com

Brown doors, especially those which are made of wood, are often associated with a traditional look. Yet, wood brown doors are also a perfect choice for a rustic look.

From this angle, we can see that this brown door is made of medium tone wood in an arched design.

The brown door matches the log walls around perfectly, creating a seamless look that represents a cabin.

The black pull accentuates the brown door nicely, making it look more elegant.

It turns out that a brown door can also complement the slate floor to enhance the rustic style.

10. Bright Brown in a Light Tone Wood Front Door for a Contrasting Entry

bright brown in a light tone wood front door for a contrasting entry
bright brown in a light tone wood front door for a contrasting entry. image © elizabethhaynesphotography.com

This bright brown door serves as a bold statement with the dark and deep brown siding around.

Basically, dark brown siding will make your curb look grim and a bit scary. That is why the designer added a bright element, but not too bright and contrast with the surrounding. Hence, the bright brown door is made of light tone wood.

To enhance the brightness in the entrance, the designer also pairs this bright brown door with a gray floor. The Gray floor in the entryway complements the door perfectly.

We all know that brown and gray are both neutral colors. They can accentuate each other and make each other look pop.

In order to make the front door stand out, it is framed with dark brown that’s almost black, quite similar to the siding. Dark trim like this will act out as a background that will make any bright color pop.

11. Weathered Wood Front Door in Brown Color to Create a Mountain Style

weathered wood front door in brown color to create a mountain style
weathered wood front door in brown color to create a mountain style. image © wrighthomedesign.com

This is another rustic style entrance that features a brown front door.

Unlike the previous brown wood doors, this one is finished with a weathered look. So, the brown color goes a little deeper.

A weathered look like this can be a great option if you want to achieve a classic rustic look.

This door is also paired with black hardware, and a black mat is also put right in front of it to enhance the classic rustic look.

It is obvious that using too many colors like that will only make you’re exterior look dark. That is why the designer used a light-colored stone as the exterior wall to balance the dark entrance.

The light brown posts on a white paver are also useful to brighten up the look.

12. Narrow Brown Front Door in a Transitional Entryway

narrow brown front door in a transitional entryway
narrow brown front door in a transitional entryway. image © wdesignmp.com

This brown front door can be your best bet if you want a sleek, polished, and sophisticated look for your entrance.

The double doors are narrow, unlike the other majestic entrance that features wide double doors.

They are also painted in a dark brown. According to the designer, she custom-mixed the color to achieve this look. She used some of Benjamin Moore’s paint colors to create this brown color.

For a sleek transitional look like this, you can pair the dark brown door with beige walls. Beige has a little brown in it. So when beige and brown are combined together, the brown shade in beige will look more pop.

Add other decorative items that match the color of the door. In this picture, there are two vases in a dark brown, placed in front of the door to complement it.

Using only two colors for an entrance will make it look simple yet stylish, not too overwhelming.

13. Combination of the Large Brown Front Door and Gray Walls

combination of the large brown front door and gray walls
combination of the large brown front door and gray walls. image © sienacustombuilders.com

This large brown front door looks elegant, surrounded by light gray walls. Light gray is a neutral color, so basically, it can be paired with almost anything.

This brown front door is also a neutral color, with a deep shade that can create contrast against a lighter tone.

The combination of deep brown door and light gray walls are minimalist. This is a color combo you can mimic if you want to achieve a classic traditional interior design.

The great thing about having a minimalist color combo like this, you can experiment with the decoration. Have fun with the texture, design, and pattern.

The minimalist color combination in neutral shades can act out as a background for any fun element you want to include.

14. Elegant Brown Front Doors with a Window Made of Dark Wood

elegant brown front doors with a window made of dark wood
elegant brown front doors with a window made of dark wood. image © legnobastone.com

The elegant double doors feature glossy brown color with glass panels as a window. The narrow doors are framed with a wooden trim that is similar to the body of the door.

The brown trim and doors will deliver a consistent look, an appearance that you can opt for if you don’t know what color or shade that should be paired with your brown door.

The textured white walls around serve as a backdrop.

When combined with brown doors made of wood, a brown ceiling that is also made of wood, and a wood floor, white walls can be a great accent to balance the brown shades. Moreover, such a combination is flawless for a rustic design.

In order to highlight the glossy brown door, the designer hung a classy chandelier right in the entrance.

The yellow light from the chandelier will be reflected the glossy surface of the brown door and the glass panels. It radiates a warm sensation and makes the area appear bigger.

15. Decorative Brown Front Door Made of Wrought Iron for a Traditional Entry

decorative brown front door made of wrought iron for a traditional entry
decorative brown front door made of wrought iron for a traditional entry. image © porteusa.com

Brown doors aren’t necessarily made of wood. This dark brown door, for instance, is made of wrought iron.

This is a wrought iron double door – San Augustine Eyebrow by Porte in Dark Bronze color and completed with flemish glass. The dark bronze color delivers a dark brown look, which enhances the traditional style of this entry.

The ornaments and decorations in this dark brown door highlight the classic look. Decorative doors are the type of door you should opt for if you want something elegant out of a traditional design.

This brown door is surrounded by brick walls. It turns out that the natural color of bricks, reddish-brown, will perfectly capture the elegance of dark brown.

The brick surrounding makes the front door look more mysterious yet elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

16. How to Combine Brown Front Door

After deciding to have a brown front door, you might wonder what color would look best paired with your brown front door. Here are some best options:

  1. White: Basically, this is the safest option. You can combine the crisp white color with either light or dark brown. To create a contrasting look, pair a dark brown front door with white walls around. Yet, for a seamless appearance, combine a light brown front door with off-white walls.
  2. Black: Even though this is a neutral color, be wise when using black for your exterior. It is an intense and dramatic color. You surely don’t want to have too much of it on your exterior. That is why use black only to accentuate your light brown front door. You can use black for the trim or the hardware.
  3. Green: To deliver a fresh and organic vibe to your home, combine your brown front door with green. Green is a color that is usually associated with nature, similar to brown. Brown and green are also earth tones. You can use green as an accent color to complement your brown front door.
  4. Red: If you want to make a seamless match, you can combine your brown front deep with deep, dark red. On the contrary, for a bold accent that will bring a modern feel to your traditional exterior, use a bright and fiery red to accentuate your front door.
  5. Gray: Brown and gray are both neutral colors. They are often used together in many interior designs to enhance a traditional look. They can be a brilliant pairing, and you can still combine them with another accent color to add a pop of color.

So, what type of brown front door and what color would you pair it with that you would choose for your home exterior?