15 Attractive Accent Colors for the Gray and White Bathroom to Create Cohesion

15 Attractive Accent Colors For The Gray And White Bathroom

A combination of Gray and white in a bathroom is considered a smart pairing, an urban and ultra-modern style. Both are neutral shades that basically complement each other.

In fact, gray and white is a subtle palette, a mix that creates softness without demanding much attention. Moreover, such a combo is enough to make your bathroom feel whole.

There are endless choices to do a gray and white bathroom.

One of them is combining it with one (or maybe more than one) accent color.

Adding a splash of color as an accent in a gray and white bathroom is ideal for you who want to add something to represent your personality.

For fun and cheerful character, having a neutral color scheme bathroom is monotonous and plain.

Basically, as a neutral color combo, the gray and white palette can be paired with any color as an accent.

However, not all colors can create perfect cohesion with gray and white. Some of them will simply clash and overwhelm the neutral color scheme.

So, what accent colors will look best for this combo?

Here are 16 attractive accent colors that you can add to your gray and white bathroom. Spend a little time combing through the various gray and white bathroom ideas with a pop of accent color.

Be ready to curate a space that’s exactly as calming and fun as you want it to be:

1. Pale Mint Green

pale mint green accent color for gray and white bathroom
pale mint green accent color for gray and white bathroom. image © rockwoodcabinetry.com

The gray shade in this bathroom is dark and deep; it looks almost blue.

The dark gray is painted on the cabinets and the cupboard. The exact paint color is Sherwin Williams – Gibraltar. This is the kind of shade if you want to create a contrast to the white shade around.

The white shade comes from the freestanding tub, towels, countertop, and window trim. The floor also has a white streak, but it is actually more taupe.

The floor is a porcelain tile in Kingwood Taupe color, if you’re curious. The designer sourced it through cronincompany.com. Taupe will create a balance between white and dark grey.

The accent color comes from the walls. The pale mint green looks soft and adds warmth to this bathroom. The walls are painted in Sherwin Williams – Sea Salt.

As you see here, the dark gray shade has been a strong and bold color, especially when it is paired with white. That is why, if you choose a dark gray shade as the white’s pairing, make sure the accent color is not as bold as the dark gray.

In fact, the accent’s shade should be closer to white to complement it, and together they will bring out the deep character of the dark gray.

2. Brown Wood

brown wood accent color for gray and white bathroom
brown wood accent color for gray and white bathroom. image © remodel-dallas.com

The designer picked one side of the wall in this gray and white bathroom to accentuate the entire color scheme.

Generally, the gray tiles, along with freestanding tub and stainless steel tub filer, white custom vanity, white quartz countertops, and Carrara marble hexagon tiles, pull off a perfect modern style to this bathroom.

On the other hand, the brown wood wall extended to the ceiling behind the tub delivers a more traditional look. The designer also hung a wooden frame round mirror as a decoration to match the wood accent.

Adding wood elements, especially a medium tone one like this, in a gray and white bathroom will add more character to the space.

We can’t totally say that wood complements gray and white perfectly; moreover, there are two shades of gray here, the darker one on the floor and the lighter one on the wall tiles.

Wood is a strong element, a kind of accent you choose if you want to make a point.

In this bathroom, the wood wall accent doesn’t seem to blend with its surrounding, but that’s what makes it pop.

Combine the wood wall and ceiling with a classic chandelier, and you will turn your ultra-modern bathroom into a transitional one.

3. Blue

blue accent color for gray and white bathroom
blue accent color for gray and white bathroom. image © langskitchens.com

Actually, blue and gray are not very much apart in a color spectrum. When you mix blue and gray, you can even create a new shade called “livid”, a trendy shade that is often used in a modern or contemporary style.

However, in this bathroom, the shade of blue and gray doesn’t seem to complement one another.

In fact, they do contrast each other. It is because the shade of blue is dark, while the gray, especially on the countertop, is lighter.

A combination of dark blue and light gray is basically an alternative to classic black and white, a dramatic combination to create contrast. Yet, that doesn’t mean that blue can’t be a perfect accent color for a gray and white bathroom.

The dark blue cabinets are combined with light blue countertops to add more drama to this bathroom.

However, the floor is a tile in a darker gray shade. This darker gray brings out contrast to the white shower wall and shower floor tile, which is called Venitino Polished.

So basically, this serene bathroom has a contrasting elements to each other. The contrasts are balanced in each part of the space, creating cohesion inside a dramatic contrast.

4. Classic Brick Color

classic brick accent color for gray and white bathroom
classic brick accent color for gray and white bathroom. image © patrickbrianjones.com

Simple yet elegant, that’s the best way to describe this gray and white bathroom.

This mid-sized trendy bathroom features a porcelain tile floor in a dark gray color. It is combined with white walls, a white drop-in sink, white countertops, white flat-panel cabinets, and a glass shower door.

White has obviously dominated this bathroom. It is reasonable if you want to create a brighter space and make it look bigger than it actually is.

The designer installed a dark gray floor in this bathroom to create a noticeable contrast.

Dark gray can be the best alternative to black. So, when paired with white, they can pull off a classic combination.

Even though white can bring out a modern look, along with a dark gray pairing, the designer wanted to add more character to this bathroom. Hence, he added a brick wall accent behind the white tub.

Why is it popular to put the white tub against the accent wall?

It is because the white shade will especially highlight the contrasting and accentuating element.

In this case, it is brick. Classic brick color, which is reddish-brown, will be a bold statement against the bright white and elegant dark gray.

Bricks are often associated with farmhouses, cottage, and traditional styles. Adding bricks in your modern bathroom means you’ll have a lovely eclectic style with a contrasting element.

5. Yellow

yellow accent color for gray and white bathroom
yellow accent color for gray and white bathroom. image © sfdesign.build

It is quite strange to use a gray and white color scheme in a kids’ bathroom because that color combo represents simplicity and modernity, two things that most kids don’t care about.

Kids are fun and cheerful; they need more splashes of color than adults. But, on the other hand, the gray and white bathroom is irresistible because that color scheme offers a bright ambiance, a clean and polished look.

So, the best solution is you can add many decorations in your gray and white kids’ bathroom. The thing is, don’t overwhelm the bathroom with too many bright colors.

Yes, kids need more bold colors in their spaces, but make sure you don’t overdo it. Pick at least two accent colors to complete the gray and white bathroom.

There are white cabinets, a white floor, a white toilet, a white sink, and a white door in this bathroom.

The floor here looks eye-catching despite its simple white color. It is a 2” hexagon tile from DalTile. FYI, it is a custom-designed pattern that comes with a black.

The gray shade is light and soft to complement the white shade.

Why? Because they both are meant to be a canvas, not to be a contrasting element. The walls are painted in Benjamin Moore – Bunny Gray. The countertops are also in a pale gray color. They are Carrara marble.

The yellow runner matches the yellow towel and yellow artwork on the wall.

As a bright and bold color, yellow is known as a color that represents energy, fun, and happiness, a perfect color for kids. Yellow accentuates the gray and white bathroom seamlessly.

Yet, adding bright color is not enough in a kid’s space. That’s why the designer also installed wall decals in black color to match the pattern on the floor. Wayfair, Etsy, and Land of Nod are all good stores to search for kids’ wall decals like this.

6. Orange Red

orange red accent color for gray and white bathroom
orange red accent color for gray and white bathroom. image © michellesinteriors.com

If you notice, there are more than two accent colors in this gray and white bathroom.

The white porcelain tile blends seamlessly with the white tub, but it creates a contrast to the gray walls and gray countertops.

It seems that the designer wanted to experiment with shades.

So first, he added a neutral color to accentuate the gray and white bathroom. Dark brown cabinets seem to be the safest option because dark color, especially brown and black, is a neutral element that can be paired with gray and white.

The runner in a lighter brown is placed in front of the dark brown cabinets to create a subtle contrast in the same color. The primitive-looking wood stool is also added to complement the brown shade.

Next, the orange-red accent is added through the towels, decorative items on the cabinet, and the artwork on the wall. This is the boldest and most vibrant accent.

That is why, even though this shade is only applied in some elements, that’s the most eye-catching thing in this bathroom. It is the main accent color to contrast the simple gray and white.

Last, the green striped vases were put on the cabinet to add more splashes of color for a pretty finishing touch.

Generally speaking, using too many accent colors will only ruin your perfect color scheme. But, that only happens if you use three bold colors all across the room.

On the other hand, this bathroom still looks fine because it only features two bold colors as an accent, and one of them is the dominant one: the orange-red.

The splash of green is only added in a very small amount, so you can’t really count them as an accent color.

Plus, brown is a neutral shade, especially dark brown shade, so you obviously can’t consider it a bold accent. Brown is only meant to add a touch of eclectic style in this bathroom, not to overwhelm it with too many accents.

7. Gold

gold accent color for gray and white bathroom
gold accent color for gray and white bathroom. image © hunterdouglas.com

Nothing beats gold when it comes to elegance.

Gold will pop against both dark and light shades. It means that you can add gold in any neutral color to enhance its drama.

This mid-sized transitional bathroom features a gray herringbone-patterned tile porcelain floor, gray shaker cabinets, white walls, and white countertops.

The gold accent is added to the bathroom through some details, like hardware, faucet, sconce, towel hanging rack, and mirror frame.

The gold hardware looks flashy against the gray cabinet. It completes the cabinet in the most beautiful way because the shine of gold adds a sparkle to the matte gray like this.

The gold framed mirror, gold scones, and gold towel hanging rack contrast the white walls nicely. It proves that you actually don’t need a bright and bold color accent if you can accentuate your gray and white bathroom with gold.

This is even better in a small to mid-size bathroom because the limited space doesn’t enable you to experiment with colors.

8. Black

black accent color for gray and white bathroom
black accent color for gray and white bathroom. image © lean home remodeling

Gray, white, and black. Those three are the basic neutral colors that actually complement each other.

If you want to achieve a minimalist and modern look, black is the best accent color to be paired with the gray and white color scheme.

Unlike other bold and vibrant colors, black will not add additional style to your bathroom. On the contrary, it will enhance the modern and contemporary look.

This is the recommended accent color to choose if you want to achieve an ultra-modern and urban style. Plus, black also adds a luxurious look to a room.

In this bathroom, the gray tile looks flawless. It is Dark Gray II Penny Porcelain Mosaic from Floor and Decor.

If you are wondering how the designer did the tiles matching in the corner, he said that he used self-leveling clips to help. What a simple trick to create an even surface.

Behind the white “Azzurro” tub, there is an accent wall made of tile. The name of the tile is “Festival” with a combination of black, gray, and white. It also matches the shower’s floor, creating a balanced look.

The solid black recessed panel cabinet is put in the corner of the room with a white niche over it. This black cabinet is useful to make the black accent in this room more prominent, elevating a sophisticated and luxurious appearance.

9. Purple

purple accent color for gray and white bathroom
purple accent color for gray and white bathroom. image © edgonline.com

Want to have more fun in color experimenting?

Don’t hesitate to opt for a bold color that doesn’t really blend with gray.

Don’t worry about the mix and match because the gray and white combo is generally a perfect canvas for any color accent. A bright and bold accent is meant to contrast the main color scheme.

Like you see in this transitional bathroom. The gray and white color combo provides a traditional style.

Throughout the room, the designer installed white tiles with gray veining. This way, the gray and white color combo is distributed evenly across the room, serving as a background for any accent color you choose.

Purple should be incorporated wisely as a statement color, even though gray and white are neutral color combo.

You have to make sure that the accent color won’t ruin the unified gray and white color in each element of this bathroom.

The purple towels and cushion are enough to accentuate gray and white. Black rug is added, to balance the vividness of purple and simplicity of gray and white.

10. Dark Blue Green

dark blue green accent color for gray and white bathroom
dark blue green accent color for gray and white bathroom. image © studiotrace.com

Unlike the previous gray and white bathroom before, this one is dominated by gray instead of white.

Gray element is very prominent in this minimalist bathroom. The white freestanding tub from aquaticausa.com matches the white walls and white vessel sink above the wood countertops.

In most cases, using gray, especially fossil gray, as a dominant color will make your bathroom look small and dark. That is why the designer carefully combined the fossil gray with bright white color to balance the darkness.

On top of that, a sufficient amount of artificial lighting is also helpful to open up the room, making it brighter and look larger.

The dark blue-green as an accent should also be used wisely. An accent color should not overwhelm the main color scheme in a room.

Based on that rule, this dark green accent should only be incorporated in a small amount. It is because this is a bold color, a color you choose if you want to make a statement. Plus, dark blue-green has a dark tone in it.

When used too much and combined with fossil gray, they both will counteract the brightness provided by the lights and the white shade.

11. Bright Pink

bright pink accent color for gray and white bathroom
bright pink accent color for gray and white bathroom. image © alxinteriors.com

Add an extra flashy accent color if you want to add more depth and dimension to your gray and white bathroom.

You see that bright pink gives a sense of contemporary style to this simple and minimalist bathroom. Plus, a pop of bright pink color in a gray and white canvas makes it look like a pop-up 3D element in a 2D background.

The gray walls and countertops look elegant when highlighted by recessed ceiling lights and wall sconces. The white cabinets, white trim, and white floor add brightness to the room, making it look sleek and polished.

The bright pink tufted ottoman, valance, and towels, on the other hand, bring a new life to this color combo. Even the gray walls look pale compared to the bright pink accent.

This is the kind of shade that demands much attention, so make sure you use it in one spot only, but spread evenly. This way, the bright pink accent will do its job as an accent more perfectly.

Look how the homeowner even piles the bright pink towels sandwiching the white one. How well coordinated everything is.

12. Dark Orange

dark orange accent color for gray and white bathroom
dark orange accent color for gray and white bathroom. image © chrissnookphotography.co.uk

If you’re not sure about painting your walls in a bold and vibrant color, you can use wallpaper as an alternative.

Wallpaper is the safest option to decorate your neutral-colored bathroom, a temporary solution that can be easily changed or removed if you want a new makeover.

The designer installed dark orange wallpaper with a black pattern in it.

Instead of one, the designer created two accent walls facing each other in this bathroom. This is an excellent idea if you have an I-shaped bathroom with a narrow space. The two accent walls will create a contrast to the entire look.

This mid-sized bathroom features a 3/4 gray and white tile terrazzo floor, a single white sink, a white two-piece toilet, and a black niche.

Without the dark orange walls, this bathroom would just be another plain gray and white bathroom that doesn’t draw any attention.

Due to extra minimalism and simplicity, the designer can add dark bold colors to balance the entire look.

The dark tone will counteract the brightness of white and gray, while the pop of orange will add a splash of color to this monochromatic look.

13. Livid

livid accent color for gray and white bathroom
livid accent color for gray and white bathroom. image © freshstartrenos.com

If you haven’t heard about it before, livid is a name given for a blue-gray color mix.

You mix gray and blue in the same ratio, and you’ll create lividness. This is considered a popular and stylish color. Livid is often used in many modern and contemporary designs.

This bathroom is no different. It incorporates livid to accentuate the basic gray and white color scheme.

The 3/4 white subway porcelain tile on the wall looks in contrast to the dark gray floor. On the other hand, the livid cabinets are at odds with the floor and the countertops.

The gray hexagon tile floors seem to clash with the cabinets, while, in fact, the floor brings out the gray shade in the cabinets.

The black hardware on the cabinets serves as a neutral decoration to tone down the gray and elevate the blue color instead.

Basically, every jet black element in this bathroom adds more character as well as counterbalances the boldness of livid, making it blend to the gray and white.

14. Combination of Gingerbread Brown and Gold

combination of gingerbread brown and gold accent color for gray and white bathroom
combination of gingerbread brown and gold accent color for gray and white bathroom. image © welldoneoc.com

You can use two accent colors as long as they are not so different hues, especially if they are both earth tones.

Gingerbread brown and gold cannot be easily classified as earth tones, but they both have brown in their basic, so they basically complete each other.

When incorporated together in a gray and white bathroom, a combination of gingerbread and gold pulls off a contemporary look with more characters.

The multicolored floor is actually a combination of brown, dark gray, and white. It is a terrazzo tile from ESO Surfaces, a kind of floor you might like if you want to add a whimsical element to your neutral-colored bathroom.

The dark brown hanging towel looks redder instead of brown due to the lighting, but it is useful to add a splash of elegant color to the white wall.

The brown gingerbread basket complements the multicolored tile, while the gold shower set perfectly matches the hardware and lighting.

It seems that every color here goes in its own way, but at some point, they work together to achieve a similar aim: creating a contemporary bathroom.

15. Maroon

maroon accent color for gray and white bathroom
maroon accent color for gray and white bathroom. image © leaderbuilders.com

For a less bright and flashy color, maroon is the best option when it comes to an accent color in your gray and white bathroom. Maroon is a dark red shade that never fails to give you a refined look.

In order to avoid too many sparkles and cut the extra cost, the designer only incorporates a small amount of this sparkly maroon tile in a white tile wall.

This is not only the best way to be cost-efficient, but it can also enhance the dramatic sense.

Using too many sparkly accents, even though it is in a dark tone, will make it look cheap. On the contrary, if you only use it wisely, only in a small amount of wall instead of the entire sidewall, you’ll make it exclusive.

This maroon accent wall makes the ordinary white tub look extra. It also pops against the simple white tile walls around.

When directly paired to the dark gray floor, this maroon accent wall actually doesn’t look very promising. That is why the designer cleverly separates them both with the large white tub.

You can also use the same trick if you want to use an accent color that doesn’t really complement the gray shade you chose before.


True, when it comes to the gray and white bathroom, there are several shades of gray that you should put into account.

Pale grays work very well in a country setting. You can paint your storage cabinets in pale gray and paint them with wood elements, that will look come to life when set against it.

Plus, combining wood elements in a pale gray and white combination will give you a truly cozy and homey feel.

Gentle gray is the typical shade if you want to create a modern neutral look. It is a chic option to work with, delivering you the freedom to create a bathroom stamped with your own style and personality.

Adding pretty accents in a gentle gray and white bathroom will lift the entire scheme. Yet, this type of grey, combined with white, is the perfect canvas for flashy colors, like bright pink or purple.

On the other hand, dark gray will give a more depth and dramatic look. When combined with a bright white shade, dark gray will create a contrast.

If you choose to paint your cabinetry or vanity in dark gray and pair it with white, make sure you add only a small detail of accent color. Don’t use too many accent colors on this color combo because it will overwhelm the whole look.

Accent colors like black or dark blue will give a subtle accent to your gray and white bathroom.

Now, how to incorporate accent colors in a gray and white bathroom?

The easiest way is to spare one side of the wall. You can paint this wall in an accent color you like. Or, instead of painting the wall, you can just use different tiles in an accent color to decorate your bathroom.

It is recommended to use bigger and bolder tiles than the ones you use for the entire bathroom. Large tiles will never fail to make a bold statement the time you lay them down.

You can use those tiles to set the tone for the rest of your bathroom’s space. You can use the statement patterned tile for your floor in an accent color for a prettier look. This will create an eye-catching space but not overwhelming.