15 Best White House Blue Shutters Ideas, Make Yours The Most Stunning One!

15 Best White House Blue Shutters Ideas

White house blue shutters might be one of your favorite home designs. It offers a simple yet clean appearance.

Shutters here are one of the house parts that own primary function: the barrier or panel that blocks access from outside the house. But now, shutters are more than blocking panels. Instead, some of them are designed just as accessories that can effectively add aesthetic value.

There are so many ideas for blue shutters installations. They’re suitable for any exterior materials: white bricks, white wood sidings, white stucco finishes, white concrete exterior walls, and many others.

1. One-Story White House with Blue Lagoon Shutters from Timberlane

one-story white house with blue lagoon shutters from timberlane
one-story white house with blue lagoon shutters from timberlane. image © Timberlane Shutters

One-story home design with a series of Blue Lagoon shutters from Timberlane. It would be a perfect option for you who like a classic yet still fresh by color. The dark blue here looks so perfect to match with the main concept: a beach-style house.

Blue visually delivers a contrasting look, and it could be an excellent focal point of the exterior.

Look at the windows that allow sunlight to reach out the house’s interior; that’s what a beach-style house should be! And of course, the white exterior always reminds us of the beach-style home all the time in which it’s identical with a fresh and clean look.

White and blue dramatically generate a perfect color combination. The colors are obviously so pigmented, but each completes each other, as you’ve seen in this white exterior and blue window shutters. Blue Lagoon shutters from Timberlane are always perfect for such a lovely home.

2. Sand-Blasted Brick House with Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue #30 – Finish Shutters

sand-blasted brick house with farrow & ball's hague blue #30 - finish shutters
sand-blasted brick house with farrow & ball’s hague blue #30 – finish shutters. image © anthonywilder.com

Covered with sand-blasted brick walls, the exterior seems like a classic yet modern touch just by giving a pigmented blue window shutters addition.

Having noted that the brick exterior has existed before, it naturally brings an authentic classic look, especially the produced color.

Fortunately, the old homeowner has re-painted it in white, and the new owner added a sand-blasted finish for a perfect look. And look at the final look: it’s much better; it’s an excellent brick-stress exterior.

The exterior’s appearance looks so great with such beautiful shutters. The shutters are by Farrow & Ball #30 with an Exterior Eggshell finish. The shutters we call a ‘custom Cape Cod Style’ really fit the trim framing the entire classic windows.

The trim is a good match for the shutters. If you’re getting curious about the trim’s color, feel free to check at Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois #OC 13. The color finish offers huge warm visualization. When combined with the vivid-color shutters, it would be a good combination.

3. White Two-Story House Remodel Feat. Blue Shutter

white two-story house remodel feat. blue shutter
white two-story house remodel feat. blue shutter. image © village-architects.com

An inspiring two-story tropical house design with a white stucco exterior finish.

The house located in Miami appears so energetic simply by its colors. And yes, blue and white are very opposite in visual, but they generate a beautiful contrast for the house.

The color hues used really reflect what a tropical/ beach house looks like. It’s a clean, fresh, and airy look. The vibe is going stronger with tropical plant additions.

Big-size blue shutters are so obvious here. They’ve balanced the whole exterior that is dominated by the clean white finish.

This is a good idea to break a monotone look and stops it from being a dull mansion. The window shutters get their success after they have white-toned trims as a perfect match that makes them stand out.

4. Farmhouse-Style in White with Pigmented Blue Shutter

farmhouse-style in white with pigmented blue shutter
farmhouse-style in white with pigmented blue shutter. image © beeskneesinteriordesign.com

The window shutters idea seems quite similar to the previous ones. The difference is in the exterior application, especially the material and the texture.

The exterior material is the wood siding panels. And white is perfect for the finishing as it fits the house concept: clean-traditional farmhouse. Do you know that the wood siding exterior is one of the precious elements for all farmhouse designs? And it’s well-applied in this two-story cottage.

All-white color hue covers up the entire exterior, including the garage. But not the front door that remains in natural wood finish. It seems like the homeowner wants to set it up as the only focal point. The shutters on the windows absolutely give a unique color accent to this house.

Look! They have turned the house into a white-dominant construction with a series of well-arranged blue air-light ventilators (a.k.a trimmed glass windows). A secret thing we want to tell you is that all window shutters here are just ornaments; they permanently attach to the wooden exterior, not openable ones.

5. Benjamin Moore OC-17 White Dove Coat-Wall Exterior with Dark Blue Shutter

benjamin moore oc-17 white dove coat-wall exterior with dark blue shutter
benjamin moore oc-17 white dove coat-wall exterior with dark blue shutter. image © hackleyarchitects.com

It’s hard to get a similar color palette of the brick walls as it’s custom. Having said that, it’s a custom mix by Benjamin Moore OC-17 White Dove. If you have the same interest in color, please feel free to contact the store online.

When the paint is applied to the brick exterior, it should be masonry and breathable, meaning that it’s suitable for the brick walls. It could have a good effect on the durability and, more importantly, on the final look and texture. The resulting white finish would become the textured & well-covered one.

Really don’t have any idea what the shutters’ color is; perhaps it’s denim or Aegean blue that delivers a pigmented yet soft visual. Through a comment, a friend said that it could be a popular SW 6243 Distance.

The same color shade is also coated in a couple of front door shutters. The color is picked for a reason. We speculate that the homeowner dreams of a simple and clean-exterior house with a calm blue color accent (on the shutters).

6. Two-Story Tropical House in White with A Decorative Blue Shutter Installation

two-story tropical house in white with a decorative blue shutter installation
two-story tropical house in white with a decorative blue shutter installation. image © village-architects.com

A tropical home design with an ultra white exterior and a single blue window shutter. The shutter really accentuates the house’s face. It’s a brilliant idea to add such an ornament in a differently contrasting shade. We can say that it’s effortless to get such a beautiful spotlight.

The shutter is a segmented-wood panel painted in sky blue. It is designed explicitly as a full-covered window panel as well as an ornament. It’s an openable one.

Why segmented? Of course, to add a unique texture to the white-minimalist exterior. With a perfect photography angle, the blues (coated in the shutter and the outdoor pool) are somewhat similar, but they’re not the same.

7. Mid-Size Beach House in White Exterior with Aquatic Blue Window & Beside Door Shutters

mid-size beach house in white exterior with aquatic blue window & beside door shutters
mid-size beach house in white exterior with aquatic blue window & beside door shutters. image © xanadu group

A mid-size beach house with a white exterior featuring an aquatic blue shutter always sends a refreshing and energetic vibe. It obviously offers us a super-comfy place to stay.

The house is designed with an ultra-white exterior with some shutters for attractive focal points. We really do not have an idea of the white color on the siding wood exterior, but it’s definitely white that generates a clean look.

By contrast, aquatic blue shutters (on the windows and the beside door) perform a complete look through the color.

The application creates a prominent mark in this elevated house. Maybe we heard about the side door shutters, and the designer tried to implement the same idea. Here, we’ve found different shutter applications. Of course, it could be a part of the effort to match the element with other exterior essentials. The windows, for instance.

8. Softer Tan-White Stucco Walls by Sherwin William Featuring Blue Window Shutters on Top

softer tan-white stucco walls by sherwin william featuring blue window shutters on top
softer tan-white stucco walls by sherwin william featuring blue window shutters on top. image © gmorrishomes.com

A Softer Tan-White by Sherwin William is one of the most popular color shades in the US, and it’s well-applied for exterior and interior.

Like in this farmhouse, the stucco exterior offers a warm but clean look, and thanks to Sherwin Williams with your amazing Tan-White shade color. It’s softer than stoned smear mortar and exposed-stain rafters – creating the most admirable color chart or gradation in one frame.

The window shutters on top are simply installed for a different look and vibe. The warm feel we can get from the basement and a fresh and relaxed feel seem to dominate the first floor. We’ve likely been in different spaces with different atmospheres.

Again, about the shutters – we’re so curious about the ‘Z’ wood-made mark in the external part of the shutters. Well, it’s probably just the ornament, no function.

We see that the color chart of blue on the shutters is able to make a good balance for warming tan-white exterior as well as for the purely white external window frames. What magic!

9. Mid-Size Traditional White House with External Blue Shutters

mid-size traditional white house with external blue shutters
mid-size traditional white house with external blue shutters. image © tommydaspit.com

This is a mid-size traditional home design highlighted with a dusty white stucco exterior and dusty blue shutters.

We do not know what the house gets the dusty as the primary hue. It probably helps to create an old and classic look for the exterior. But we, with a remarkable honesty, say that the dusty shades are not bad. They could be perfect ones if we apply and combine them with the right other hues.

Dusty white stucco exterior in this house, for example, perfectly adds an old yet beautiful look. It feels like the house brings us to travel maybe hundreds of years ago where we lived in an old mansion. The vibe is going stronger with the exterior design and its element additions.

Take a look at the shutters. Those aren’t the window shutters but the shutters for a series of front doors.

Dusty blue is chosen for a big reason – to create the same look and vibe with the existing stucco exterior. The shade of color also fits the shutters’ grand design that emphasizes the half-curved form.

If you like browsing the old mansion or some other old & classic home designs, you’ll find this more often. We think that the chosen colors are quietly matched with this hip roof.

10. Hardi-Plank-Arctic White Home Remodel with Light Blue Window Shutters

hardi-plank-arctic white home remodel with light blue window shutters
hardi-plank-arctic white home remodel with light blue window shutters. image © bensonwood.com

A skirt-white home design with Hardi-Plank Arctic White exterior and light blue shutter. We never get any doubt of white finish for exterior, but this one is so adorable.

Hardi-Plank Arctic painted is a huge focal point that offers a series of beautiful blue shutters. The colors (white-aquatic blue) are a nice collaboration, enabling a beautiful contrast yet a well-balanced look.

Get noticed on the whites applied for the wood siding, the window trims, and the arctic frames. They’re different! The white colors here are actually a white gradation. The purest one finished on the window trims, while the ‘dirty’ one blends well on the siding. But it’s okay; it’s so beautiful.

11. A Traditional Nursery Interior Design with Light Blue Internal Shutter and White Wall

a traditional nursery interior design with light blue internal shutter and white wall
a traditional nursery interior design with light blue internal shutter and white wall. image © michaelwickham.com

And now we’re visiting a traditional nursery interior idea with decorative internal shutters in dusty blue. Well, blue shutters here are just the ornaments, something decorative for this nursery space.

The shutters are made of natural wood, in more detail, which gets a dusty blue finish for a soft yet vivid look.

Everybody knows that the colors can be good stimulation for the newborn, and yes, this soft blue is one of the fortunate color palettes picked by my mom.

The shutter panels consist of many wood segments; they offer physical texture and aesthetic value.

We also agree that dusty blue shutters perform an accent of color; it’s very obvious to see that they are remarkable objects over the animal posters pinned on the walls. And no more asking about the white walls. They are ‘screens’ for the kids’ printed encyclopedia and the decorative shutter themselves.

12. High-Profile White House with Blue Shutters Decoration

high-profile white house with blue shutters decoration
high-profile white house with blue shutters decoration. image © barrowbuildinggroup.com

Get inspired with this beach-style white house with vivid blue shutters, high-profile skirt, and hip-metal roofs.

The shutters are noticeable due to their color and modern design. It’s very perfect for involving the blue into such a white-dominant wood siding exterior. They’re obviously stunning and, of course, easily adding remarkable focal points.

It seems that the shutters are bigger than the traditional ones. They could be the best air and light ventilator for tropical-style homes. They allow us to get more fresh air and warm morning sunlight by letting them access our indoors through these glass windows with shutters.

White dominates the exterior, but the blue shutters here are the great ‘breaker’ on this. And the designer also added the one-and-only natural color shade: wood-tone we’ve found in the main entrance.

13. White Mediterranean House Highlighted by Blue Shutter, Tropical Pool & Decking

white mediterranean house highlighted by blue shutter, tropical pool & decking
white mediterranean house highlighted by blue shutter, tropical pool & decking. image © village-architects.com

The first impression is spotless and obvious when we’ve got such a beautiful white exterior featuring pigmented blue shutters.

We love the color choice: purely white and vivid blue – each has a strong character. They must be applied in good precision; if they’re not, one of them would be the most dominant one.

Like in this Mediterranean house, white obviously dominates every inch of the exterior, but with a bit of pigmented blue on the window shutters, we’ve seen the most stylish exterior idea!

It’s fantastic because blue in this idea is like a magic color that enables us to turn the dull & monotone white into the sweet one. It makes the entire exterior stand out!

14. Remarkable Coastal-Style White Exterior House with Sky-Blue Window Shutters

remarkable coastal-style white exterior house with sky-blue window shutters
remarkable coastal-style white exterior house with sky-blue window shutters. image © lisaqueendesign.com

Blue shutters here play a role as the color accents, and they perfectly add beauty. Maybe we can call it a visual appeal. If compared to the grand home design, the shutters give a classic touch, and fortunately, they’re noticeable for everyone who sees this house.

Yes, blue is the chosen one, and it always fits all whites, coating all kinds of exterior finishes, including such wood siding. They do not dominate each other but complete each other. We can obviously see a well-blended white and blue in this modern beach-style house.

15. A Whiter-Exterior House Design Collaborated with Blue Shutters by Atlantic Premium

a whiter-exterior house design collaborated with blue shutters by atlantic premium
a whiter-exterior house design collaborated with blue shutters by atlantic premium. image © besarchitects.com

Blue shutters by Atlantic Premium are always adorable. We got one in this house. It’s an instant beautifier! And even it’s able to make the all-white exterior more attractive in visuals. We don’t get bored anymore with such exterior ideas.

The homeowner asks the designer to add more blue window shutters of various sizes to make them all in good balance. And look at the house right now; it fills a lot of window shutters of different sizes. Probably, it’s a solution to break a common assumption related to the white-monotone house look. It’s genius, actually.

And more interestingly, we’ve got some blues in this house. They are the internal shutters designed in a segmented panel model. The color picked up is obviously aquatic blue, and this type of blue shade is totally different and contrasting with the existing one: navy blue.

Actually, there are still so many ideas of blue shutters installations for white exterior homes. We’re gonna share more in the next section. And we made a conclusion that white and blue are perfect palettes to combine. We never fail to get a perfect one for our lovely house with the right portion and color charts. Well, just try it then, see what’s the result. Good luck!